Sex Scene Championship #SSceneC2015 : Kelly Jamieson (@KellyJamieson ) vs Marie Lark (@MsMarieLark )

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All she wore was a nearly invisible pair of beige thong panties and gold shoes. And that fucking sexy black tie around her wrists.

She sat on the edge of the bed.

Levi grabbed the bottle of champagne and carried it and the two glasses to the table beside the bed, along with the thoughtfully provided towel.

“How can I drink champagne with my hands tied behind my back?”

He smiled. “You’re not going to drink it. Not yet, anyway. Lie down.” He pulled the dripping bottle out and opened it with a soft pop of the cork, then carefully filled one flute.

She toed off her shoes and complied. He sat beside her on the bed and sipped the bubbly wine, watching her, taking in the excitement flaring in her eyes. Then he tipped the glass and poured champagne onto her chest, just a small trickle that ran down between her breasts to her stomach.

She gasped. “That’s cold!”

“Mmm. And your body is hot. This exquisite body deserves champagne.” He leaned down and gave her a long slow lick from her belly up over the groove of her abdomen to her breasts. He poured more right on her tits, some of it spilling down her sides to the bed. Again, he licked it off her, circling a tightly puckered nipple, the champagne fizzing on his tongue.

Her body quivered and a soft moan escaped her lips. “Your tongue is hot.”

“Want to lick you everywhere,” he murmured. He sucked her nipple, then moved to the other one. More champagne. More licking. He traced the contours of her breasts with his tongue, lapped wine from the small hollow at her throat where her pulse fluttered crazily.

“You’re getting the bed all wet.”

“Who cares? Roll over.”

She bent one leg and planted a foot into the mattress. “I can’t.”

He smiled. “Here.” He set the wineglass down, reached for her and flipped her over.

“I love how you can do that,” she gasped, now face down on the puffy white duvet.

He held the glass above her back and poured a thin stream of champagne. It landed between her shoulder blades and ran down to the base of her spine.

“That bow tie might be toast,” he mused as the champagne wet it. “Oh well.” He commenced more licking and tasting of her delectable soft skin, including the curves of her ass and the backs of her thighs.

Sighs and moans filled the air. Sloane’s body twitched and trembled.

“I might be getting drunk,” he said long moments later. “Need you on your back again, gorgeous. I want to taste that sweet pussy. You and champagne. There’s an intoxicating combination.”

He helped her return to her back, made sure her hands were okay beneath her, then poured champagne all over her panties, soaking them.

“Oh my God,” she cried.

“Yeah.” The wet fabric outlined pouty lips. He kissed her there on that triangle of wet silk, then pulled the panties lower with his teeth. She lifted her hips to help him, and when he got them down to her knees he lost patience and used his hand to tug them all the way off. “Spread your legs, beautiful girl,” he murmured. “So I can sip champagne from you here.”

She obeyed so sweetly and he drizzled wine onto her pussy. She sucked in a sharp breath.

“Still cold?”


“Let’s see.” He lapped at her. Her flesh was so hot it was a wonder the wine didn’t sizzle when it landed there. He stroked her with his tongue and she gave a throaty purr.

He lifted one foot to his shoulder as he took his time tasting her, drizzling champagne and making her shiver. “You’re making me drunk.” He licked her again. “Champagne and your sweet pussy.” He rubbed his tongue over her clit and her hips lifted to his mouth. “There you go. Come for me, pretty girl.” He sucked her clit and felt her body convulse, her soft cries the sweetest music. “Yeah. Just like that. Beautiful.”

cooltext129750505189949Marie Lark – Third Take is the Charm

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“You’re doing great, Melody.”

She smiled, feeling drunk on the sound of her name from his mouth. “Keep talking to me,” she said. “It helps me relax.”

“Yeah, all right.” Denny came a little closer and Melody’s whole body tightened with his approach. Where once he’d been pinched and unpleasant, now his face appeared entirely different to her—not kind exactly, but not without tenderness.

“Why aren’t you nervous?” he asked, breathless.

“I don’t know.” She was too turned on to think straight, too wound up to string together a coherent thought. “Should I be?”

“No—I dunno. I guess not. I’m glad you’re not.”

He didn’t look away from her, and as she worked her hand more steadily, she fantasized that he couldn’t. His breath came quicker, the only other sound in the room aside from her fingers against slick flesh. He hadn’t put his shirt back on, and his light brown nipples looked hard as pebbles against his pale chest.

Melody licked her lips and thumbed gently at her clit, arched on the bed and exhaled a sigh. At the sound, Denny blinked and sucked in an unsteady breath, seemed to remember that he was supposed to be filming, not just watching, and came around to the foot of the bed.

Pausing to peel off her shirt, Melody pushed herself upright and came face to face with him. He watched her greedily and, rather than feeling self-conscious, Melody felt wonderful.

She arched back on the bed, felt herself nearing that tipping point between orgasm and too much stimulation. Without the help of any toys, she worried this would end in frustration, even with the thrill of Denny’s attention. Eyes falling closed, Melody bit her lip and focused inward, imagined the stages of her pleasure lining up like the tumblers of a lock.

She started in surprise when she felt a hand on her ankle and looked up to see Denny with one knee on the bed, his eyes wide with a question. “I could—if you wanted, I could—”

Melody glanced around for the camera and found it back on the tripod. “Are you still recording?”

“Yeah. Is that all right?”

“Yeah—yes, okay.”

Denny’s grin flashed again and it stole her breath as he lowered himself down, his spine curling like a slow wave. He didn’t try to kiss her mouth—instead hooked his fingers in the waistband of her jeans and tugged them down with her underwear to around her thighs. He bit each of her hip bones before nosing against the tight curls of her pubic hair and licking into her.

His mouth was perfect and he was perfect and Melody nearly threw him off as her body surged up against him. “Shit!” she breathed. “Sorry.”

Denny’s throat vibrated with a low laugh, but he braced his forearm across her pelvis to keep her from doing it again.

He licked and sucked at her for a while until she felt entirely relaxed, like she could float all day on a cloud of effortless arousal. But then he crooked two fingers up inside her and the world tilted.

“Ah—yes, that!” she gasped, hips straining against his arm. When she looked down, she found him staring at her with wide bright eyes, and she could feel the smile curling his lips. “Slow—go slow.”

The cool slide of his fingers coupled with the quick pressure of his tongue filled her with an urgency she hadn’t experienced in—hell, she couldn’t calculate the length of time. All Melody knew was the sensation building in her felt like a storm surge.

Not able to keep from touching him any longer, Melody ran her fingers through his hair. She was dimly aware that if he let it grow longer, it would curl like hers. The texture was similar as she pinched it between her fingers and scraped her nails against his scalp.

He moaned and pressed down a little harder across her abdomen, shifted so that his fingers spread wide between her hip bones. The additional pressure on the outside of her body worked in tandem with his tongue, his fingers, and his voice, and Melody cried out as she finally crested that wave. She shuddered and gasped as Denny kept up the pressure with his mouth and let her ride out each contraction to the fullest until she was a shaking, grinning, sweaty mess.

“Fuck—stop—stop. You have to stop.” She laughed as she shoved his face away and pulled her legs up to take herself out of reach.

At the foot of the bed, Denny sat up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, his lips swollen and his chin bright pink. He looked quite satisfied with himself and Melody covered her mouth to stifle a giggle.

“What’d you think?” he asked as he kneed across the bed and flopped down next to her.

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