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cooltext129748819578231Lane Hart –  Betting on a Full House

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My mind’s still on work when the blue lights and siren come on behind me.

What the hell? I wasn’t speeding and my inspection’s current. I pull over into an old warehouse lot near my apartment and turn off my car. I’m digging in my purse for my driver’s license when the big, blonde officer knocks on the window.

“Fuck, Tyler! You scared the shit out of me,” I tell him, when I see him through the glass. Then all other thoughts flee my mind as I look up at the sexiest man alive, all hot and authoritative in his uniform.

“I’m going to have to ask you to step out of the car, miss,” he orders and my jaw drops. What is his problem? I haven’t heard from him in over a week and now he pulls me over and acts like a jackass.

I climb out to give him a piece of my mind, all right. After closing my door I point a finger at his chest, but he grabs my arm, and spins me around until I’m face forward against my car.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing?” I yell. 

“Do you have any weapons or sharp objects on you?”

“What? No! Does it look like this skirt could hold any objects?”

He tugs on my other hand and then I feel the cold metal just before I hear the click of handcuffs closing around them.

“I’m going to have to do a thorough search, just to be sure.”                                                     

“Tyler! This is not funny. I don’t know who the hell you think you are … Oh!

His foot sweeps one of my high heels, widening my stance and spreading my legs further apart. Suddenly both of his big hands rub down to the shoe straps around my ankles, then back up the inside of my thighs, brushing against my sex. That quick hand of his stays between my legs, teasing me through my panties that are starting to become damp. He reaches up to the front of them and gives a jerk, making me gasp when he rips them completely off of me. Once I’m open to him his finger penetrates me then spreads the wetness over my swollen, sensitive clit.

“Oh my God. Tyler, someone might see us!”

“I didn’t give you permission to speak.”

Another finger joins with his first one, rubbing gently up and down my slit, then pressing into my opening, driving me insane. Tyler’s heavy body moves in against my back, forcing me flat against the side of my car. His free hand untucks my dress shirt from my skirt and starts inching toward my breasts. 

With my hands cuffed behind my back I can feel Tyler’s hard cock, pushing against his zipper. I reach to stroke his length, pulling a moan from his lips that I feel breeze through my hair.

“Now, I’m sure a nice girl like you doesn’t want to get arrested tonight. So, what do you say we work something out, just between the two of us?” he asks, brushing his lips against my ear, and pushing his cock harder into my hands.

I’m right on the verge of coming as I rock against his nimble fingers.

“Well, how do you plan on convincing me to let you go?” he asks while he fucks me harder with his hand.

“Oh God. I’ll do anything you want,” I moan.

“Anything?” he repeats then places an opened mouth kiss on my neck and sucks, pushing me over the edge and making my knees weak.

“Oh, so you don’t want to stand up anymore, huh?” he asks.

“I-I can’t.”

“Then get on your knees, open that pretty little mouth of yours, and wrap your lips around my cock,” he orders.

I’m soaking wet between my legs when I turn around to face him, then go down on my knees.  Now I also know why Tyler isn’t concerned about anyone seeing us. His police cruiser is parked beside my car, blocking us from the view of the few passing vehicles.

With my hands cuffed behind me, I stretch up and catch his zipper in my teeth then work it down.

“Oh fuck, woman,” he groans, before reaching into his pants and pulling out his swollen shaft. I brush a light kiss across the tip and look up at him. His eyes are still covered by the sexy aviator glasses, and his lips are parted as he watches me.

“You’re going to have to work harder than that to get out of this mess, baby. Now put my cock in your mouth and suck it before I add resisting to your long list of misconduct.”

I smile and bite back a laugh to avoid ruining the roleplaying, then cover him with my mouth.

“That’s it, baby. I know you can take more than that,” he says grabbing the back of my head with both hands to start thrusting down my throat.

Just when I’m sure he’s about to come he pulls me off of him, standing me back up on my feet. I watch, still panting as he rolls on a condom before his strong hands are on me, spinning me around. I feel cool air against my bare ass when he pulls my skirt up to my hips.

“After I fuck your tight pussy so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow, I might let you get off with just a warning,” he says, pushing my upper body forward on the trunk of my car. Before I even let out an ‘oomph’ he’s sliding into my dripping wet pussy. His hands are braced tightly on the back of my arms to hold me down while he pounds hard and fast into me. I’m climbing higher and higher toward another orgasm until finally I come apart right before Tyler stills deep inside of me. 

“Jesus fucking Christ,” he pants, and I’m pretty sure that signals the game is over.

I’m still having aftershocks from my orgasm it was so good.

“Well Officer, you sure do know how to use your baton,” I tell him, squirming underneath him. I feel his answering chuckle vibrate through my upper body.

“Is that what you had in mind for being arrested, frisked and taken downtown by a naughty police officer?” he asks, referring to what I’d said to him several weeks ago when we were at the lake.

“God yes. Even better than all the times I’d fantasized about it while pursuing self-inflicted orgasms.”

cooltext129750505189949Amber Belldene – Siren’s Touch  

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Did you see that nice big bathtub?”

She nodded. “Sure.”

“I think it might help you relax.”

Her eyes popped open and she grinned. “Race you.” And then she let go of him, ghosting out of her clothes and swishing into the bathroom. He followed and stood in the doorway as she hovered over the tub, watching. He shed his shirt and then stripped off his pants, his cock already erect. He expected her eyes to grow wide, or that she’d do that sweet ghost blushing thing. Instead, her gaze took all of him in before she met his eye and floated forward, reaching for him. The ice of her ghost touch prickled him for only a second before her warm hand enclosed his erection.

He sucked in a surprised breath. With a hint of regret, he gripped her wrist and tugged it away from his cock. “Sweetheart, slow down, let me turn on the water.”

She ghosted on him again, leaving behind a wet nightgown in a pool at his feet. Chuckling and naked, he bent over to fill the tub, dumping a bottle of bubble bath under the stream of water.

With her rusalka voice cranked to full blast, she said, “Dmitri Lisko, I could look at that all day.” His skin came alive, and he wanted her against him rubbing and slipping in the sudsy water.

He reached for her, and she flitted away. He lunged again.

Silly ghost.

“Suit yourself.” He stepped into the tub, sinking in to the water up to his waist. “The water feels great.”

She huffed, crossing her arms across her chest. “Now I can’t see you.”

He crossed his arms over his chest. “Get in here then.”

And finally, she obeyed, gliding into the water and coming back into her flesh against his wet skin. He worked another nightgown off her and threw it. The wet fabric slapped against the mirror over the sink. Then he wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed her with as much gentleness as he could muster.

How many times, how many nights could they have together like this? If he did his job, maybe only this one. She deserved for it to be everything she’d ever dreamed of.

Tucking a lock of her hair back, he licked the coil of her ear. “You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

She sat back, fixing him with a look of concentration. He expected her to argue, but she grinned. With her index finger, she traced a line from his forehead, down his nose, and pressed it to his lips. “I know what you mean.”

His heart swelled to near bursting. He sucked her finger into his mouth, and she lowered her lids. Her grin turned lazy. He withdrew her hand from his mouth and pressed it between her legs. She rocked into the touch.

“When you were alive, sweetheart, did you ever…?”

There was the blush he’d been waiting for.

“Good. We’re not starting from scratch.”

She bit her lip, not quite hiding her smile.

He slid his fingers through her folds, searching out her bud. It rose up under the pad of his thumb, and she let out an animal groan. He rubbed her in small circles, and she ground against him, throwing back her head.

Yeah, she was a natural.

His free hand went to heft one gorgeous breast.

Delving back to her opening, he found her moisture, thicker and more slippery than the bathwater. He wanted to taste her but suspected that particular pleasure might shock her unconscious, and the whole point of this was to be alive. So he teased her open with only the tip of his finger. “What about this, Sonya? Did you ever?”

She shook her head, freezing when he slid one careful finger into her very tight core.

Finally, she let out a breath. “Oh?”



He curved the finger upward and thrust.

“Oh.” Her pitch remained well in the husky range.

He smiled. This gift he was giving her might very well be the best gift he’d ever received. In the tub, she responded to him quickly, riding his fingers, becoming so wet and so open he knew he could take her right there. But he wanted her coming first, on his fingers and tongue, so that she had some practice before he pushed his cock all the way inside her

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