Sex Scene Championship #SSceneC2015 : Lisa Marie Perry (@PerryOrdinary ) vs Jillian Neal (@jilliannealauth )

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cooltext129748819578231Jillian Neal – Gypsy Heat

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“You know, all of this talk about being proper makes me want to do something naughty,” she whispered in Grady’s right ear. He spun to stare into her dark eyes.

“Does it, angel?” His voice rumbled from deep in his chest as several ideas sprang to the forefront of his mind. He didn’t have any condoms on the ship, but that sure as hell didn’t mean he couldn’t give her some love and get her off.

She gave him a slow, sexy nod and dug her hand into the back pocket of the cutoffs she was wearing. When she pulled a condom out, Grady was concerned his shuddered groan of elation was audible to the decks below.

After making certain they were secure, he drew her body into his and laid siege to her lips with his own. She opened her mouth, coaxed his tongue inside, and began to suck. He jerked away. Time was of the essence. “You’re making me hard, angel.” Grasping her backside, he rocked her body against his rapidly stiffening cock. “You gonna take care of that for me?”

Another slow, sexy nod. She kept her onyx eyes locked on his as her hand caressed his zipper line.

“You have to be quiet for me, angel.”

Her body shuddered and her breaths sped as a slight moan escaped her.

“I said quiet.”

With that he spun her back to his chest and edged her to the far starboard side of the bridge, out of sight of anyone that might try to see what was going on from a vantage point below.

“So needy aren’t you, angel? You hurt for me don’t you?”

“Oh God, yes!” she gasped and rocked her sexy little ass against the fierce bulge of his cock.

“I’m gonna make it all better.” Reaching around her waist, he unsnapped the shorts and lowered them before he grasped the tie sides of the bikini bottom and did away with it altogether. He let a low growl hum in her ear. The back of the body chain dipped low. A tantalizing little butterfly charm sparkled at the top of her backside, making his mouth water and his cock throb fiercely. “So fucking sexy, angel. You drive me wild.”

She pitched back against him as he toyed with the charm.

He brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked them to provide her sweet little clit some lubrication until he made her body weep for him. When they were wet, he gently traced between her folds back and forth, making her desperate for more. “Feels so good when I touch you, doesn’t it, angel?”

A breathy moan escaped her as her body swayed between his and the wall. His improvisation on lube had been unnecessary. She was already saturated with the idea of him taking her here when they could be caught. “So nice and wet for me. You know you need it don’t you? Need me to open you up and take what’s mine? You need my cock don’t you?”

“Now,” she fought to keep her commands to breathy whispers.

“God, I like you greedy, angel. Such a good girl.” He speared his fingers deep in her channel, making her frantic for more. She leaned forward and ground her body against his hand. So fucking greedy it drove him wild. When her abdomen began to quake he leaned in, forcing the orgasm from her. Another moan and he knew she was going to give them away. Gently, he placed his left hand over her mouth. “Quiet, angel. You have to be quiet for me.”

When she was only panting and no longer making audible sound, he pulled both of his hands away. “Hold onto that wall for me.” Unsnapping his jeans and lowering his boxers enough to get the job done, he sheathed his cock. He returned his hand to her mouth, gently reminding her not to make a sound as he began to pump her full of him. “You want it? You take it all for me.”

She arched her back, giving him deeper access, and he was the one that almost growled out his pleasure and alerted the whole damn boat to what they were doing.

He kept his hand locked on her mouth but brought the other back to her clitoris and strummed it rhythmically.

When her body cinched tight around him, he was set to detonate. He pounded into her hard and unrelenting. “Come for me, angel. I’ll take you again tonight. I’ll make you scream for me. I’ll bring you over and over again, I promise, but for now, come for me like a good girl.”

Her moan hummed against his hand as she obeyed. Her body tugged against his cock, pulling his release from deep within his balls. His entire body tensed as he filled the condom, and she collapsed back against him, letting her head loll on his shoulder as her body continued to shudder.

cooltext129750505189949Lisa Marie Perry – Mine Tonight  

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“Forgot something?”

Bindi froze, as stirring arousal melted her insides. Wet from the shower, Santino jogged up the stairs. In pants. Just pants. Great-fitting pants.

The horny-girl half of her brain instantly began devising strategies to remove them with her teeth. The other half prodded her to speak.

“I thought you’d be asleep.”

“Naw. Considered it, but my mind kept trying to imagine you naked.” Tugging something from his pocket, he said, “This didn’t exactly help a brother out.”

A thong.

Her thong.

“It’s harassing me, not knowing what you look like,” he said, tracing the thong over the design on her shirt.

Was she supposed to feel sorry for him? At least he’d come. She hadn’t.

“Take this off.” Venturing forward, he cased her in. “Let me have something to remember, not imagine.”

And let you call me “beautiful” again, when I’m anything but?

“A look,” he coaxed. “Just a look.”

Sexual frustration peaked, and Bindi felt infused with … power. It intoxicated her, had her leading him to her suite. On her direction, he stood at the foot of her lavish bed.

She climbed onto the white-linen topped mattress, pranced to the headboard, faced the trio of framed coral reef prints.

Wind sighed against her skin as she drew the T-shirt over her head. “Just a look, you said.” When he moved to one side of the bed, she skipped out of his reach. “What are you doing? A look, remember?”

“Now I want a kiss.” He crossed to the other side fast—faster than she might’ve predicted possible. She dashed, barely avoided his grasp.

“Can’t catch me? Can’t kiss me,” she taunted. Only when he returned to the end of the bed did she flounce her way back to the center of the headboard. “Mmm-mmm-mmm. I taste victory. It’s delicious.”

A heartbeat of silence, then he lunged, clasped her ankles and yanked hard. Her squeak dissolved in a peal of laughter as her backside hit perfumed linen with an impact that made the mattress quiver.

The laughter faded in their kiss. It demanded, threatened. Would their lives, their agendas, be intact when they left this bed?

Get over it.

Right. She’d be crazy to let the playful risk of this moment mean more than it should. Worse—let Santino mean more to her than he ever, ever should.

But the craziest thing she could do right now was deny herself the zing of pleasure that penetrated her as his beard grazed her.

Permission? He didn’t request it. Warning? He deprived her of it.

Santino’s mouth tantalized her breasts, sucked at their tips. “What’s that you said about victory?”

“I—I—” A moan escaped. She was a moaner and had absolutely no chance of hiding it from this man. “I said…?”

“Mmm-hmm. Think.”

With his teeth scraping her nipples? Not likely. “Can’t.”

“Yeah, you can.”

Breathe now. Nothing to fake here. Nothing to rush.

“Oh … Victory’s delicious.”

Bringing her to the end of the bed, he spread her legs then parted her folds with his tongue. “You’re mine tonight,” he said, so serious as he slid two large-knuckled fingers in deep.

The graphic, naked words, combined with the authority of his touch and the thoroughness of his mouth, pinned her still and baited her to recognize what turned her on … turned her inside out.

Her reaction to him was instinctual, as involuntary as a heartbeat. She clutched his head, but could neither push him away nor urge him closer. She wanted to watch, wanted to understand why a man who’d had so much taken away would be so giving. Only, pleasure pressured her to lie back, close her eyes and take—

Goose bumps rose on her arms and her nipples tightened as a breath of wind brushed her. “The windows! Shut the windows.”

“Rain’s stopped.”

So it had. When, she had no clue. “Shut them anyway. I told you before, I don’t perform for audiences.” She’d already played a risky game, wrapping her legs around him on the veranda.

“Someone’d have to hover in a helicopter to sneak a peek,” he reasoned.

“Someone might hear me.”

“Hear you?” Only then did he take his mouth away. “Hear you scream, maybe? You’re going to scream for me?”

“Not if all these windows stay open. It’s up to you.”

Santino’s response was to kiss the inside of her thigh, abrade her skin with his beard and nip her to draw a sharp gasp. “Hot, Bindi, but that wasn’t a scream. I’m going to get you to scream out these windows so the entire damn island knows you’re being done right.”

That isn’t gonna happen.”


“’Fraid not.”

Then his hands were holding hers and her feet were pressing into his shoulders. She was shaking with need, but stuck in a battle of wills. Fighting him, she fought herself, too. Control or be controlled—she didn’t know which to choose.

“I want the windows shut.” I think…

He answered her demand with “I want my tongue in you when you come, but nod if you want me to stop. Nod for me, all right, and I’ll stop right here and shut them. I’ll take my time about it, make sure they’re locked and everything’s nice and secure and private.”

What if this intensity couldn’t be recaptured? Would he make her want and wait on purpose—play with her again?

“Or shake your head no if you don’t want me to stop. Shake your head and ride out every moment of this.” He kissed her intimately, and she might’ve hit the damn floor if he wasn’t anchoring her to the bed. “Up to you.”

When she shook her head, growled out the word no maybe a dozen times for good measure, he grunted a laugh then shattered her with the harshest orgasm she could remember.

Breaking for him, screaming because she couldn’t resist, she let him hold her hands and hold her down as she let go.

After her slow writhing and quieting moans revealed the last of the sensations were coasting through her, she felt herself being freed.

Releasing her hands, striding across the room to the large windows, Santino said, “You want these closed, right?”

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