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cooltext129748819578231Nancy Holland –  Owed

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Jake had asked Madison to strip for him as a payback for what she’d done. But apparently she didn’t consider stripping for him a form of punishment. In fact, she seemed to be wildly turned on by doing as he told her.

He was just as turned on, his whole body tense with need, his heart pounding. For a moment his brain swirled with the erotic possibilities, nearly drowning him with desire before he managed to pull himself back to reality. He swallowed. Her sexy smile broadened.

Once he had his impulses under control, he got up and stood behind her. The reflection showed the surprise on her face – and the wariness.

He stroked the tender skin of her neck. Her eyelids shut as she leaned into the caress. He traced a path across her shoulder and down the length of her arm. She shivered and he barely suppressed an answering tremor in his own body. Then she opened her eyes, still wary. Good.

He put his arm around her and drew his spread hand sideways across her belly so his thumb grazed the sensitive flesh under her breasts while his fingers traced the tender skin below her navel. The nerves jumped and she drew a sharp breath. He hid a smile in her shoulder and planted a kiss there, followed by a gentle nip that made her gasp again. Suddenly he took her bare breasts in both hands. Her eyes went wide.

“Yes,” he murmured in her ear. “I want you to watch what I do to you.”

She started to protest, but he caught her nipples between his fingers and she gave a low moan instead.

This time he didn’t hide his smile as he teased and taunted the rosy nubs of flesh until her hips began the same tantalizing wiggle as when she’d slipped off her panties. He lowered one arm to press her hard against him so she’d know exactly how he was reacting to her. Her body quivered in his arms and he laughed.

Imagination running hot, he held both her slender wrists in one hand at her shoulder to pin her helpless as his other hand explored her naked body.

“Separate your legs,” he growled.

Madison hesitated, wary again. Jake put his free hand on the inside of her bare thigh. Her legs melted apart, as if she no longer had any say in what she did.

When his fingers dipped into her moistness, her lids drifted shut and she rolled her head back on his shoulder.

He stopped. “You have to watch.”

She lifted her head and blinked to keep her eyes open. The mirror reflected the dark slash of Jake’s sleeve across her body, the ruby and gold of his cufflink, his tanned skin against the white of her belly as he explored her most sensitive flesh.

Finally he parted the delicate folds and touched the very center of her desire, and she began to tremble. He stopped, his smile wicked in the mirror.

“Say please,” he prompted, then stroked one more time.

She saw the tension of unrealized fulfillment on her face in the mirror, his hand as he started to pull it up, his dark smile. He knew he’d won, damn him.

As his fingers slid away, her body convulsed in frustrated need. She sighed and surrendered to the inevitable. “Oh, please.”

His wicked smile widened and he caressed her until she fell over the edge into a tumultuous climax. When she went limp in his arms, he drew his hand slowly up her body, stopping to caress her breasts and she couldn’t suppress another soft moan.

He swung her up in one swift movement to carry her to the bed, where he dropped her unceremoniously on the red silk duvet. His expression as he looked down at her made her reach to cover herself as she lay sprawled there.

“Don’t move,” he warned her, still staring at her naked body in a way that burned and chilled her at the same time.

Jake let the wave of tenderness he felt when Madison came apart in his arms flow over him until it threatened to wash away the last of his anger. But he wasn’t ready to forgive her yet.

Once his breathing was back to normal, he reached down and lifted her ankle. She quivered at his touch, eyes wide, but he merely undid her sandal, drew it off her foot, and dropped it to the floor. He did the same with the other sandal, leaving her legs more widely spread.

He watched her watch him as he untied his tie. After a few moments she started to pull her legs together, but he stopped her with a raised eyebrow and she let them fall apart again.

Her willing vulnerability seared him, inside and out.

cooltext129750505189949Hot Bayou Nights – Elizabeth Shore

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“This is a library?” Carla asked, behavior instilled since childhood compelling her to whisper.

“Yes,” Jackson replied tensely. “It’s for the researchers. It’s also the place where I’m going to fuck you.”

Her nipples tightened. She let out a breath. “Fantastic.”

Jackson shut and locked the door behind them and led Carla over to a desk, shoving to one end the few items on it. Then he turned to her and kissed her again. Hard.

His drive was fierce, not cooled in the least by their walk to the building. As soon as he kissed her his hands roamed everywhere, sliding down her neck, across her breasts, between her legs. Carla sighed into his mouth as his fingers found her clit. Even through the material of her jeans and panties he was spot-on accurate, and she could feel the gush of wetness as she responded to his touch.

He broke the kiss and used both hands to unbutton her jeans and slide them down, along with her panties. He pulled off her shoes and then helped her out of the jeans and panties. With both hands he reached around her waist and lifted her to sit atop the desk.

“Spread your legs.”

She complied, exposing her sex to his appreciative eyes, like a queen bestowing favors to a humble subject.

He smiled and licked his lips. “Wider.”

Her thighs slid over the desk’s warm wood, as far as she was able.

Jackson’s scorching gaze roamed over her. He took a step forward and reached out, shoving up her blouse and bra, exposing her breasts. Her now bare nipples tightened.

He knelt down in front of her. “I like what I see.”

As his hands rested atop each of her legs to hold them wide, he spread soft kisses along her inner thighs, his lips dancing across the sensitive skin. She leaned back and placed her palms on the desk behind her, supporting herself. Licking her lips appreciatively, she watched as his hot mouth traveled along her inner thighs to the center of her legs. His tongue found her pulsing clit.

“Ah!” She groaned and let her head fall back.

Jackson broke away and looked up. “Touch yourself while I make you come. Caress your breasts and show me what feels good. I want to watch while I lick you.”

She looked down at him, saw the tar black of his eyes and knew how turned on he was at the thought of her doing what he asked. For a moment a wave of shyness stilled her, but Jackson’s obvious desire for her swept it away. She lifted her hands, smoothing them over the tops and sides of her breasts. The burn of passion in Jackson’s gaze emboldened her. She smiled, using her fingers to pull and pinch her nipples, moaning softly as she did so.

“Yes, baby.” He drew in a sharp breath. “Just like that.”

He went back to work on her. With the tip of his tongue he swirled around her sensitive bud, at first with soft as air strokes, growing stronger and more insistent as her arousal grew. He slipped two fingers through her wet folds, gathering moisture, before plunging deep in her hot core.

“Ohh!” She sucked in a breath, trying to stifle her cries, but Jackson made it impossible as he thrust faster and more deeply, curving his fingers toward her abdomen to brush her G-spot.

She cried out, parting her thighs wider still and pulling on her beet red nipples.


“Give it to me, baby. Let yourself go.”

His fingers drove into her wet core as she careened toward release. She rocked her hips against him and looked down. He worked his tongue on her clit, his fingers inside her slick walls, his breath hot on her mound. She met his gaze as he looked up and her breath caught in her throat at the lustful burn reflected back at her.

Suddenly she could no longer support herself and lay back down. She drew her feet up and rested them atop the desk on either side of Jackson’s head. With both hands she continued to caress her breasts, pinching the sensitive nipples as she imagined Jackson’s tongue swirling around them as he licked her clit.

Her eyelids fluttered closed and she groaned, heat flushing over her as arousal built. She spread her thighs wider and shifted both hands to grip the sides of the desk. Bracing for support, she ground her pussy against Jackson’s face, increasing the pressure.

“More,:” she begged. “Faster.” Blood roared in her ears as she rocked her hips, aching for release. Jackson’s fingers thrust deep, spearing her with pleasure, as his tongue continued to work her clit. Seconds later, she screamed as the orgasm consumed her.

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