Shifter Sex that Caused Me to Mark a Book DNF

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I read a LOT of PNR. It is almost a given that, in shifter romance, there is always some part of the shifter that is going to change during sex to show his/her loss of control. I can cope with claws that shift to slip through underwear, I can deal with a hint of fang that hints that the hero is losing control to lust and I have dealt with eyes flashing cat/wolf etc. Usually, I am fine with this but not last week. Last week, I found my PNR limit.

This book will remain nameless and authorless for the sake of the post but this book is about a dragon shifter. I know; after the Thea Harrison and GA Aitkin book’s, you THINK I’d be OK because I’ve loved them all but this author did something that I just couldn’t handle; they had parts of the hero’s face shift during sex and then wings appeared.

No matter what I had seen before, this pushed my boundary to a place where I wasn’t comfortable. Although the hero was mainly human, he LOOKED like a dragon. It skirted too close to bestiality for me and I just had to DNF. They were having sex missionary style so she saw that he was mainly reptile during sex…. I could not compute.

So what do you think readers? Is there any thing that would happen during shifter sex that pushes the limit too far for you?

3 responses to “Shifter Sex that Caused Me to Mark a Book DNF

    • Candilynn

      Honestly, that doesn’t sound like an issue at all. I can see why people wouldn’t be comfortable with it, but to me, I don’t see much point of the character having shifting powers if they stay human during all the romance scenes.

  1. I gust finished one that the cat shifter got chest hair, fangs and it sort of implied that his junk shifted but none of this was revealed until the last couple pages, if it had been that way earlier I don't know that I would have finished the book.

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