So, We are going to have to do something about the Spam….

Posted January 5, 2013 by Nix in Uncategorized / 9 Comments

Over the last 6 months, the amount of spam on the blog has gone through the roof. It didn’t matter before because the spam filter picked it all up, but lately its been getting through A LOT.

I can’t keep having the numerous adverts for Tramadol that keeps appearing so I am taking action. I have three options available to me to try to limit the spam, so I’m asking you as readers and commentors what you would prefer because I adore the comments and don’t want to discourage people.

My Three options are….

  1. Turn on Comment Moderation …. realistically, this means comments will be approved once a day by either myself or Vicky
  2. Turn on Captcha….I really don’t want to do this one as they drive me BONKERS!
  3. Only allow people with google, wordpress or open ID accounts to comment….this means no more anonymous commenters.
So, readers, which one would you prefer we used?

9 responses to “So, We are going to have to do something about the Spam….

  1. I personally use moderation. I can read each comment posted whether it was a comment on a new post or one for a while ago. Plus Captcha is such a pain in the ass. I've stopped commenting on blogs that have it because I can never figure out the blurred # portion.

    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

  2. I have to agree with not using Captcha. I can barely read it. Moderation would be the best. A pain in the ass for you but at least you can get the spammers.


  3. Option 3 as first choice.

    Captcha is a pain for those making the comment, but moderating every comment could be a pain for you too.

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