#SSceneC2015 : Cari Silverwood @CariSilverwood vs Tara Lain @taralain

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cooltext129748819578231Defiler  – Cari Silverwood

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Brask jammed himself into her pussy, to the very end, which both made her hurt from the sudden stretching and groan from pleasure. She felt herself squirt a little wetness around his cock.

“Oh frack, yes.” He withdrew and did it all again, over and over, with added force, while keeping her in place on her knees.

“Slower,” she choked out, whimpering, until her plea had him putting his fingers over her clit and playing there as he thrust in and out. That…helped. She bowed her head to better absorb what he did to her. More thrusts and more gasps came from her, until heavy crunching footsteps said Dassenze had returned.

“Here. This. Lift her.”

The two of them picked her up, their four hands positioning her with ease. Her weight and her squeaks of surprise seemed insignificant to these males and they deposited her on some square, padded footrest. Again Brask hadn’t bothered extracting his cock. The white upholstery gave under her hands and knees but all she could concentrate on was them treating her like something to be carted about when she was trembling and partway to climax. As she stared blankly at the whiteness under her splayed fingers, her mouth remained open. She squirmed back an inch, hoping for more of Brask since he was only a few inches inside. Her pussy pulsed around him, tight, needy.

“More?” The whine in her whisper was not her, but she couldn’t help herself. “Please?”

“Fuck, she’s calling me.” He laughed and pulled his cock out instead of in.

She groaned. Bastard. But he anchored her in place by holding her hips.

“Right height, Lord?”

“Yes. She is.” Dassenze was clearly amused. “Cock height. Now.” He lifted her head with his hand wrapped under her chin. “Much better, little one. Open.” He smiled as he introduced his upper cock to her lips. As he fed in the one he’d decided needed her mouth, his other cock glided beneath her chin. “Can you take it all the way?”

Cross-eyed, gagged by his cock stretching her jaw, she assessed his length then shook her head slightly.

For a few seconds, he studied her, with her mouth full of cock, as if the sight fascinated him.

His smile was hard with no hint of joy. “Denied. You can run on ceilings. You can take all of me. Concentrate. Fail and I’ll allow Brask to fuck your ass while I hold you in place.”

Damn. That conjured a picture so hot she almost wanted it to happen and she didn’t know if she’d even like anal. Confused, she stared back at him.

“Good,” he said, as if in her stunned expression he’d read a yes.

“Done messing with her head?” Brask smacked her butt once then tightened his hold on her hips.

As if in answer, Dassenze began fucking her mouth in earnest. He went almost to her limits until her eyes were watering, then withdrew a little, then went in to the limit and past it, out a bit, then even farther in.

The advance of their two cocks seemed deliberately timed as most thrusts were as deep as they could be into her, at the exact same moment. Overwhelming. Completely overwhelming. The sensation of fullness and possession was enough to make her gasp and whimper around Dassenze’s cock, sometimes when he was deep, sometimes when barely an inch past her lips.

“Look at me, Talia.”

Her eyelids fluttered as she tried.

He groaned and stared greedily down at her then jammed his cock in rougher than before, making her choke and drool. He held it there while Brask pumped in and out, slow at first and then smacking in harder and faster when his cock was almost at the end of her tunnel. The jarring thuds cranked up her arousal. Her climax was going to happen whether she wanted it to or not.

And she couldn’t breathe. Dassenze was still inside her and not moving. He looked like he wanted to burn what he saw into his memory. She gulped around his cock, swallowing convulsively, needing air.

“Almost. There.” Brask grunted, bumping at her, jolting her into the padding, then grinding into her and stopping. “You?”

“Fuck.” Dassenze pulled himself out and staggered back. She gasped in much-needed air, watching him and wanting him in her mouth again. He had to come inside her.

“Can’t. A mistake doing this. Any of my cum inside her might trigger bond mating. You…” He set his face then stepped in and grabbed a fistful of her hair, twisting it in a knot before he crouched and kissed her violently. “Fuck her hard. I’ll watch. Don’t close your eyes,” he commanded as he made her arch her neck. “Look at me while he fucks you.”

cooltext129750505189949Knight of Ocean Avenue – Tara Lain

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When he walked in the bedroom, he about dropped the tray. Candlelight flickered off every wall and surface, a big cotton comforter covered the bed, and Shaz sat against the headboard wearing only his aqua boxer briefs and holding his study guide. All that was lovely, but Billy’s eyes riveted to the three dildoes lined up on the bedside table. He swallowed. “Uh—?”

Shaz extended a hand toward the toys. “Meet Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear. We have no expectation of reaching Papa tonight, but I put him there aspirationally.”

Something like a giggle popped out of Billy’s mouth. Shaz put down the study guide and hopped up from the bed. “Let me take that before we feed it to the cats.” He grabbed the tray, and all Billy could see was the bulge of his cock in the briefs and then the beautiful thrust of his butt as he carried the tray to the side table. Shaz looked over his shoulder at Billy. “Hungry?” He must have noticed the look in Billy’s eyes, because he smirked. “Yes, I can see you are. But remember, we’re studying.”

“We are?”

“Yes. Get undressed, please.”

“To study?”

“Yes. It’s required.”

He was confused, but his cock wasn’t. As he undressed, Shaz opened the champagne and poured two glasses, then carefully placed a big cushion in the middle of the bed. Okay, this looked like pretty fun studying.

Shaz glanced over. “Hmm, you seem to like the lesson plan.”

Billy looked at his now bare and very upright penis. “Seems so.”

Shaz swayed his way to Billy and extended a glass of bubbly. Billy took it and they clinked, then Shaz gave a little salute to Billy’s cock and sipped his champagne. He pointed to the pillow. “Lie down on your stomach.”

Billy dove into position. He glanced back and saw Shaz grab one of his economy-sized containers of lube. Looks promising. And his study guide. What the hell?

Shaz sat on the bed beside Billy’s well-presented ass. Finally. Ever since Shaz had found out that Billy wanted to bottom, he’d given no attention to Billy’s aching hole because he said he wanted to wait for “his surprise.” It looked like the drought might be over.

Shaz patted his butt, then cracked it a little harder. Fun. Billy looked back as Shaz separated his ass cheeks and slipped a dollop of cool gel right where Billy most wanted it. “Yes.” The word came out on a long breath.

A very small digit inserted itself into Billy’s butthole. It felt weird. And it felt good. “Uh, you couldn’t find anything smaller?”

What had to be Shaz’s little finger pushed in farther. “Billy?”

“Mm.” He pushed his butt back so the finger slipped in another inch.

“Who do you contact before starting to work along the railroad tracks?”

“What? What the fuck?”

“Answer. Fast. Don’t think.”

“The Railroad Engineering Department.”

The finger pulled out and thrust back in. “How many guest rooms must a building have to be called a hotel? Answer!” Out and in.

Holy shit. “Five guest rooms.”

“Right.” Out, in. Out.

“Wait. What—?”

Something bigger and cold pushed against his opening. “How far from a crawl space or access door can cleanouts be?”

His head was swimming. “Tw-twenty.”

“Twenty what?”

“Feet. Twenty feet.” In. Out. In. Je-sus, it felt—“Holy shit. Oh my God.” His body lit up from the inside!

“May I introduce your prostate? What do you use to join a copper and a galvanized pipe?”

“A brass adaptor.” He shot his hips back against the wonderful intruder. “More. More.”

“Ah, see how we crave studying now?” Shaz set up a deep, steady rhythm with the dildo. “What do you call the place where a gable dormer meets the main roof?”

“A—a valley. Mmmm.”

Shaz laughed, but he didn’t stop. He moved on to a slightly larger dildo—and to the hardest legal questions. Billy’s lips opened and closed and made sounds, but he couldn’t hear them. He’d answer forever if Shaz just wouldn’t stop. In, out, in, out. Asphalt shingles. Liquid solar. Ordering structural steel. In. Out. Oh. My. God.

His balls tightened and his cock throbbed. So close. More. More. Heaven. More.

“With 120 tiles in a box, how many boxes of tile are needed to cover a wall six feet by ten feet using six inch square tiles?”



Everything went black. A hot hand grabbed his cock and started to pump it. In. Out. In. “Answer!”

The world lit up like a Christmas tree. “Oh God. Oh!”


“Twooooooo.” Semen shot out of his cock onto the blanket and that perfect hand kept stroking as one, two, three more blasts poured out of his happy-dancing dick.

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