#SSceneC2015 : Championship Final : Brighton Walsh @WriteAsRain_ vs Jennifer Leighton @LovesGamble

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cooltext129748819578231Tessa Ever After – Brighton Walsh

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This girl makes me lose my goddamn mind. Makes me forget every rational thought I’ve ever had. Makes me forget about everything but what she looks like under me, what she feels like gripping me, what she sounds like when she calls out my name.

I grab a condom and roll it down my cock, groaning at the sight in front of me. Tessa’s on the bed, just like how I wanted her. Facedown, ass up, looking back at me with heavy, lust-filled eyes, and I fucking love that I’m the one she’s looking at like that. That, despite whatever bullshit her brother fed her, I’m still the one she wants.

Climbing on the bed, I straddle her thighs again, holding her hip with one hand and guiding myself to her with the other. I push forward, watching how she opens around me, how she swallows my cock whole, and I can’t stop the groan when I look up at her face and see the reflection of hunger there.

I want to pound into her, fuck her so hard she forgets her own name. Forgets every other man who’s had the pleasure of knowing her this way. Until she remembers only me. Until she wants only me.

“Do you know how perfect you feel around me?” I slide nearly all the way out, then push into her deep and slow, watching with satisfaction as Tessa grips the comforter tighter in her hands. She lifts her ass higher, silently begging me for something more. “You need it deeper, baby?”

I smile at her answering groan and grip her ass, lifting up and opening her as wide as I can with her legs pressed together. Then I repeat the slow, deep slide, pushing in as far as I can go and listening for her answering gasp. When she gives it to me, I move faster, thrusting into her with enough force to move her forward on the bed. Reaching up, I grab her hand and pull it away from the bedding, not stopping until it’s behind her back, her body twisted under me, her breasts bouncing with each forward thrust of my hips. Her face is slack, her lips parted and her eyes fluttering closed at every push into her. Holding her wrist with one hand, I slide the other to her mouth, brushing my finger against her lip.

“Open up, baby. Suck it.”

She complies immediately, her mouth opening to accept my finger, her tongue slipping out to brush over the tip. I groan as the soft, warm wetness of her mouth surrounds my finger, pumping my hips into her faster, harder, not able to control myself anymore. Pulling my finger from her mouth, I trail it down her chest to her exposed breast, swirling the wetness around her nipple, and smile when she moans, her eyes fluttering closed, her pussy pulsing around me.

“That’s it, pretty girl. Give me another.”

Tessa’s always been beautiful—even before I accepted this pull toward her—but now? Here, tonight, when she’s laid out in front of me, her mouth open on gasps from feeling me inside her, her eyes locked on me as I push her exactly where she needs to go?

It’s too much, and when she lets out a choked gasp, her eyes rolling back in her head as she comes around me, I let go and fall with her.

cooltext129750505189949Angel Fallen – Jennifer Leighton

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“I’m going to put my mouth on you now, Jessie.” His voice shook, and so did the rest of him, but he didn’t care. Desperation buzzed beneath the surface of his skin, his entire being ready to be immersed in the taste and scent and feel of her.

“Jesus, yes.” Spreading her legs wide, she bared her drenched sex to his hungry gaze. “Let’s see how good you are with that pretty tongue. Lick me, you dirty boy.”

Eagerly he complied. Dipping his head between her open thighs, he stroked up through her folds to find the tiny, erect nub he knew gave her so much pleasure. She tasted just as good as he’d imagined, and he lapped at her swollen flesh like a man possessed, his tongue sliding into every crevice, leaving no part of her untouched by his ardor.

Moaning obscenities, Jessie writhed beneath him, grinding harder against his tongue, taking what she needed without waiting for it to be given. She was a woman of action, his girl, and not shy at all about going after what she wanted. The years of fighting for scraps, whether of food on a meager table or the love of a foster parent, had molded and shaped her into a woman who seized what she wanted without apology. It was one of the things he loved most about her.

Some called her abrasive and forceful, but Garon just saw a girl in desperate need of love and affection, and he intended to be the man to give both to her.

“Suck it,” she ordered, spreading her labia wide with her fingers and exposing her swollen clitoris. He obeyed, pulling the tiny organ and the surrounding flesh into his mouth and drawing on it strongly. With a keening wail, she shattered.

He kept his tongue on her quivering core, prolonging her orgasm through the last little shivers. Limp beneath him, she murmured her appreciation when he lifted her legs to rest on his back, clearly finding the position more comfortable.

Knowing she was super sensitive now and could come again quite easily if properly stimulated, he returned his mouth to her dripping center, licking the neatly shaved mound softly with the flat of his tongue.

Whimpering, she raked her fingers through his hair as he laved her greedily, consuming every drop of her desire and reveling in her throaty sighs of pleasure. When the sighs became moans, he spread her wide with his fingers, gently opening her like the petals of a flower, his tongue stroking deliberately and focused over her hardened clit. She squirmed and panted, signaling another release was imminent, her body shaking with fine tremors.

Wanting to prolong her pleasure for as long as she would allow it, Garon quickly pulled his mouth away without bringing her to completion. She groaned and clutched his head as he ran his fingertips lightly over her swollen labia, learning her, petting her aroused flesh lovingly, but avoiding the engorged nub of her clitoris.

The little erect bud glistened from her desire and his attentions, peeking out from beneath the protective shelter of its hood. She was so close to completion, he knew only a tiny amount of stimulation there would make her climax, and he was in no hurry to finish this particular part of their foreplay.

Dipping first one, then a second finger inside her slick entrance, he slid them deep, his cock jerking painfully at the hot, wet feel of her. She was more than ready for him, but how long had he waited to touch her like this, to give her the ultimate pleasure? He would gladly spend all night loving her in this fashion if he could.

“Finish it, damn you!” she ordered as if she knew what he’d been thinking. He couldn’t help but smile at the urgency in her tone. On the verge of coming himself just from the sight of her naked and open, it was nice to know she was equally affected. Though he knew her body well, watching and participating were two very different things, and he was glad he was doing it right.

Gently pulling the hood of her clitoris back to expose it fully, he touched just the tip of his tongue to it once, twice, a third time, the little flicks directly over the swollen bud exactly what she needed to send her careening into a second peak.

His fingers were still inside her, and he twisted them now, sliding them in and out of her channel at a steadily increasing pace.

“George,” she panted when his tongue again circled her distended clitoris. “I can’t wait! I need you to fuck me. Fuck me now. The hell with games!”

His cock leapt at the words, more than ready to be inside her. “Are you sure? I thought you wanted—”

This is what I want now!” Grabbing his arms, she yanked him up beside her. “You flat on your back beneath me!”

She shoved him hard, sending him toppling backward onto the blanket, and then climbed on top of him, her thighs straddling his. As her hand seized the base of his cock, holding it upright while she sank down on him, he nearly came right then.

Jessie did, her sheath contracting around him as she took his entire length inside her in one hard downward thrust. “Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, oh…fuck!”

Her hands clutched at his chest, her nails digging in as she hammered his cock in her sheath at a sharper angle, her hips working over him faster. The wild woman above him was a stranger, and something inside him exulted in her emergence, because it meant this encounter was unlike anything either of them had ever experienced. He wasn’t alone in the newness.

Planting his feet firmly on the floor, he bucked upward, meeting her next descending plunge. Her eyes opened wide, then rolled back in her head, her mouth falling open on a deep groan. Prying her hands from his chest, he interwove their fingers, locking his elbows so she could use his strength to help her thrust. She stared down at him, her brown eyes so wide and expressive, and chanted his name with every stroke, over and over again like a mantra. An erotic melody.


Another climax hit her, and she screamed, impaling herself on his cock, burying him inside her as deeply as he could possibly go. Her inner muscles rippled around him, narrowing an already snug channel even further, and the pleasure that had been building in his groin swelled to a dangerous level. It was as if he teetered on the edge of a cliff, the suction of her body luring him to take the jump.

Jump he did, plunging headlong into bliss.

His release was violent, bordering on painful, the pleasure slamming through his body leaving him helpless and trembling in its wake. Jessie held him through it, her arms a safe haven during the storm, her lips a comfort, her whispered words a soothing balm to his shattered senses.

“Hold me, George.”

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