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cooltext129748819578231 Just Desserts – Gail Kogar

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Talree’s nimble fingers made short work of my shirt and bra. His hands roved over me with a wild hunger.

“Can’t we talk about this?” His sharp teeth scored my nipples and I fought to squelch a whimper as he created an exquisite torment almost too much to bear.

In a low, guttural voice, Talree said, “Talk later.”

The fog of arousal intensified. Later?  “But – “

Talree dropped his shields and I felt his beast. It’s horrific rage beat at me. It was so hungry. Its need to kill was overwhelming. There would be no mercy. The beast would eat anything in its path. Including me.

“You are my anchor. Deny me and I become an unstoppable monster.”

A cold fear lodged in my stomach. Talree was very close to breaking. The beast had to be defeated now or it would travel back to Earth and do what the Tai-Kok hadn’t yet accomplished. Kill every living soul. I couldn’t let that happen. I was a Siren and it was my job to protect Earth no matter what the cost. Talree was already embedded in my head and I wasn’t sure I could live without him. Talk about a rock and a hard place. I took a deep breath and sealed my fate. “I accept your claim.”

 With a triumphant roar, his mouth ravished mine.

My brain turned to mush and my body caught fire. I couldn’t get enough of the way he felt. His muscles rippled and bunched beneath my touch. The brush of his lips was dangerously erotic as he branded every inch of my skin.

“I will kill anyone who tries to take you from me,” Talree rumbled in my head.

Yikes. “Easy big guy, I’m not going anywhere.” Hopefully, it was the beast talking. Time to get the show on the road before it broke loose. Since my only sexual experience was some heavy petting in the backseat of a car, I went with what I had read in romance novels.

I trailed my fingers down his stomach and felt a slit in his abdomen. Well that was kind of freaky. I twisted around for a better look and my eyes bugged when I saw his man part slide out. That gargantuan monster was never going to fit and holy hell! “Ah, excuse me, but are those tentacles?”


I won’t freak out. I won’t freak out. Running suddenly seemed like a really good idea, if I wasn’t pinned down by three hundred pounds of pure muscle. “You, um, come equipped with your own sex toy?”

Talree released my nipple with a wet pop. “Toy?”

 Oh hell. I had forgotten the cardinal rule my brothers had drilled into my head. Never, ever make fun of a guy’s penis. “I’m just a bit overwhelmed at the size of your, um, equipment and surprised at the, ah, differences between a human male’s penis and yours.”

The tentacles waved merrily at me.

I politely waved back.

cooltext129750505189949Spring Training – Roz Lee

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It was disconcerting to think that at his age his body could still overrule his brain, but watching the woman he loved submit willingly to another woman had driven him past the edge of sanity.

The woman guided her to bend over the same table as before. Giving her a pillow to hug to her chest, she adjusted Brooke’s breasts beneath her until the slave indicated she had found a comfortable position.

With tender care he’d yet to receive from the madam, the woman applied lube to Brooke’s pussy. He thought he might go mad. Forbidden to touch what was his, he watched as another prepared Brooke as if she were a virgin sacrifice.

Perhaps she was. The woman on the makeshift altar wasn’t the same one he arrived with tonight. She’d changed. Watching her accept the gentle ministrations of the other woman was proof enough. Her face turned toward him, her expression serene as Mistress Lola swept stray strands of pale blonde hair from her face. The Mistress leaned in, whispered something that brought a small smile to Brooke’s lips.

Mistress Lola straightened. Crooking her fingers at him, she beckoned him closer. His cock led the way, pulling him toward the heaven waiting for him. The sadistic woman stepped between him and the only goal in his life at that moment.

He snarled at her. “Out of my way.”

She grabbed his dick, freezing him to the spot with the cold lube in her palm. “One second, stud. She’s wet, but you’re big. I won’t take any chances with her.”

He appreciated her concern, but need clawed at him. “I’d never hurt her.”

“Not on purpose.” Her hand swirled around, worked up and down his length. “This is just a precaution. Remember what I said. Make it good for her, or you’ll answer to me.” With that, she stepped back.

There was nothing between him and Brooke’s pussy. He closed the distance, taking her hips in his hands. The head of his cock found her entrance. “Brooke, baby. I need you.”

“Please, Master. Fuck me.”

Forgetting about their audience, he silently counted to three before pushing inside her. He watched his length disappear inside her tight sheath one slow, torturous inch at a time. Sweat broke out on his brow. As his groin pressed against her striped ass, he let out a groan. It took everything he had to hold still, to let her adjust to him. Nearly two weeks had passed since he’d been inside her. He vowed then and there to never let that happen again.

A few days, maybe, but weeks? Never again.

“You okay, babe?”

“Yes, Master.” She pushed back against him, taking him impossibly deeper. “Fuck me hard, please.”

Hard. He could do that. Did you hear her, Mistress? She wants it hard.

He hated to pull out of her, but prior experience told him the effort would be rewarded. His memory didn’t disappoint. She felt almost as good when he retreated as she did when he drove back into her hard enough his balls slapped her clit. He saw stars, but her voice proclaiming him a god was enough for him.

She met him, thrust for thrust. Rising to brace herself on her forearms, she was everything he’d ever wanted—fearless, brave, sexy, submissive, but not without a sense of self. She gave herself completely to him, but there was more to their coupling. While she gave, she demanded he give to her in return. Her body spoke to his. “Give. Give me all you’ve got. Make me yours.”

He answered her demands with unspoken ones of his own. Take me. Take all I am. You’re mine. I’m yours.

Every stroke inside her was a homecoming. He knew the feel of her, knew the familiar scent of her that made his nostrils flare. He’d wear that scent on him forever if he could as a reminder she was his. He would mark her with his scent, so every male who came near her would know she was taken.

“Fill me,” she begged, her soft lips imploring him over her slim shoulder. “Flood me, Master.”

Fuck. He was going to flood her all right, but only if she milked it out of him. She would come first—he’d have it no other way. “Touch yourself, babe. Come for me.”

The moment her fingers made contact with her clit, her body quaked. Pressing one palm into the small of her back, he held her hip steady with his other hand. He ground his pelvis against her ass and let her body take what it wanted from him.

He bent over her, felled by the spasms wrenching cum from his dick. She gave everything. She took everything.

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19 responses to “#SSceneC2015 : Gail Kogar @askolevs Roz Lee @Iwriteromance

  1. I honestly don’t believe Gail kogers writing can be beaten. She doesn’t just capture interest on the physical scene but on the characters mental/emotional reasoning as well. Terrific!

  2. Eliane

    I hope Gail Koger will win this contest. I discovered her saga Coletti Warriors ( Just my luck, Vexing Voss,, Reality Bites, Just Desserts). The stories are so fun and interestîng ne cause these heroines are strongwilled, féminine and funny.
    And better be, cause their men are big, sexy and hot alien.

  3. Barbara Wynn-Collier

    Gail Koger is awesome. Her books are among my favorites of all time. The Colletti warriors make me happy.

  4. Sula

    The Colletti Warriors is one my favorite series of Gail’s, together with the humor and tentacles 🙂

  5. Laura Warren

    Gail Koger and Colletti Warriors wins everytime with me. There’s humor in her books that always has me laughing.

  6. Chris

    Love Gail Kogers series I’ve read them all about 5 or 6 times they are my go to feel good books and they never disappoint.

  7. Deborah Hogue

    Gail’s stories involve you from beginning to end. They let you see the characters whole persona as in 3D . They also let you get involved in the world she has created. Love, them and can’t wait for the next one.

  8. Michelle Gorby

    I love Gail Kogers’ Just Desserts. I can’t wait for her next book to come out. Her books are my favorites to read again and again.

  9. Mary Jennifer Tye

    I came across your books and have loved them. They have made me laugh and learn to love the characters so much. I especially have laughed and loved when her characters are going at each other. She makes it so fun and believably real. It have read her books over and over and even after eight to ten reading of them they still make me laugh….leaving hard time awaiting new stories! Keep writing!!!!!!!!!

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