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cooltext129748819578231Kitty, Kitty, Bang, Bang – Harlowe Wilde

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“Jack me off, Reilly,” he ordered.

The demand thrilled her, slick need pooling in her panties. Her hand snaked down the expanse of his chest, over the ridges of his abs, and under his boxer briefs. She toyed with the thatch of tiny hairs, drawing her nails through his bristly flesh.

“Now, Reilly.” His urgency matched hers.

She tugged his briefs down just enough to freely caress his velvet smooth dick. Slow at first, she pumped the length of his cock, rolling her index finger over the rib of his crown.

He squeezed her neck, his stare boring into her, not wavering. “Harder.”

She smiled, only more than happy to oblige. Increasing pressure, she swore she could feel the blood pumping through his rod against her palm.

Grant leaned his forehead against hers, his stormy blue eyes clouded. Faster his breaths came, faster she performed, drawing the skin up and down. His cock jerked, his eyes closed. Gnashing his teeth, he threw his head back and groaned on his release. She loved it when he controlled her while she controlled his orgasm.

Reilly quickly closed her hand over his spewing cap, capturing the cum.

When he opened his eyes, she licked his salty cream from the heel of her hand to the tip of her finger.

“Fuck,” he said, as she sucked her finger into her mouth. “You are so hot.”

They were just words, but coming from Grant, in that tone he used when they cuddled under the stars on some exotic beach or ancient city rooftop, she melted, just a little. Another brick in her defenses crumbled. Hope speared through the crust of her heart once again.

No. She mustn’t let him get to her. She mustn’t wither in his arms and believe in a lie of love long dead.

“Your turn.”

“Yes, please.” It was just sex. And sex with Grant was paramount. Reilly’s panties were thoroughly drenched for him. “Fuck me.”

His lips coiled. “Nuh-uh. Not me. You.” He reminded her with gentle pressure he still held her in place by her throat. “Touch yourself.”

A fresh rush of tremors tingled in her pussy. She tried to smile, but it proved to be too much. Reilly reached under her pants to her wet folds. Smooth, swollen lips throbbed, her core thrumming violently. She slickened her fingers with her cream and drew circles around her nub. Grant gripped tighter, making it impossible to inhale a full breath. The lack of oxygen, the inhibited blood flow, propelling her to greater heights.

“Faster, babe.”

She hardly heard his command over her jagged breaths. Yet, faster she rubbed. Up and over her folds, sporadically tapping her button.

“Look at me. Reilly, open your eyes and look at me.”

Her eyes fluttered open. His hooded sapphires buried deep into her soul. So deep, she felt their turbulence battering her mound, as if he, too, fingered her clit. She inserted a finger, then another, rocking her hips up, riding them, dragging her fingers over her bead, and back inside again. Over and over.

His mouth parted, panting. “That’s right. Fuck yourself.” She was doing all the glorious work, and he was enjoying it as much as she.

Dizzy, her eyesight blurred. Darkness built in the corners of her peripheral and closed in quickly with the rise of the ever-nearing climax. One more thrust, curl, drag and she burst. Blackness shuttered her vision.

Grant let go of her wrist and slapped her face just hard enough to keep her from passing out. Her head whipped to the side and when she looked back to Grant, he ravished her in a primal kiss. Involuntarily—or maybe not—she wrapped her arms around his neck, giving in to his roaming tongue.

Coming up for air, he rasped, “That was amazing.”

Her head swam. It was the most epic, erotic non-sex with Grant she had ever experienced. And, damn, she was exhausted.

So much for using Grant’s weakness against him. Her plan definitely back-fired.

He grunted, letting his head fall back, and cursed to the ceiling. “Why do you have to make this so hard?” he mumbled, planting a fist to the wall.

Maybe her plan hadn’t backfired after all. She smoothed her hands down his pecs, plates of steel flexing under her caress. She leaned in and licked the valley between his magnificent chest muscles. “Mmm, I enjoy making you hard.”

He chuckled. “You always could.” He crooked a finger under her chin and lifted her face to gaze into her eyes. “Just one look at you turns me on.”

“That’s a funny thing to say considering you want to kill me.”

“Hired to kill you,” he corrected.

“Isn’t that the same? You took the job, didn’t you?”

cooltext129750505189949Lonely Shore – Jenn Burke & Kelly Jenson 

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Felix sucked on Zed’s lower lip, pulling it out before releasing it. Nipping the same lip, he closed his fingers around Zed’s erection. Zed’s eyelids fluttered down and his head dropped back with a soft thump. The smart fibers in Zed’s pants were working overtime, combating the heat emanating from his cock and the friction of Felix’s hand. The fabric twitched beneath his fingers, smoothing as he applied pressure. Zed groaned, the sound oddly breathy for being so deep.

Standing up on his toes, Felix made a bid for Zed’s mouth again. He started at his ear, tonguing the lobe, the dark hollow, then kissed his way along Zed’s jaw. “Let me make you feel good,” he whispered.

“You always make me feel good.”

Felix tasted his lips. “Then let me help you forget everything. Just for a while.” If Zed was going to go blank, it would be because Felix had sent him over the edge. Snagging his fingers in Zed’s belt, Felix tugged him away from the wall and encouraged him to turn around. “Hands on the wall.”

“Sir, yes sir.”

Felix could hear the smile in Zed’s voice. Moving in behind him, Felix ground forward, thrusting the aching hardness at his groin into Zed’s firm buttocks. His quarters were on the other side of engineering. A bed, lube, a door with a lock that would hold the rest of the galaxy at bay for long enough. The thrill of the more public space had caught him, though. He wanted to fight the fear knotting his gut with adventure, a hint of danger.

He pulled at the zipper on Zed’s pants and barely waited for it to ease down before tucking his fingers inside the placket. He traced the ridge of Zed’s cock, root to tip, and thumbed the damp spot on his shorts. “Already?”

With a groan, Zed rocked his hips, thrusting into Felix’s fingers. “Are you going to tease me, or get me off?”

“Tease.” Felix coasted his palm up and down the warm, fabric-covered length.


“So they always say.” Felix snapped his hips forward again, enjoying the frustration of being trapped in his own pants—and the way Zed’s cock pushed into his palm. Then he eased the waistband of Zed’s shorts down and wrapped his fingers around silky hot skin. Took a turn at groaning.

Zed hissed something that might have been a word. Sounded more like a groan. Felix extracted his hand for long enough to spit in his palm, then reached around to grab Zed’s cock again. He grasped the base, hand nesting in the folds of fabric. After a squeeze, he stroked upward, swiped his thumb over the head, collecting the bead of moisture he found there, and stroked down again. Repeat without the rinse. Again and again. Zed’s hips bumped forward and back. His groans echoed off the scarred metal bulkhead. Felix met every thrust with his hand and hips, grinding into Zed’s buttocks. He was going to make a mess in his pants. He didn’t care.

Heat spread beneath his fingers. Zed’s cock jerked as it hardened further. Felix squeezed and Zed’s breath hitched. Felix pressed his thumb to the slit again. Ringed his fingers just beneath the glans and gave a subtle twist. Stroked down to where Zed’s balls were caught in the press of fabric. Up again. Thrust forward, imagining himself buried inside his lover, the dark heat and exquisite pressure.

Zed climaxed with a shudder. His cock stiffened and jerked, warmth spilling across Felix’s fingers and no doubt making a mess of the wall. A grunt bounced back, a soft and strangled sound. Felix used Zed’s release to slick his palm, and kept stroking, driving his hips forward until friction and the press of Zed’s ass got him to the same point. He gripped Zed’s cock and held on while he came, shuddering and gasping. With his pants still securely fastened, his climax almost hurt, but the hint of pain seemed to drive the point of his pleasure higher. When his knees threatened to buckle, he curled his fingers into Zed’s flesh and held on just a bit tighter.

Zed whimpered quietly in response. Felix pressed his forehead between Zed’s shoulder blades and breathed in the funk of sweat and sex that the smart fibers hadn’t had a chance to deal with yet. As he came down from his high, the scent of Zed wrapped him in a warm embrace. Felix breathed deeply, as if he could gather the scent, store it somewhere inside him.

He let go of Zed’s softening cock and wrapped his hand around his torso. Hugged him from behind and rejected the idea he needed to store any of him. Zed was right there, right in front of him. As long as he had that, they didn’t really need to talk, did they?

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