#SSceneC2015 : Isabel Winsor @IsabelWinsor vs Kate Meader @kittymeader

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cooltext129748819578231 Even the Score – Kate Meader

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He yanked open the door of a pickup he must have borrowed from the ranch, one of those older models with a bench seat, and slid into the passenger seat. In two seconds, he had her settled in his lap with her back to his chest. Hot, ragged breaths teased her ear, ratcheting up her desire.“Hunter, how are we…?” Going to have hot pickup truck sex in this position? She had never done this…any of it.

A shiver cascaded down her spine at the touch of his fingertips to her neck. He undid her halter and pushed down her bra, spilling her breasts free over the strap-free cups.

You trust me?”

Yes.” Completely, no hesitation. It should have surprised her to even think it, never mind say it with such certainty. But in Hunter’s hands she felt safe and secure, especially when the hands were used so well. Those large callused palms dwarfed her ample breasts and roughened her nipples to sharp, painful points.

Fold your feet up on either side of me and lean forward, Tess.”

Stowing away the bothersome notion that he had clearly done this before, she placed her hands on the dash, tucked her legs up, and inclined her body to give him the room he needed. This was good. Taking her from behind was hot, but it was also less personal, and she could hide her heart as it beat her unmistakable want in her eyes. Caught between her bone-deep need for this connection and preserving a fragile grip on her sanity, she would gladly take this compromise.

She had no choice.

The hard evidence of his readiness created an irresistibly tempting pressure against her butt. With wanton slowness, she rolled up her skirt and exposed her bare ass. She heard his harsh intake of breath, and the auditory confirmation of what she did to him made her wetter.

Have you been walkin’ around all afternoon like that, Tess?”

I’ve been driving around like that and getting my detoxifying seaweed wrap like that and learning to dance country like that.”

You sassin’ me?”

She smiled. It did come out a touch impertinent. More wondrous sounds filled the cab. The tear of a condom wrapper, the male grunt as he rolled it on. And then:


What the—? That did not just happen.

Hunter Dade slapped her ass!

Indignation demanded she protest but also had the effect of locking her voice up as tight as bark on a tree. The words were still climbing her throat when he did it again, and this time the sting traveled a straight line to her aching clit.

You remember what I said on my wedding day, Tess? About how the next time I saw you, I’d put you over my knee?”

She moaned, the sound resonating and expanding in the cab of the pickup. Not being able to see him, only hearing his graveled voice was a whole other level of turn on. He was an exotic stranger who had bundled his captive in his vehicle to have his wicked way with her. But slapping her ass? Surely, her erotic enjoyment of this went against every feminist principle she claimed to have.

Never mind the weird fact he was linking this illicit action to a day they both preferred forgotten.

He palmed her ass, soothing the sting, and…slapped again. “Remember, Tess? Remember how mad I was?”

Yes!” This was a thousand kinds of wrong. He was interrogating her about his fucked up wedding day while he spanked her for fucking it up and, mother of God, she was loving every fucking second of it. He massaged her butt cheek and moved his thumb down the cleft of her ass. She lifted off him an inch or two to give him better access and because she needed him there, right there, please, there. But he yanked her back and sank two long fingers deep inside her.

Pleasure roared through her, plucking at every last nerve. With a slow, insistent tempo, his fingers pumped her toward ecstasy.

And still he talked about that day. “I was so fucking angry with you.” He circled her clit with the fingers he had soaked in her juices and with his other hand squeezed her nipple roughly. So. Damn. Good. Her moans turned high-pitched. Sawing her plump folds against his hand, she grasped the dash for dear life. The thought of how she must look to him, thighs spread wide, rutting on him, spun her pleasure higher toward blistering orgasm.

I wanted to punish you for interfering.” He moved his hand away from her throbbing clit, which right now was the worst punishment she could think of.


Second worst.

I’m sorry I ruined everything, Hunter.” She meant it, every word. She was sorry for her part in it. She was sorry she broke his heart. Now shut up about it and keep doing that thing you do.

Apology. Not. Accepted.” He gripped her waist with his coarse hands, their skin roughened from building fences and climbing out of the dirt. From becoming the magnificent man he was. With a powerful thrust, he impaled her on his rigid shaft and filled her completely.

Holding her inches above his strong thighs, he fucked her thoroughly from below. Fully in control, his mastery of her blew her away and blew every inhibition out of the water. There would be fingertip-shaped dents in the pickup’s dash before they were through, and in her ass from his commanding hold on her flesh.

The quivering of her thigh muscles and the spiraling pleasure in her belly told her that orgasm was imminent. Any second now. It just needed one more— Ohhh, he pulled her flush against him and lodged his cock so deep, so tight that she wondered how they could ever part.

She wondered how she could ever want to.

You see, that day, you set me free,” he rasped in her ear.

cooltext129750505189949Stay With Me – Isabel Windsor

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Speer pinched the waistband of her sheer panties and then released it with a snap. “I want these off,” he growled in her ear. His hand came down on her ass cheek and she hitched up on the balls of her feet from the sting.

She pulled the panties down her hips before working them over her boots.

“Where do you want them?” she asked, holding them in offering.

He held out his hand. “On the floor, on all fours,” he ordered.

She did and he was immediately on her, his thighs pressed against the backs of hers. His knees came between hers, opening her wide for him.

“Yes, yes,” she whispered.

Speer stuffed pillows under her tummy, supporting her hips.

“Open your mouth,” he said. She did and he stuffed her panties inside.

“There now. Are you comfortable now?”

She nodded. He felt the power and pleasure uncurl inside him. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “If you want to stop, hold up the two fingers on your right hand. Okay?”

Speer ran his hand down her back, the feel of her soft warmth easing the burn in his cock. She nodded.

“Good.” He slipped his fingers between her slick folds, parting her inner lips.

“So beautiful,” he crooned. She shivered when he licked her inner thigh.

He didn’t know what the hell he was thinking when he traced the beautiful line of her labia with the tip of his tongue. His plan for a slow, savoring of her unraveled with each swipe through her ripe, sweetness. He sucked her burning flesh between his lips, his moans of pleasure joining with hers.

She pushed her cunt against his hungry mouth and he ate at her, lapping and sucking and whispering filth against her swollen folds.

He drove his fingers into her cunt in one hard, demanding thrust. She cried out with shock and excitement. His rough invasion found her warm and slick. On a long groan, her head fell forward.

“My pretty girl is getting close isn’t she,” he asked, working his fingers in and out of her.

Her groan told him yes. She shoved her hips back, asking for more. He closed his eyes, reveling in the sound of her wetness, the clench of her inner muscles around his fingers.

“You’re ready to come all over my face,” he hissed in her ear, unrelenting in the brutal rhythm.

“Mmm,” she managed.

He pulled free of her and she pushed her hips back, hungry for more.

“No more for you,” he said. “Turn around.”

His cock ached in the most frustrating and delicious way as she slowly turned on her hands and knees to face him.

Hold on a little longer, he thought. Wait for me.

Her eyes begged him for more. But he merely grinned and told her, “Undress me. Show me you really want this.”

When she undid his fly and zipper, he narrowed his eyes. “I should take a photo of you like this.”

Her eyes widened with surprise as an intense heat of having a photo of her like this flared over his skin.

“Just for me,” he whispered. “Would you let me have that?”

Regina reached out and placed her hand on his chest. His heart beat hard against skin and bone. She nodded that for him, she would do it. His chest expanded with a long breath.

“You would, huh? I’ll have to remember that next time.”

Regina tenderly pulled off his shirt, running her hands up his sides and under his arms. When she placed the shirt on the floor beside her, he stood so she could pull down his pants and underwear. When she revealed him, she sat back on her heels.

God, she was beautiful. She met his gaze without any embarrassment or demands. She was so giving. She would actually let him capture her image, trusting that he would hold it sacred.

Even though she was in the subservient position, with her panties in her mouth and having been licked and sucked by him, he was the one who was humbled. Something pulled in his chest.

When he didn’t throw himself on her, she leaned back and spread her thighs.

He cleared his throat. “Giving me a hint, are you?” he asked. Her smile curved up, endearingly lopsided; her eyes sparkling with mischief.

His eyes latched onto the sliver of pink between her legs. His cock needed her body’s embrace and leapt as he took in the beads of her essence caught in her fine dark hairs.

“Remove your panties and come here,” he said, reaching for her glass of water.

She pulled the gag from her lips. “I had a feeling that would work.”

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