#SSceneC2015 : Jillian Neal @jilliannealauth vs Holley Trent @holleytrent

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cooltext129748819578231Jillian Neal – Gypsy Heat

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“You know, all of this talk about being proper makes me want to do something naughty,” she whispered in Grady’s right ear. He spun to stare into her dark eyes.

“Does it, angel?” His voice rumbled from deep in his chest as several ideas sprang to the forefront of his mind. He didn’t have any condoms on the ship, but that sure as hell didn’t mean he couldn’t give her some love and get her off.

She gave him a slow, sexy nod and dug her hand into the back pocket of the cutoffs she was wearing. When she pulled a condom out, Grady was concerned his shuddered groan of elation was audible to the decks below.

After making certain they were secure, he drew her body into his and laid siege to her lips with his own. She opened her mouth, coaxed his tongue inside, and began to suck. He jerked away. Time was of the essence. “You’re making me hard, angel.” Grasping her backside, he rocked her body against his rapidly stiffening cock. “You gonna take care of that for me?”

Another slow, sexy nod. She kept her onyx eyes locked on his as her hand caressed his zipper line.

“You have to be quiet for me, angel.”

Her body shuddered and her breaths sped as a slight moan escaped her.

“I said quiet.”

With that he spun her back to his chest and edged her to the far starboard side of the bridge, out of sight of anyone that might try to see what was going on from a vantage point below.

“So needy aren’t you, angel? You hurt for me don’t you?”

“Oh God, yes!” she gasped and rocked her sexy little ass against the fierce bulge of his cock.

“I’m gonna make it all better.” Reaching around her waist, he unsnapped the shorts and lowered them before he grasped the tie sides of the bikini bottom and did away with it altogether. He let a low growl hum in her ear. The back of the body chain dipped low. A tantalizing little butterfly charm sparkled at the top of her backside, making his mouth water and his cock throb fiercely. “So fucking sexy, angel. You drive me wild.”

She pitched back against him as he toyed with the charm.

He brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked them to provide her sweet little clit some lubrication until he made her body weep for him. When they were wet, he gently traced between her folds back and forth, making her desperate for more. “Feels so good when I touch you, doesn’t it, angel?”

A breathy moan escaped her as her body swayed between his and the wall. His improvisation on lube had been unnecessary. She was already saturated with the idea of him taking her here when they could be caught. “So nice and wet for me. You know you need it don’t you? Need me to open you up and take what’s mine? You need my cock don’t you?”

“Now,” she fought to keep her commands to breathy whispers.

“God, I like you greedy, angel. Such a good girl.” He speared his fingers deep in her channel, making her frantic for more. She leaned forward and ground her body against his hand. So fucking greedy it drove him wild. When her abdomen began to quake he leaned in, forcing the orgasm from her. Another moan and he knew she was going to give them away. Gently, he placed his left hand over her mouth. “Quiet, angel. You have to be quiet for me.”

When she was only panting and no longer making audible sound, he pulled both of his hands away. “Hold onto that wall for me.” Unsnapping his jeans and lowering his boxers enough to get the job done, he sheathed his cock. He returned his hand to her mouth, gently reminding her not to make a sound as he began to pump her full of him. “You want it? You take it all for me.”

She arched her back, giving him deeper access, and he was the one that almost growled out his pleasure and alerted the whole damn boat to what they were doing.

He kept his hand locked on her mouth but brought the other back to her clitoris and strummed it rhythmically.

When her body cinched tight around him, he was set to detonate. He pounded into her hard and unrelenting. “Come for me, angel. I’ll take you again tonight. I’ll make you scream for me. I’ll bring you over and over again, I promise, but for now, come for me like a good girl.”

Her moan hummed against his hand as she obeyed. Her body tugged against his cock, pulling his release from deep within his balls. His entire body tensed as he filled the condom, and she collapsed back against him, letting her head loll on his shoulder as her body continued to shudder.

cooltext129750505189949Holley Trent – One in Waiting 

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Whenever Leary thrust hard, the spikes from Emilie’s pinwheel went more deeply into Ren’s flesh, creating electric prickles that had Ren clenching around Leary and gasping like a scandalized church lady. Just when he started to anticipate the pain—the sharp sparks—she eased off on the pressure, and danced it along his back and arms, soft as a butterfly’s feet landing again and again.

Harder, then softer. Sharp, then ticklish. Leary had his rhythm, and Emilie had her own apart from it.

“Fuck, wouldn’t mind being in a sandwich right now,” Ren said. He’d changed his mind. He’d do anything for relief. He just had to be inside her the way Leary was inside him. He’d figure out a way to concentrate—to make it good for everyone.

There was so much sensation all at once. Delectable woman against his cheek, so close to his lips and tongue; Leary’s strong fingers digging into Ren’s hips, his thick cock driving again and again and causing that delirium-inducing pleasure to mount; Emilie’s pinwheel on him, and then—

A hard tug to his hair pulled him up onto his hands. Whose tug? Leary’s? No, his hands were still on Ren’s hips. His rhythm hardly faltered. Emilie’s tug. She kept those long, elegant fingers twined in his hair, and then the fingers of her other hand were at his lips.

“Open your mouth, Mr. Ardent.”

Of course he did, and nearly blew his load without even being touched. Her fingers tasted of the salty tang of woman, and he licked off every trace of it, sucking her fingers as if they were her clit, her slit.

He whimpered as she pulled them free, knowing he sounded pathetic, but didn’t care.

She renewed her grip on his hair and tugged him closer. His lips brushed against soft hair and womanly folds, and before he could even think to flick out his tongue, Leary reached beneath him and put a vise-like grip on Ren’s cock.

He pulled it away from Ren’s body as if it were a wagon handle, stretching the skin nearly to the point of pain, and taking his nuts along for the ride. It was as if he were holding it out for inspection as he plowed into Ren, for which Emilie had no response beyond another yank of his hair and colliding her pussy with his nose.

“Let me lick you. Please.”

She let go of his hair, and his head dropped to the mattress. Leary capitalized on Ren’s new position by nudging his knees farther apart and thrusting into Ren all the way to the base so his jean-covered legs slapped against the backs of his thighs. That pressure built and built, as dozens of flexible fingers glided across the top of his back. Tickling, and then—

“Would you like to be flogged, Mr. Ardent?”

Anything, just—”

The soft fingers came down against his shoulder blades, not painful, but surprising. Just another dimension of sensation. Then it came down again, and again, the strands whistling as she took up speed, and his breaths catching as his brain lost sense of the rhythm.

He couldn’t see, and there was Leary behind him—inside himand Emilie beside him, smelling so damned good and doing that thing to his back in such an unpredictable manner that—


Leary’s tugs on Ren’s cock started the avalanche of twitching, convulsing, breathless coming. He could hardly get it out fast enough, however fast it was. He’d thought he die if he kept it in, the heat in his belly so intense from Leary’s continuing pressure against his prostate, his head so floaty from disorientation due to the continuing bombardment.

Emilie’s strikes slowed, but Leary’s thrusts were harder. He let go of Ren’s cock and gripped his hips in that punishing way again. “So, that’s how you like to play, huh?” Leary asked, driving himself in deep in short, fast thrusts.

Ren wasn’t sure how to answer or even if he should answer. His body was quaking with spasms, his lungs still trying to draw in breath.

“Answer him, Mr. Ardent.” Emilie stopped flogging, but there were her fingers at his lips again.

He sucked them in greedily and nodded. “Yes. Yes.”

Leary thrust again, and again, grunting, then shouting he came, sending his hot load into Ren, and then bending over him to catch his breath.

Emilie tugged her fingers, and only then did Ren realize he’d bitten them, though probably not all that hard. He nudged up the blindfold. “Shit. I’m sorry.”

Her expression was coolly unaffected as she loosened the ties of the blindfold. “I knew the risks of doing it. It’s not something I’d punish you for. At least, not the first time.”

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