#SSceneC2015 : Kat Latham (@KatrinaLatham ) vs Cari Quinn @cariquinn & Taryn Elliott @tarynelliottfic

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cooltext129748819578231Taming the Legend – Kat Latham

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 Ash yanked his wallet from his trouser pocket and tossed a condom on the bed. After getting rid of his own clothes, he nudged Camila’s legs apart and kneeled between them. All he could do was stare. And breathe, but even that took effort. The beauty of Camila naked, disheveled and spread out before him was almost more than he could take.

Her hand fluttered over her tummy, covering a scar that he assumed was from her C-section and giving him a hesitant look. “Why are you stopping?”

“Because I can’t believe you’re even more beautiful than I remembered.” She’d always been a beacon of loveliness in his mind. After he’d grown up and gained experience with more women, he’d decided his memories of Camila were rosy-tinged because she’d been his first. But he’d been wrong. She might not have been as toned or gorgeous as some of his partners, but she took his breath away like no one else ever had.

She sat up, her legs widespread and draped over his thighs. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her onto his lap. She sifted her fingers through his hair and tugged just enough to make the pleasure border on pain. “You’re not supposed to say those things to me.”

Right. She wanted dirty talk so she wouldn’t fall in love with him. “Fine. I’ll tell you this instead. You make me harder than anyone else I’ve been with. When I look at you, all I can think about is how much I want you. You’ve got a smart mouth and I want it all over me. And if you don’t like the things I say to you, you’d better find another way to shut me up because I held myself back from you before and look where it got us. I learned wisdom through tears, Camila. They may not have been my own, but that only makes them hurt me more.”

Her eyes glistened, and he hated himself for pushing her so hard. She wasn’t ready to hear the truth. She wasn’t ready to cope with his feelings. But he couldn’t cope with letting her fool herself into thinking he was just here for sex. He wasn’t and never had been.

“Damn you,” she whispered a split second before attacking him with that smart mouth of hers.


Kissing didn’t describe how she touched him. She ravaged him, tried to consume him. Fury and desire swirled into a great, dark mess inside her, confusing her and spurring her on to make him lose his mind the way he made her lose hers. She gripped his head and smashed herself against him, gripping him with her legs, her arms, and everything in between. He met her plunge for plunge and groaned into her mouth like a man completely undone.

His erection grew between them. She marveled at it. Either her memory had diminished him over time or he hadn’t finished developing when she’d known him before. Whatever the reason, he was bigger than she’d remembered. All of him—bigger, stronger, bolder, harder. The sight of him made her want to give him everything. The touch of him made that feeling double in size. And the things he said to her? Maddening. No one had ever said those things before.

But their power came from more than novelty. It came from him. From the fact that he was the one saying them. The first man to teach her she was worthy of respect. The first man to destroy her. Her first lesson in love and loss and agony and regret.

She kissed him and writhed against him. His hands slid down to her ass, his fingertips teasing places that made her squirm and gasp for air.

“I want you, Mila. All of you. Everything you are, I want.” He pressed openmouthed kisses along the sensitive line of her throat, down to her collarbone. She would’ve raised herself to her knees so he could reach her nipples, but her legs had liquefied and wouldn’t hold her. His erection pressed so hard against her softest spots, the pressure bordered on pain. Her heavy head fell back as he rubbed against her, outside her body but inside her in all the ways she didn’t want him to be. Resurrecting that place in her heart he’d carved out for himself so long ago. The one he’d left barren when he hadn’t written back. The one he’d started to reoccupy despite her best efforts to evict him.

“Ride me, sweetness,” he whispered against the hollow behind her ear, his rough, shaking voice making her vibrate in all the right spots. “Take whatever you need from me. I’ll give it to you. Everything.”

Desire exploded, supernova bright and so fucking hot she lost all control. Her voice no longer belonged to her. Her body was no longer hers to command. She cried out in agonized relief and held him tightly when he tackled her to the mattress, rolled the condom down his thick cock and pushed inside her. He filled her so full the ache built up again before the waves of orgasm had completely died down. Before she knew it, she squirmed against the sheets, desperate to get more and more of him. He gripped her hips and thrust so hard her whole body inched higher up the bed until she nudged the headboard. Shifting his knees back, he yanked her back down, impaling her on him in a spine-tingling, toe-curling move that had her coming again, harder this time, harder than ever before.

And as he pumped into her one last time, held her groin tight against his and shuddered with his own release, she realized something she should’ve thought of before.

Dirty talk wouldn’t have protected her heart. Nothing would have. She was desperate and doomed because this man tempted her to believe in things she knew were lies. Fairy tales and big dreams didn’t come true for girls like her. Knights didn’t exist in her world, and shining armor tarnished quickly. Fair maidens had to save themselves.

But when destruction felt this good, why would she want to be saved?

cooltext129750505189949Consumed – Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott  

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Surf hissed and bubbled around Simon’s calves until he shifted against Margo for stability and heard the song he was looking for.

The thready groan of capitulation ending in his name.

He pressed his shaft along her center and she arched her shoulders for him to move, giving permission for more. He pushed up the shirt and groaned at the bikini top that could barely hold in her magnificent breasts. He tongued under the string that linked the triangles, tasting Margo and salt. Her honeysuckle scent tinged with ocean and cocoa butter made things even worse.

He could simply eat her alive on a good day. Now that she was every single scent and taste he loved, he only had one objective.

To add his own.

He slowly rolled up the cup with his nose and tongue. The need to rush from before faded into the shadows and lapping water. He wanted all of her.

Her nails nipped into his shoulders as he kept the material right under her nipple and laved over the heaviest part of her breast with patience. His thumbs made gentle circles at her hip bones and his hips lightly pulsed between hers.

If he touched her right now, if he pushed aside her bikini bottoms, she’d be wet for him. And the moment he felt the silky glide of her pussy, he’d be lost to her. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from sliding inside her.

It had only been a handful of days since he’d tasted her, but it felt like so much longer. Like a lifeblood he hadn’t realized was missing, he drew on her. She arched under his mouth, pushing herself against him.

He dragged her knees higher against his ribs until she hooked her ankles at his lower back.

Fuck, yes.

He wanted to growl it against her neck. He wanted to make any noise to let her know just how goddamn good it was to touch her, but he couldn’t. His silence was as oppressive as the night rolling in.

He pushed it aside and concentrated on her. On what he could do. She was under him…finally. Her open, welcoming arms and biting teeth were more important than his voiceless state.

The ties at her hip were too much to resist. He yanked one free and she sighed under his mouth.

“Yes. Yes, please. Inside me. I need you inside me.”

The triangle of black material slid to the side and he quickly pulled at his own drawstring. He dragged the head of his cock over her drenched folds and a groan started from his belly.

She grabbed his jaw and dragged him to line up with her face. “No. No talking. Talk with your body, Simon. Tell me how much you want me with your…” She trailed off.

He smiled and caught her lower lip with his teeth. He stared her down. He wasn’t going to take this half assed dirty talk. He wanted it all.

Her eyes glittered in the advancing dark, but he waited. He was used to waiting her out, and this would be no different it seemed. He patiently circled her stiff clit with the tip of his cock. In a different realm of sensation and need, he gathered the willpower not to drive into her wet depths.

He hovered at her entrance, her body sucking him forward. Still he wouldn’t push inside. He needed to hear her say she wanted it—wanted him. All of him.

“Simon, inside me.”

He shook his head.

“God, I can’t—” She flexed her thighs around his waist and tried to drag him in.

He held onto her lower back and leveraged off the smooth, water-worn wood behind her, holding his hips back. Sweat popped along his brow and slaked down his back.

“Your cock.” The words were raw from her. “I need your cock inside me.”

As if it was the magic word, he snapped his hips forward and drove into her. Slick and wet weren’t even the words for her.

He froze—no condom. He looked down at them joined, not a single thing between them, not even latex.

“I trust you.” She raked her fingers into his hair. “I trust you with me.”

The salt of the water had to have misted into his eyes. Her skin wavered in his vision when he buried his mouth in her neck and then slid over to her mouth. He pulsed inside her with short strokes.


This is what bliss had to feel like. Soft and hot, strong and supple, her walls closed around his shaft and pulled him forward greedily. Her ankles followed suit at his back.

“More,” she whispered.

There, in the salty spray of starlight and the rising moon, he lost the last of the pieces of his heart he’d been keeping to himself. They were hers now. In this perfect moment at his place. Now a piece of her was there.

A memory of them added to the beach that had been his home for more years than he could remember.

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