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I moaned into his mouth and tried to lift my legs to wrap them around his hips, but he wouldn’t let me. I was suspended between their two massive bodies.

Eli grabbed onto my hips and drove up harder, his cock brushed against my womb and I felt the magick of our dragons rising to meet each other. Miles’ hands encircled my waist where Eli’s had been only moments before. He slowly entered me from behind, his cock stretching my opening more than the toy.

The burn seared through my lower body and I breathed through the pain as I adjusted to being so full. Inch by inch, he pushed deeper. A few minutes later he was fully inside and I felt as though I would come apart the second either of them moved.

I struggled to make myself breathe.

Eli kissed along my neck while Miles nipped and bit the opposite shoulder. A whimper slipped from between my lips and my body shuddered between them as I tried to hold still.

“Good girl, love,” Miles growled into my ear.

Then they moved. Not at the same time, but against each other. As Eli pulled out, Miles would drive in. Then they switched. Their thrusts lifted until my toes no longer touched the carpet. I leaned my head backward against Miles’ shoulder, breathing and relaxing into the driving forces between my legs. Their bodies were growing warmer and my dragon rose to meet them, cooling my skin so much that steam began to rise from their skin everywhere we touched.

Their thrusts were slow and methodical at first, then they fell into a driving rhythm and the speed and intensity continued to increase. I sucked in air and yanked against the cuffs, but respected the restraints and didn’t break them. Only dragon steel could truly hold a Drakonae and nothing in this room was made from the enchanted alloy.

Their cocks slid in and out, driving me closer and closer to another climax. The one that I wanted with every fiber of my being. The one that would satisfy the mate bond between us and our dragons. Being separated for a thousand years had weakened our magickal bond.

Pleasure flowed through me, sending streaks of energy through my body to my fingertips. I closed my eyes and saw stars in the darkness as the world shattered around me like a mirror breaking into a thousand pieces.

A scream tore from my throat as both men roared, driving in deep at the same time. Their hot seed surged into me and they thrust again and again, going deeper each time. My body clenched down to milk every drop from their hard cocks.

Their grip on my body gradually loosened. Miles was the first to pull away. He slid his cock out and I moaned as he left. I felt so empty without him. Then Eli stepped back, pulling his cock from my slick folds.

My toes hit the soft carpet of the floor, but before my arms felt the weight of my body, Miles’ arms encircled my ribcage. He lifted me up while Eli unfastened the cuffs.

I reclined into Miles’ embrace, his chest hard against my back.  “Thank you,” I whispered.

Miles kissed the top of my head and said something to Eli I didn’t catch. My eyes closed again and I breathed in Miles’ musky scent mixed with sweat. If I never moved again, it would be fine with me. Every muscle in my body ached, along with muscles I’d forgotten existed.

Miles carried me across the room and gently laid me on my side, on the bed I’d seen at the back of the room. The sheets were so soft and comfortable. There would be no reason to move for a long time.

I sighed and rubbed my cheek against the sheets.

The sound of running water caught my ear and I licked my lips, hoping they were bringing me at least a small sip. Instead I felt their hands rub up and down my legs, massaging my sore muscles. Something warm and wet touched the inside of my thigh and I opened an eye to investigate. Eli smiled down at me as he wiped my skin clean of their cum that had seeped from my body.

When he finished tending to me, each of them took a moment to clean off in a small bath closet off the side of the room.

I stretched out across the big bed, but didn’t come close to reaching both sides. Scooting toward the headboard, I grabbed a pillow and tucked it under my head. My breathing had evened out and my heart no longer pounded in my chest like a caged beast trying to break free. My dragon had calmed.

The bed dipped as both men moved toward me, lying down on either side. Eli fondled one of my breasts and Miles nuzzled my neck. It shouldn’t have aroused me, but it did. My nipples pebbled and liquid slicked my sex yet again.

Their nostrils flared and Eli caught my gaze. “Wanton little dragon aren’t we?”

I smirked and shrugged my shoulders. “I have a thousand years of missing you both to make up for.”

“We intend to make up for every second,” Miles said, his voice rough with emotion.

“Good,” I answered, turning to face him.

“But we have every intention of letting you get some rest before we start round two,” Eli said, dipping his head and pressing a gentle kiss to my still-tender nipples.

“Thank you.” I smiled and turned on my side to snuggle into Eli’s chest.

Miles sidled up behind me, positioning himself so his somewhat-hard cock rested just against my backside and his hand splayed over my hip.

Sleep came quickly to my exhausted body and I sank into its comforting embrace knowing I was safe in both my mates’ arms.

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Her gums grew tender as her fangs descended. She opened her mouth around his other nipple and let the very points prick him on either side.

“Alex!” Lucas said her name on a gasp. “Take what you need. Sink your pretty fangs into me.”

Oh, she intended to, but not quite yet. She wasn’t done playing.

Alex kept her bite light, only piercing him enough to draw twin beads of blood. Then she pulled back and watched his face as she licked each drop with the very tip of her tongue.

“You’re such a tease.” His voice was rough, but judging by his expression, he enjoyed the foreplay.

His cock was certainly happy about it. His shaft rose high and straight and proud from its nest of dark curls. The plump head was flushed, and a pearl of precum gathered at his slit. If she listened closely, she could hear his blood racing through the engorged organ.

Lucas was strong enough he could have taken control from her at any time, yet he stayed where he was, pressed against the shower wall as she knelt at his feet. Although she was the one in a position of supplication, she felt an intoxicating sense of power. Whatever other agendas Lucas might have, she knew his desire for her was honest.

Alex took the evidence of that desire in her hand and stroked it from root to crown. She sipped the drop of precum from the tip and rolled the bitter taste on her tongue. Did all women enjoy a man’s flavor as much as she did, or had she developed a different palate since becoming a vampire? If blood was nourishment, then this man’s essence had to be the equivalent of some exotic dessert.

More precum spurted from him under her ministrations. She licked his cock clean but refused to devour him. Instead she continued her torment by working licks and kisses down his shaft and then sucked on his balls. He made a guttural sound that caused a flood of moisture to gush from her pussy.

Bloodlust and animal lust fought for supremacy as her stomach muscles tightened and tension coiled in her womb. She let convenience dictate which would be satisfied first. With her face between his legs, she couldn’t miss the steady thump-thump of his femoral artery. She turned from his sac and sank her fangs into his inner thigh like he’d done to her last night.

His blood was like ambrosia. Layer upon layer of flavor hit her, each more complicated than the one before. She felt like she could taste his personality in his blood. Wine connoisseurs could probably describe it with panache: a bold bouquet with dark undertones and a smooth finish.

Lucas cried out and went rigid. She thought at first she’d bitten too hard and hurt him, but then she felt a warm splash that wasn’t from the showerhead. He was coming.

Alex waited until he was done before she withdrew her fangs and sealed the wounds. She felt almost drunk, though whether that was from his blood or the satisfying triumph of having made him lose control, she wasn’t sure. Her sex was so sensitive that just getting to her feet sent zingers of sensation through her clit. She wanted his cock inside her, but if he needed time to recover—

Lucas swung her around toward the opposite wall of the shower. Her hands hit the cold, smooth wall, and she found her nose pressed to the tile. The spray of water fell full force on her back, and his fingers bit into her hips where he held her in place. She felt the hard knob of his cock kiss her opening, which was the only warning she got before he tunneled inside her with a steady push.

He was huge! His dick felt every bit as long and fat tonight as it had this morning. Her vampire healing had ensured she wasn’t sore, but it was still a tight fit. If he’d been any bigger, he would have hurt her. Instead he filled her to capacity and seemed to know just how to angle his shaft to hit the sweet spot deep inside her.

“There are benefits to sleeping with an older man,” he informed her.

Alex squeezed her eyes shut and shoved back against him. “Especially one with a young man’s recovery time.”

Lucas’s chuckle sounded salacious.

She yelped when he withdrew and slammed back in. The head of his cock rang some secret cluster of nerves, and the slap of his balls against her backside was a tactile reminder of his potency. His second thrust was as slow and deep as the first, and then he really got going.

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