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cooltext129748819578231Asking for Forever – Noell Mosco

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cover idea“God,” Nora murmured into the darkness of the room.

West smiled against her, pulling away from his mission between her legs and traced his tongue along her stomach, ribs and settling between her breasts.  “Good?” he asked her before he sucked one of her tightened nipples between his lips.

Nora gasped at the change of sensation and could mutter one word and one word only.  “Yes!”

West palmed a handful of her other breast in his hand while he sucked on the other.  Between his thumb and forefinger, he rolled her nipple until it was a tight little ball, which caused her to wiggle even more beneath him.  “Hmm?” he asked.

“Yes,” she breathed huskily.  He smiled again before he reached her lips with his.  Nora could taste herself lingering on his tongue and it turned her on even more.

Stationed over top of her center, West’s dick tickled at her clit, teasing Nora and rubbing against her.  The hotness of him touching her caused her to jump with each contact and she tried to move her hips in just the right direction to invite West inside of her.  He was playing a game and she knew it.  Finally, she had enough and reached between their bodies to grip onto him and positioned him exactly where he needed to go.

With one swift and deep movement, West pushed himself inside of Nora’s dripping pussy.  She moaned his name into his shoulder and she gripped onto his ass with her hands, holding him at her hilt, feeling his length and girth stretch her.  When she released her hold, a moan slid out of her throat as he pulled back so he could push into her again.  Farther this time.  And again.

“Yes.”  The word strangled from her throat in a whisper as he plowed into her.

“Say it again,” West said with a sexually demanding tone that was laced with filth and hunger.

Nora’s eyes connected with his, hovering just centimeters above her own and she saw the lust hidden behind the curtains of gray fog.  “Yes,” she obliged to his demand.

“Again,” he said, pulling out and slamming back inside.

“Yes.”  She tilted her head back against the pillows, her hair getting tangled in the friction from the sheets.  Nora needed to arch her back at the sensations that were bursting through her, from the spots inside of her that no other man has ever been able to touch.

“Louder,” West demanded.  He bucked into her again with a force that felt like she was about to be ripped into two.  She moaned against his thrust, raising her hips to meet his cock.  Once more he reared back and fucked her with a passion that could only mean one thing: he was lost in her.  “Louder, damn it.”

“Yes!” she finally cried as he slammed into her pussy.  God, the feelings that coursed through her veins.  The lust – thrust.  The love – thrust.  The pain – thrust.  The pain – thrust.  The fucking magnificent wonderful fulfilling good-motherfucking-pain – THRUST.  “YES!” she screamed.

West stopped, buried inside of her, his hands tenderly caressing the sides of her beautiful face.  He placed a quick and light kiss on her lips and relished in the fact that he was the reason she was nearly gasping.  “Not gonna lie, Nor.  Once I start fucking you, really fucking you, I won’t be able to stop,” he said as he moved minimally inside of her.  “It might hurt because I’m going to fuck you hard and fast.  I won’t be able to hold back.”

“Then fuck me hard,” Nora answered him.  He started to piston his cock in and out of her drenched pussy.  She had to pull her lips away from his to arch her back – their friction was indescribable, their passion off the charts, their chemistry un-fucking-deniable.  Nora held on to West’s ass as long as she could before her hands slipped up his back and her fingernails dug into his skin, leaving marks in their wake.

He groaned her name as he fucked her, his need to give her pleasure more than his need to release.  Faster and harder he pushed into her and she took it.  She took each thrust and drive like her body was made for his and her whimpers started to get louder the more he pummeled into her.

“Yes!” she called out to the gods of pleasure.  He continued to pound into her until he knew he gave her a mind blowing orgasm.  He knew it was close.  He could feel her insides start to tighten against his pumping cock and he knew it only a short matter of time until she started to finally scream his name, just like he wanted her to.  Finally she clamped around his raging hard cock with a tightness he never experienced before.

“God, fuck!  Yes, West.  Yes!  Don’t fucking stop!”  Stars burst in her eyes and she could see nothing but pure white as her orgasm rolled through her, shuddering in her toes, exploding around West’s hardness as he continued to pump her and shivering its way throughout the rest of her body.  Nora grabbed at West’s back, hauling him inside of her as far as she could pull him until her orgasm peaked, her nails digging into his skin as deep as she wanted him inside of her.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned as he dropped his head near Nora’s on the pillow.  His hips continued to drill into her, milking himself to reach his orgasm.  Nora was still sensitive and with his new angle of fucking her, his shaft rubbed against the bottom of her clit, causing an entire new wave of pleasure to completely wash throughout her entire body, pulsating in her pussy and making her scream out his name again.

“God, yes.  Yes.  Unngggh.”  West dropped himself on top of Nora as he came, his dick throbbing with each gush of his release.  Nora felt each one of his pulses from his orgasm and she never felt more whole in her entire life.  Lifeless and limp as a wet rag, she found the willpower to put her hands around West’s face and kiss him like there was no tomorrow.

cooltext12975050518994930 Days – Christine D’Abo 

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“Want me to stop?” I kept licking.


“Good.” I gently bit down. “You’re fun.”

“I’m a better ride than exhibit.” He bucked his hips again.

I continued biting and licking my way across his chest and up to his neck. “No riding tonight. Lots more touching though.”

“I was promised dry humping.”

“Don’t rush me. I might not get another chance at Day Three.”

Harrison shifted and for a moment I thought he was going to throw me back onto the cushions the way he had before. Moving far faster than I would have ever given myself credit, I straddled his thighs and pushed his hands back down against the top of the couch. “Don’t. Move.”

Our mouths were now inches apart. It would have been easy to bend down and kiss him, long and slow the way I normally liked. But nothing about what we were doing had to do with normal seduction. This was about fucking; raw, pure sex and the mutual enjoyment that came from it. I didn’t have to fall in love to enjoy Harrison’s body. No, I was going to relish each of these experiences for exactly what they were.

I grabbed his face between my hands, letting my fingers rub hard against his stubble. His sweat mixed with his deodorant and the remnants of aftershave. I breathed it in deeply, doing my best to memorize it, burn it into my brain for later recall. His lips parted, revealing a flash of white hidden beneath. Yes, that was what I wanted. I kept my eyes open as long as I could, only closing them when I got close enough to suck hard on his bottom lip.

A rush of air tickled my cheek as he sucked in a breath. I didn’t want him to speak. Not when I finally got my head to the place I wanted it to be. I bit down on his lip, eliciting a flinch from him. His hands found their way to my hips, but rather than pull me off, he encouraged me to move.

It took me a second to get the hang of grinding down on him while holding his face, but I managed to set a pace that had us both panting in no time. His cock might as well have been stone it was so hard against my pussy. The wet cotton stuck to my skin, increasing the friction and pressure on my clit. I moaned into his mouth before breathing in his breath.

“That’s it.” He squeezed my hips harder. “Fuck me. Rub off until you come.” There was no sweetness and light in his words, only raw desire.

Who was I to deny the man his request?

Placing my hands on his shoulders for leverage, I increased the pressure on his cock. I must have done something right because the next thing I knew his eyes rolled up and his lids squeezed shut.

“You like that,” I whispered as I licked his ear.

“Yeah.” His breath was hot against my neck.

“You gonna come?”

“Not yet. You first.”

It wasn’t going to take much prompting. This was the first time I’d been with a man since Rob, and while my pirates and vibrator certainly did the trick, they couldn’t replace the mind-blowing need that being held by a man could induce. I gave up with seductions and teasing and instead pressed my face into the side of Harrison’s neck and focused my attention on coming.

Sweat covered us, mixed together between our bodies as I rode him. My cotton panties were soaked with my desire and effort to get off. The fabric pulled tighter than before, creating the perfect pressure on my clit. I lifted my body up enough to force the side of his shaft against my clit. There it was! That sensation of bliss, the promise of oblivion. I dug my nails into Harrison’s shoulders as I ground down. Heat rose within me as my chest tightened and the muscles in my legs began to quiver. Almost there, reaching for the precipice . . .

“Shit!” I cried out against his skin as pleasure rolled through me. My breath came back in a gasp as I rode through the release, greedily wanting to squeeze out every ounce of bliss that I could.

It was only after my hearing came back to me that I heard Harrison chanting softly. “Yes, yes, yeah baby. Yes.”

I didn’t stop moving. My clit was oversensitive from my orgasm, but I didn’t care. The small fissure of discomfort was worth the way his body came alive between my thighs. His hips bucked harder and his cock pressed farther up against my belly. I pulled back just far enough so I could watch the red head poke up between us. The stark contrast of flushed skin against white cotton was the single most erotic thing I’d ever seen.

Harrison shifted his hands so they bracketed my ribcage. “Gonna come.”

I was torn between watching his face and watching his cock. I chose the latter and held my breath as come shot from its head in long ribbons between us.

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