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cooltext129748819578231Asking for Forever – Noell Mosco

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cover idea“God,” Nora murmured into the darkness of the room.

West smiled against her, pulling away from his mission between her legs and traced his tongue along her stomach, ribs and settling between her breasts.  “Good?” he asked her before he sucked one of her tightened nipples between his lips.

Nora gasped at the change of sensation and could mutter one word and one word only.  “Yes!”

West palmed a handful of her other breast in his hand while he sucked on the other.  Between his thumb and forefinger, he rolled her nipple until it was a tight little ball, which caused her to wiggle even more beneath him.  “Hmm?” he asked.

“Yes,” she breathed huskily.  He smiled again before he reached her lips with his.  Nora could taste herself lingering on his tongue and it turned her on even more.

Stationed over top of her center, West’s dick tickled at her clit, teasing Nora and rubbing against her.  The hotness of him touching her caused her to jump with each contact and she tried to move her hips in just the right direction to invite West inside of her.  He was playing a game and she knew it.  Finally, she had enough and reached between their bodies to grip onto him and positioned him exactly where he needed to go.

With one swift and deep movement, West pushed himself inside of Nora’s dripping pussy.  She moaned his name into his shoulder and she gripped onto his ass with her hands, holding him at her hilt, feeling his length and girth stretch her.  When she released her hold, a moan slid out of her throat as he pulled back so he could push into her again.  Farther this time.  And again.

“Yes.”  The word strangled from her throat in a whisper as he plowed into her.

“Say it again,” West said with a sexually demanding tone that was laced with filth and hunger.

Nora’s eyes connected with his, hovering just centimeters above her own and she saw the lust hidden behind the curtains of gray fog.  “Yes,” she obliged to his demand.

“Again,” he said, pulling out and slamming back inside.

“Yes.”  She tilted her head back against the pillows, her hair getting tangled in the friction from the sheets.  Nora needed to arch her back at the sensations that were bursting through her, from the spots inside of her that no other man has ever been able to touch.

“Louder,” West demanded.  He bucked into her again with a force that felt like she was about to be ripped into two.  She moaned against his thrust, raising her hips to meet his cock.  Once more he reared back and fucked her with a passion that could only mean one thing: he was lost in her.  “Louder, damn it.”

“Yes!” she finally cried as he slammed into her pussy.  God, the feelings that coursed through her veins.  The lust – thrust.  The love – thrust.  The pain – thrust.  The pain – thrust.  The fucking magnificent wonderful fulfilling good-motherfucking-pain – THRUST.  “YES!” she screamed.

West stopped, buried inside of her, his hands tenderly caressing the sides of her beautiful face.  He placed a quick and light kiss on her lips and relished in the fact that he was the reason she was nearly gasping.  “Not gonna lie, Nor.  Once I start fucking you, really fucking you, I won’t be able to stop,” he said as he moved minimally inside of her.  “It might hurt because I’m going to fuck you hard and fast.  I won’t be able to hold back.”

“Then fuck me hard,” Nora answered him.  He started to piston his cock in and out of her drenched pussy.  She had to pull her lips away from his to arch her back – their friction was indescribable, their passion off the charts, their chemistry un-fucking-deniable.  Nora held on to West’s ass as long as she could before her hands slipped up his back and her fingernails dug into his skin, leaving marks in their wake.

He groaned her name as he fucked her, his need to give her pleasure more than his need to release.  Faster and harder he pushed into her and she took it.  She took each thrust and drive like her body was made for his and her whimpers started to get louder the more he pummeled into her.

“Yes!” she called out to the gods of pleasure.  He continued to pound into her until he knew he gave her a mind blowing orgasm.  He knew it was close.  He could feel her insides start to tighten against his pumping cock and he knew it only a short matter of time until she started to finally scream his name, just like he wanted her to.  Finally she clamped around his raging hard cock with a tightness he never experienced before.

“God, fuck!  Yes, West.  Yes!  Don’t fucking stop!”  Stars burst in her eyes and she could see nothing but pure white as her orgasm rolled through her, shuddering in her toes, exploding around West’s hardness as he continued to pump her and shivering its way throughout the rest of her body.  Nora grabbed at West’s back, hauling him inside of her as far as she could pull him until her orgasm peaked, her nails digging into his skin as deep as she wanted him inside of her.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned as he dropped his head near Nora’s on the pillow.  His hips continued to drill into her, milking himself to reach his orgasm.  Nora was still sensitive and with his new angle of fucking her, his shaft rubbed against the bottom of her clit, causing an entire new wave of pleasure to completely wash throughout her entire body, pulsating in her pussy and making her scream out his name again.

“God, yes.  Yes.  Unngggh.”  West dropped himself on top of Nora as he came, his dick throbbing with each gush of his release.  Nora felt each one of his pulses from his orgasm and she never felt more whole in her entire life.  Lifeless and limp as a wet rag, she found the willpower to put her hands around West’s face and kiss him like there was no tomorrow.

cooltext129750505189949Service with a Smoulder – Eliza Madison 

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My hand slid inside my shirt and cupped my breast. I couldn’t hold back a moan when my palm brushed my tight nipple.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

I let my eyes drift shut as I played with my nipple. “Touching my…” I couldn’t say it. I wasn’t good at phone sex.

“Touching your what?”

I opened my eyes and looked at him. His hand spread across his chest, rubbing a small circle.

“My breast,” I whispered.

His hand stilled and he closed his eyes. Slowly, he stroked his hand down to his waistband. He toyed with the elastic, then slid his hand inside his shorts.

“Oh, that’s good.” His accent grew heavier, making his words thick. “Pinch your nipples. Let me hear you.”

My heart thudded in my throat. I didn’t like being ordered around, but when he did it, it took my panties from damp to wet.

I did as he asked. “Oh God!” My knees wobbled as pleasure knifed me between the legs.

“Keep doing that. Keep touching yourself and let me hear it.”

So I did. The lazy warmth grew to a steady heat, filling me with clawing hunger. And I opened my mouth and shared the hunger with Kam.

“Take off your shirt,” he growled. His voice sounded like gravel. As he spoke, he shoved off his remaining clothes.

As my top dropped to the floor, I stared. My mouth watered. He was a beautiful man.

He wrapped his fist around himself and slowly stroked from root to tip. And back. Over and over in a hypnotic motion. My own needs were momentarily forgotten, and heightened, watching him pleasure himself.

He moaned long and loud, then his hand sped up.

“I’ve never been so turned on,” I said before I could stop myself.

“Me neither, love.” He braced his free arm against the glass and looked across at me. “Let me hear you come.”

I’d been so busy paying attention to him, I hadn’t noticed my hand moving on its own. In a few quick moves, I was naked too.

I cupped myself with my right hand and moaned.

“Tell me what you’re doing,” Kam bit out. His breathing was shallow, his words clipped.

He slowed his pace and rather than stroking, he gripped his base and rocked his hips. If anyone should happen to come to this far end of the apartment complex, they would see him. Pleasuring himself.

For me.

“I have one finger inside me.” As I said it, I did it. Fire burned down my legs. I added a second finger and ground the heel of my palm into my clit. When I added a nipple pinch, I yelped.

“What?” His word came out a snarl, combined with a long, slow stroke of his erection.

“I…put another finger in. And I’m touching my nipple.” The words sounded foreign. This wasn’t me. This was some sexy, confident seductress who’d taken temporary possession of me.

My hands moved faster, pinched harder. My thumb settled over my clit and my fingers twisted inside me. I wanted to sit or lie down, but if I moved, I would miss the performance across the alley.

“I wish it was you inside me.”

Shit. I said it. It kind of went without saying. But of course I awkwardly threw it out.

He answered with a long moan. His hips and fist moved at a rapid tempo.

Sudden inspiration hit. I knew what we both needed to finish ourselves off.

“I want you pounding into me like that. I want you twisting my nipples. Or sucking them in your mouth.”

“Shit, love. Keep talking.”

“I want you to…” Uh, what now? “Throw me on a bed and fuck me. Hard.”

“Ganumpfrh.” His back stiffened, then a spurt of white hit the window. “Damn. Oh damn. Oh that’s good. Yes. So good.”

I’d made him come. With my clumsy dirty-talk.

The knowledge and power surged through me. I stroked myself harder, twisted my fingers and thrust against my hand. All the while, I stared at the mess sliding down the glass. And at the man, bracing himself against that glass with both hands, head hanging, ragged breath coming through the phone.

“Keep talking,” he huffed out.

“I’m close. That was really hot. Holy shit that was hot. I’m so–”

Pleasure flooded my whole body, my limbs trembling. I gave a few more furious rubs and the sensation crested with a shout. “Kam!” I shook and my eyes drifted shut as I pinched my nipple again, imagining Kam’s fingers, and was rewarded with a new wave of pleasure.

Once it started to recede, I sagged against the window. For long moments we were silent, save our fractured breathing.

“Damn,” he said at last. “That was intense.”

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