#SSceneC2015 Pot B Final : Carrie Ann Ryan @CarrieAnnRyan vs Jennifer Leighton @LovesGamble

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cooltext129748819578231Angel Fallen – Jennifer Leighton

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“I’m going to put my mouth on you now, Jessie.” His voice shook, and so did the rest of him, but he didn’t care. Desperation buzzed beneath the surface of his skin, his entire being ready to be immersed in the taste and scent and feel of her.

“Jesus, yes.” Spreading her legs wide, she bared her drenched sex to his hungry gaze. “Let’s see how good you are with that pretty tongue. Lick me, you dirty boy.”

Eagerly he complied. Dipping his head between her open thighs, he stroked up through her folds to find the tiny, erect nub he knew gave her so much pleasure. She tasted just as good as he’d imagined, and he lapped at her swollen flesh like a man possessed, his tongue sliding into every crevice, leaving no part of her untouched by his ardor.

Moaning obscenities, Jessie writhed beneath him, grinding harder against his tongue, taking what she needed without waiting for it to be given. She was a woman of action, his girl, and not shy at all about going after what she wanted. The years of fighting for scraps, whether of food on a meager table or the love of a foster parent, had molded and shaped her into a woman who seized what she wanted without apology. It was one of the things he loved most about her.

Some called her abrasive and forceful, but Garon just saw a girl in desperate need of love and affection, and he intended to be the man to give both to her.

“Suck it,” she ordered, spreading her labia wide with her fingers and exposing her swollen clitoris. He obeyed, pulling the tiny organ and the surrounding flesh into his mouth and drawing on it strongly. With a keening wail, she shattered.

He kept his tongue on her quivering core, prolonging her orgasm through the last little shivers. Limp beneath him, she murmured her appreciation when he lifted her legs to rest on his back, clearly finding the position more comfortable.

Knowing she was super sensitive now and could come again quite easily if properly stimulated, he returned his mouth to her dripping center, licking the neatly shaved mound softly with the flat of his tongue.

Whimpering, she raked her fingers through his hair as he laved her greedily, consuming every drop of her desire and reveling in her throaty sighs of pleasure. When the sighs became moans, he spread her wide with his fingers, gently opening her like the petals of a flower, his tongue stroking deliberately and focused over her hardened clit. She squirmed and panted, signaling another release was imminent, her body shaking with fine tremors.

Wanting to prolong her pleasure for as long as she would allow it, Garon quickly pulled his mouth away without bringing her to completion. She groaned and clutched his head as he ran his fingertips lightly over her swollen labia, learning her, petting her aroused flesh lovingly, but avoiding the engorged nub of her clitoris.

The little erect bud glistened from her desire and his attentions, peeking out from beneath the protective shelter of its hood. She was so close to completion, he knew only a tiny amount of stimulation there would make her climax, and he was in no hurry to finish this particular part of their foreplay.

Dipping first one, then a second finger inside her slick entrance, he slid them deep, his cock jerking painfully at the hot, wet feel of her. She was more than ready for him, but how long had he waited to touch her like this, to give her the ultimate pleasure? He would gladly spend all night loving her in this fashion if he could.

“Finish it, damn you!” she ordered as if she knew what he’d been thinking. He couldn’t help but smile at the urgency in her tone. On the verge of coming himself just from the sight of her naked and open, it was nice to know she was equally affected. Though he knew her body well, watching and participating were two very different things, and he was glad he was doing it right.

Gently pulling the hood of her clitoris back to expose it fully, he touched just the tip of his tongue to it once, twice, a third time, the little flicks directly over the swollen bud exactly what she needed to send her careening into a second peak.

His fingers were still inside her, and he twisted them now, sliding them in and out of her channel at a steadily increasing pace.

“George,” she panted when his tongue again circled her distended clitoris. “I can’t wait! I need you to fuck me. Fuck me now. The hell with games!”

His cock leapt at the words, more than ready to be inside her. “Are you sure? I thought you wanted—”

This is what I want now!” Grabbing his arms, she yanked him up beside her. “You flat on your back beneath me!”

She shoved him hard, sending him toppling backward onto the blanket, and then climbed on top of him, her thighs straddling his. As her hand seized the base of his cock, holding it upright while she sank down on him, he nearly came right then.

Jessie did, her sheath contracting around him as she took his entire length inside her in one hard downward thrust. “Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, oh…fuck!”

Her hands clutched at his chest, her nails digging in as she hammered his cock in her sheath at a sharper angle, her hips working over him faster. The wild woman above him was a stranger, and something inside him exulted in her emergence, because it meant this encounter was unlike anything either of them had ever experienced. He wasn’t alone in the newness.

Planting his feet firmly on the floor, he bucked upward, meeting her next descending plunge. Her eyes opened wide, then rolled back in her head, her mouth falling open on a deep groan. Prying her hands from his chest, he interwove their fingers, locking his elbows so she could use his strength to help her thrust. She stared down at him, her brown eyes so wide and expressive, and chanted his name with every stroke, over and over again like a mantra. An erotic melody.


Another climax hit her, and she screamed, impaling herself on his cock, burying him inside her as deeply as he could possibly go. Her inner muscles rippled around him, narrowing an already snug channel even further, and the pleasure that had been building in his groin swelled to a dangerous level. It was as if he teetered on the edge of a cliff, the suction of her body luring him to take the jump.

Jump he did, plunging headlong into bliss.

His release was violent, bordering on painful, the pleasure slamming through his body leaving him helpless and trembling in its wake. Jessie held him through it, her arms a safe haven during the storm, her lips a comfort, her whispered words a soothing balm to his shattered senses.

“Hold me, George.”


Carrie Ann Ryan – Harder than Words 

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“Okay, Master.”

She froze, her eyes going wide.

Luc grinned at her then leaned down and kissed her fully. “Kidding. I might want to tie you up at some point and have you at my mercy, but I’m not your Master. I also might spank that pretty little bottom of yours”—he squeezed one cheek and she moaned—“but I’ll only do it if you want it. Do you want it, Meghan?”

She swallowed hard. “I…” She moaned again when he rocked his denim-clad cock against her belly.

“I’m going to take that as a yes since you’ve lost the ability to speak.” He pulled away, putting a foot of space between them. “Now let me strip off these pants of yours because I need to taste you.”

He stripped her leggings down her legs, taking her panties down with them. She lifted one leg at a time to help him, her body shaking at the sight of him kneeling before her. She ran a hand over his head, the coarse hair tickling her palm.

Luc looked up and smiled. “I might have to shave it again if you’re going to pet me like that.”

“I like you either way,” she said honestly. “Although I think I like you more with a bit of scruff on your face.”

He leaned forward and kissed her thigh. Her body shook once more, wanting him, craving him. “You just want my beard scraping the inside of your thighs when I eat you up.”

Her clit throbbed at his words. Luc sure knew how to dirty talk—something Richard never did. She froze once more at that errant thought. No. She would not think of that man right now.

“Looks like I’m not doing my job properly,” Luc growled.

Before she could think, her ass was on the bed, her legs spread, and the man before her had his mouth firmly latched onto her clit.

Her back bowed off the bed, but he had one hand on her belly and the other on her hip, locking her into place. His tongue worked magic, flicking her tight nub even as he sucked. She forced her eyes open so she could watch him. The darkness of his skin was stark against the paleness of her own. She’d never seen anything so erotic…so right.

He licked her then, teasing her opening with the tip of his tongue. When his gaze met hers, her inner walls contracted at the heat in his gaze. He licked her once more, this time slowly, his eyes never leaving hers. When he circled her with his fingers before entering her with two fingers, she sucked in a breath, her eyes closing.

No. I want to see him taste me.

His fingers found that spot inside her that only she’d been able to find before, and he pressed down. Her mouth opened, her body shivering in heat and sparks. Her nipples contracted, her inner walls clamping down on his fingers.

And still, he licked, teased, and sucked.

With her legs wrapped around his head, she tried to push him away so she could get a break from her endless orgasm, but Luc was having none of that. Instead, he sucked harder, bringing her over the edge once more.


Yet not so much.

When she came down for the second time, her eyes finally closed, her body sated yet still at the edge of a precipice she never thought existed.

“Meghan, sugar, look at me. Look at us.”

She opened her eyes to see a naked Luc hovering over her, his eyes dark with need, his muscles straining. “Luc…”

He smiled before kissing her. She could taste herself on his tongue. She’d never kissed a man after he’d gone down on her before. In fact, it had been years since anyone had gone down on her.

Luc pinched her nipple, and her mind came back to the present, her body raring to go again. This man was a machine, and she was greedy. For once, she’d let herself be that greedy.

“With me, Meg?”

“With you,” she whispered, her voice hoarse. She vaguely remembered screaming his name when she came the second and third times—hence the strain on her voice. She looked down and sucked in a breath. With the way his body remained over hers, not touching, but oh-so-close, his condom-covered cock lay on top of her mound. The weight of it, the sheer thickness of it made her blink.

“Um…Luc?” How the hell was she going to fit all of him inside her?

He chuckled then, that manly chuckle that went straight to her insides. “You’re all wet and ready for me. I’ll fit.”

She raised a brow. “Sure you will. And how did you know that’s what I was thinking?”

“You said it out loud, sugar.” He kissed her again when she would have cursed at her not-so-inner monologue. “Now look down at us as I fill you. I want you to watch my cock fill your sweet-as-fuck pussy. Once I’m balls-deep, then I want you to move your hips, move your body, just move. Be with me when I fuck you. Fuck me back. Make love. Have sex. Do it all. Okay, Meg?”

Tears filled her eyes, and she nodded, knowing this was her Luc. No matter what happened next, no matter if he found her lacking as Richard had, this was her Luc. She’d never forget this moment, never forget who was inside her.

He kissed her cheeks, licking up the tears she didn’t know had fallen.

“You’re mine, Meghan. Mine for now, mine for far longer.” Then he pressed forward, stretching her with that exquisite burn.

She sucked in a breath, watching him thrust slowly in and out, working until he was fully inside her.

So. Full.

She’d never felt so full, never felt so much a part of something she couldn’t understand, couldn’t comprehend beyond who was with her now, who was with her.

“Mine, sugar. You’re mine.

Her gaze shot to his, and he kissed her then, pulling out, then slamming back home. Her body bowed, her hands going to his back. Her nails dug in, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, wanting more.

She did as he’d asked and moved her hips, meeting him thrust for thrust. His cock slid in and out, hitting home each time until she could barely keep up, barely keep her eyes open.

“Come for me, Meghan. One more time.” He met her gaze, and she came, her body already on that crest when he’d spoken. He shouted her name then crushed his mouth to hers as his body jerked, his seed filling the condom within her.

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