#SSceneC2015 Quarter Finals : Kate Allure @KateAllure vs Jodie Griffin @jodie_griffin

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cooltext129748819578231Kate Allure – Lawyer Up

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“There’s more I want to do with you, my dear Liza.” Hawk pulled two silk ties from his bag. “And these will do nicely.”

“We’re going to play dress up?”

“Not exactly, but you will wear these. Are you game for something a little risqué?”

I laughed. “Oh, I don’t know. Let me see…a one-night stand in a law office, wild sex in an airport pod hotel. I think we’ve got risqué covered.”

“Okay, maybe kinky is a better word. And short of you shouting for help, my dear, I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

My stomach dropped at the exact moment my pelvis clenched. Lucky Hawk was full of surprises today. “Umm…what are you planning exactly?”

Hawk sat next to me, draping the neckties on his lap, and then placed his index finger against my mouth, silencing me. “Shhh. No more inquisition. I want to play with your body…and you’re going to let me.”

My pelvis clenched harder, creating instant aching desire. The fluttering in my stomach added a jittery edge as my pulse escalated.

He hadn’t phrased it as a question, but Hawk seemed to be waiting for my agreement, so I nodded.

“Put your hands out.” He picked up a necktie and quickly wrapped my wrists securely, efficiently tying them together with a knot.

“What’s this?” I watched Hawk pick up the other silk tie, and then stand over me. “What are you doing?” I asked again, but quick as a flash he slipped the silk between my open lips and gagged me.

I stared at him wide-eyed, blown away — and hotly aroused — by what Hawk had done. This was a game I’d never played before, and the idea of doing it when I could occasionally hear airport sounds through the walls was perverse. No wonder he had such a wicked grin on his face. My eyes flicked back toward his, and he was looking serious now.

“Liza, if you don’t want to do this, just raise your hands up and I’ll untie you.”

Did I want to do this?

Making a decision, I lowered my bound wrists to my lap. My gaze dropped down as well, and I heard him suck in a harsh gasp. Perhaps Hawk thought it was submission when, in fact, it was a rush of shyness. This kinky stuff was hot, but I felt off-kilter, nervous.

Hawk stood then and walked back to his bag. I watched him pull out a blindfold. Within moments, he’d slipped it around my head, cutting off my sight, leaving me in darkness.

“Stand up, Liza,” Hawk ordered. He guided me up and led me over to the wall a couple feet away. “Raise your arms over your head.”

I complied, and Hawk rapidly attached my bound hands to the wall over my head. To what, I didn’t know. I racked my brain, trying to remember what was there, and vaguely recalled a hook and suit hanger. I pulled slightly, testing it, and my arms held fast. I wasn’t going anywhere.

“Ah, my dear Liza. You look so hot like that. I could happily leave you there a long while just to enjoy the sexy view, but we don’t have a lot of time.”

I heard Hawk go back in his bag and wondered what was next. I whimpered and realized the loss of my voice left me feeling at his mercy. I whimpered again and then sucked in a gasp when I felt something brush across my naked body. It was soft, but I couldn’t tell exactly what it was. A moment later, it swept over me again. Everywhere it passed, it left a trail of tingling nerves. Hawk caressed my breasts and I arched into his hands.

“Separate your legs, Liza.”

I considered refusing, leaving them tightly together, but the tsking sound Hawk made prompted my compliance, and I moved my feet apart…some.

“Farther, Liza.” He tsked liked a disappointed teacher or…master.

I moved my feet wider and then felt his foot nudging them even farther apart, until I was wide open down there. Then the teasing softness swept up my inner thigh and down the other before it was caressed across my pussy. My heightened senses and feeling of helplessness exaggerated every sensation, making the mundane acute. I moaned as the pulsing ache between my legs grew almost painful.

“Please,” I moaned through the gag. The word was unintelligible, and anyway, I wasn’t sure what I was pleading for. I tugged on my bindings again.

“Ahrgh,” I screeched suddenly. It came out muffled and erotic, even to my own ears. Sharp teeth had bitten my nipple. Then I felt the wet lap of Hawk’s tongue soothing the pain and I melted, my legs collapsing until I hung by my arms from the hook.

“Up you go,” he said, pulling me back to standing. “I can’t leave the twin unattended.”

I froze. Hawk would bite the other one now. I shivered, uselessly pushing my back against the wall trying to get distance.

Then I was waiting. Waiting. When would he do it? I listened for any sound that would indicate his next move, but Hawk moved with stealthy quiet.

Then I felt something touching my clitoris. Flicking it. Fingers? Hawk was stimulating my clit. Little naughty flicks in my most sensitive spot. I panted in response to provocation that seemed to grow exponentially. He’d really done very little to me, but I transformed into a raving slut desperate for more titillation. I begged again and again through the gag. Hawk chuckled, and I stamped my foot in frustration. Thrashing about on my tether, I tried to pull free to launch myself at him.

“Fuck me or stop,” I wanted to yell at him. “Oh god! Fuck me now. Please!”

“Shhh. Quiet down, dear. If you want me to let you cum, then I expect you to follow my directions.”

And then Hawk did it again.

Bit my other nipple—hard!—and I cried out. I felt the laving brush of warm, wet, soothing tongue, and disintegrated. A puddle of nerve endings amid a hot rush of desire.

Then, suddenly, Hawk was everywhere at once. Nipping an earlobe, sucking my breast into his hot mouth, planting little kisses all along my clavicle while his hands blazed tingling trails across my skin.

There was the briefest of pauses—my body screaming out for more contact where there was none. My moaning encouragement stopped in confusion.

Then I felt his tongue again, directly between my thighs, teasing my clit. His fingers joined in the play, sliding into my hole and then trailing wetness down my thighs.

“You’re so very wet. And sweet,” he murmured, his face buried in my mons, his very words a tickle on my skin. “I want you to come for me like this, and then I’ll fuck you one last time.”

He plunged his face into my pussy, lapping and nipping, pausing only long enough to order, “Come now, Liza!”

And I did. Keening and thrusting, I exploded. Climaxing over and over until I hung from the hook, boneless and weak. Unable to think coherently or even moan.

“So lovely and beautiful. You humble me with your trust,” he murmured.

Hawk scooped me into his arms, dislodging me from the hook. He placed me on the daybed, and I could hear him ripping open a condom and muttering, “I should probably untie you first, but I can’t wait. I can’t wait.”


Tied and Twisted (Best Bondage Erotica Anthology) : Jodie Griffin
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Ropespace. I love it, and Mason knows it.

“Here we go, love. Lift your arms.”  Mason’s low words were murmured. There’s not much talking when he’s working his magic. He lets me zone out, his touches sure but gentle, his hands directing me where he needs me to go. He began wrapping rope around my body in a harness —my shoulders, my chest, my waist, my hips—and I swayed along with his movements, my eyes closed.

“Fucking beautiful.” His words came from behind me and landed in my ear.  I smiled, in my happy place. Then he pinched my nipple and bit my neck and I shivered, leaning back against him. His hands continued to touch me, adjusting rope, teasing skin.

I heard him say thank you—to the safety monitor, I guessed— and then he maneuvered me a few steps forward.  I still had my eyes closed, but I felt him attach my harness to the suspension ring, and then a bunch of tugging as he shifted me horizontal, my feet coming off the ground. He pulled harder and lifted me higher, then tied the ropes off.

I was face up, floating on air. I let my head drop back and my arms fly to my sides, my bones and muscles shifting to settle within their rope bounds. I gasped as part of the harness, ropes that ran between my legs, came to rest in the crack of my ass. The knot Mason had tied in them was at exactly the right spot to press against the fat plug he’d teased and tortured into my ass this morning.

It felt so damn good to be outside, naked, swinging from a tree in a very adult, very kinky twist on a favorite pastime. September was the perfect time for this. Not too hot, and most of the mosquitoes were gone. The sun was warm on my body, and a light breeze ruffled the leaves on the trees.

Mason bent my leg and wrapped rope around my thigh and calf, binding them together. Apparently I wasn’t going to be allowed to simply fly free today. My muscles screamed for a moment, but when he finished the tie, they relaxed.  He moved to the other leg, doing the same.  This time, though, he tied it off to the ring, so one bent leg was up, and the other was hanging down, not suspended by anything but gravity.  Air blew against my core, making me shiver, and then I realized it was Mason, not a warm late-summer breeze. He licked me until I thought I’d lose my mind, twisted the butt plug and then, when I groaned, bit the inside of my thigh.

His hands coasted over my skin, between my legs, inside my body, touching me as though he had every right to, and he did. I’d given him that right the day I’d accepted his collar, and again when we’d said our wedding vows. And I loved it, more than I’d ever be able to describe to anyone. Mere words couldn’t measure what being dominated by my Master did for me.

The bite of the rope and the scratch of his skin melded into one long stream of sensation, but he still wasn’t done. Again he worked silently, allowing me time to bask in the quiet in my head.  He cuffed my wrists together behind me with more rope, then tied them to the leg that was hanging free.

I heard murmurs around me but they were just white noise. I was focused on the touch of Mason’s hands and let out a gasp when his mouth sucked hard at my nipple. He clamped one and I groaned.  He laughed and did the other, then tied them off to the suspension ring, tugging at the clamps, causing a delicious ache between my thighs. I made some noises but couldn’t form any words to beg him to stop—or do it harder.

I’m not sure how long Mason let me drift there, but it was long enough for my mind to empty of clutter.  It was a gift of time from my Master, the one man who knew every chaotic inch of my heart, body, mind and soul.

I felt free, and safe, and loved.

Soon other things began to filter in, though I was still floating in ropespace. Mason’s hands supporting my head, his thumbs brushing my cheeks. “Open, baby,” he murmured in his deep, deep voice.  I did, and he pushed his cock inside, gliding against my tongue. I licked him and sucked, but a flick of the rope attached to the nipple clamp had me moaning.

He bent over me, whispering in my ear in a sing-song way. “Mason’s got Addie strung up from a tree, they’re f-u-c-k-i-n-g.”  On each letter, he took the opportunity to withdraw and plunge deep, pushing into my throat.  I was at exactly the right angle to ease his way, and each time he pressed into me it jiggled the nipple clamps, making me gasp around his erection.

Need unfurled inside me, drawing me out of ropespace and back into the moment.  I peeled my eyes open, blinking at the bright sun beaming through the leaves of the tree above me.  “Please, Master! I need to come. Oh, please.”

“Not quite yet, my sweet little slut.”


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