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cooltext129748819578231Scarlet Day – Reclaimed

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Paige dug her claws into the snow and changed direction, zigzagging between trees and around rocks. But still the faint sounds in the distance made her aware she wasn’t shaking her pursuer. She launched herself up onto a large rock ledge and then hurled herself off the other side. Unfortunately, she hadn’t been able to see the ravine on the back side of the rock until it was too late. She’d already committed to the jump when she realized the ground had fallen away beneath her.

She landed on her paws, but the incline was too steep to keep her footing. She tumbled head over tail, bumping into exposed rocks on her way down. Her mind seized in fear, not knowing what was at the bottom of the ravine or how to stop her fall.

A loud snarl broke through her panic and a golden blur, likely whatever or whoever had been trailing her, hurled itself on top of her and rolled with her down the hill. She didn’t have time to think about whether she was being attacked or saved, so she just squeezed her eyes shut and dug her claws into the body of the newcomer.

“Shift, dammit!” The male shout jerked Paige out of her mind-numbing panic.

Without questioning the demand, Paige shifted back into her human form. Her arms tightened around the man who was tumbling with her, and her fingernails dug into his back. She realized he had one strong arm wrapped around her waist, and he was clinging to her with crushing strength. As they raced down the incline, he managed to snag a small tree with his free hand. They came to a jarring stop, with Paige trapped under the heavy weight of the man.

As she panted and tried to catch her breath, she glanced down the hill and realized she had been heading to an even steeper drop-off. It was a drop she wasn’t entirely sure she would have survived.

She shuddered and dragged her stare away from the terrifying ledge. She looked up into eyes the color of warm butterscotch. They were set into the ruggedly handsome face of someone at least a decade older than her.

The man’s fierce stare bore into her and raked down her body. “Are you hurt?”

“Why were you following me?” She was certain this was who had been tailing her. The fact that he’d just saved her from potential death didn’t mean she was going to let him off the hook so easily.

“You shouldn’t be roaming out here alone. I was trailing you to make sure you didn’t get into any trouble.” His voice was on the harsh side. It annoyed Paige that her cat purred in response.

“I don’t need you or anyone else looking after me. I can take care of myself!” Paige’s voice rose with indignation.

The man’s eyebrows shot up, and his stare hardened. “For your information, the last female cat who came here broadcasting pheromones all over the place got kidnapped. She got away, but you might not be so lucky.”

Paige froze, the knowledge that he was talking about Laci almost making her heart stop. “But that’s different. I’m not…” The words were hard to spit out, as though saying it out loud carried more shame. “I’m not putting off pheromones.” Heat rose in her cheeks at her embarrassment.

The man stared down at her with a quizzical expression. He opened his mouth and then shut it again. It seemed he was having trouble figuring out what to say. “Uh, yeah, you are. How can you not know that?” His voice had softened, and a look of concern crossed his face.

Paige stared up at him in confusion. She was broken. Her body didn’t work, so she couldn’t possibly be releasing pheromones. Could she?

She thought back to her restless night, the startling sensations she’d had when she’d woken up, the sudden and uncontrollable urge to run. Could those have been signs that her body was, finally, doing what it should have done years ago?

That startling question, combined with the stranger’s intense stare, made Paige realize that she was naked as she remained trapped under him on the frozen ground. And he was naked, too. Her breathing quickened, and her breasts pressed against his hard chest. Her cat paced across her mind, its muscles tensed with anticipation. Every nerve ending in her body was aware of the contact between them.

The man’s pupils dilated, and his nostrils flared. A slight twitch developed in his right cheek, just below his eye. “Damn, woman.” He pulled himself off her and stood, averting his gaze. “Can you run?”

The sudden absence of his body heat was almost as troubling as the frustrated growl from her cat. She tamped down her own irrational disappointment and got to her feet, trying hard not to look at his bare ass. She settled for focusing on the chiseled muscles in his back. “Yeah, I think so.”

He nodded once and then shifted as he leaped forward, coming down on all fours in the form of a huge mountain lion. Paige allowed her cat to take control of her mind and shifted, her body effortlessly changing. She moved next to the male cat, and then he started forward, carefully scaling the steep incline they had tumbled down. She followed close behind him, placing her paws in the footprints of his sure and steady steps.

Paige’s thoughts reeled. This stranger, this strong male lion shifter she now followed up the side of the ravine, smelled mating pheromones. Her pheromones. Pheromones she had convinced herself she was incapable of producing. And even though her heart was afraid to believe it, the logical part of her knew it must be true. Male shifters didn’t make mistakes when it came to these matters. If this male said she was producing pheromones, then as unlikely as it seemed, she was producing pheromones!

As he led her back to the lodge, the part of her mind that her cat occupied seemed overly aware of the golden lion in front of her. His muscles rippled under his shiny fur with every step and leap, testifying to the power his body held. Paige remembered his body in another form, his human form, when they were pressed together, skin against skin. Warmth spread through her, and her cat purred low and long.

The male lion came to an abrupt halt, and Paige almost bumped into him. He turned his head around to stare at her and snorted hard. Then he stomped one foot into the powdery snow and shook his head, frustration obvious even on his cat features. With a sharp hiss, he turned his head back around and continued walking, but he continued complaining with low growls and grumbles under his breath.

It took Paige a couple of minutes to understand why he’d stopped and gotten so frustrated. Her thoughts. The warmth that had spread through her as she thought of their bodies together. She must have released an extra dose of pheromones. And if they were driving the male in front of her crazy, then that meant he was unmated. That thought send an involuntary shudder through her, combined with another wave of heat.

The male lion’s steps faltered for one brief moment, but he didn’t stop this time. Instead, he just huffed and put his nose into the wind as they broke into a run toward the lodge.

cooltext129750505189949Eden Bradley –  Pleasure Point 

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His arms went around her and he pulled her into the front of his body, her buttocks arching beautifully against him. His cock pulsed.

“Miranda. I understand. But you can allow yourself this. Allow it because I ask it of you. Allow it because you deserve to be pleasured. Allow it because I need it.”

He smoothed a palm over her stomach, loving the small curve there, the valley where belly met hip. She didn’t protest as he moved his hand lower, and he felt her body begin to relax against him.

“Come on,” he urged her, using his thigh to guide her in spreading hers for him. And she did it with a small sigh. “Yes, that’s it. Good girl.”

He slid his hand down, slowly, slowly, until he felt that softer, silky flesh of her mound. He loved a woman who was completely shaved. So much more naked. More enticing. He brushed his fingertips over her clit, which was already beautifully swollen. It went harder beneath his feathering touch. His cock twitched. Her breathing quickened.

He caressed the lips of her pussy. She was so damn wet, it nearly killed him to do nothing but this. To touch her without grinding into her.

How had he talked to her about fucking her without taking his cock out and plowing into her hot, naked body?

He bit back a groan as he moved lower, sliding his fingers into her soaking wet heat.

“Ah…” It came out of her on a breathy sigh.

He slid in, deeper, deeper.

Lord, but she was tight and wet and like fucking heaven inside.

Need her.


But he could fuck her with his fingers. And he did, moving his hand in and out, two fingers, then three, then four, filling her up. Her body writhed against his, her breath catching. He thrust harder, deeper.


“Are you going to come? Tell me.”

“Oh, God… Yes. I need to come.”

“No, Miranda. Hold it back.”

He continued his assault on her lovely pussy, fucking her hard with his hand. She clenched.

“No. Not until I say you can.”

A small sob escaped her. It only made him smile. Made his cock swell more.

He shifted his hand so the heel could press onto her clit.


She was shaking all over, moaning softly, and he didn’t remember being so turned on in his life. So damn hard for a woman that he could barely control his lust.


“Do you know how much I love fucking you like this?” he murmured against her ear, saying it as much for his sake as hers. “How much more I’ll love to fuck you properly? But oh, this is good. Your beautiful pussy in my hand.” He thrust up hard, then slid his fingers out and did it again. “Just fucking you like this… is so. Damn. Hot.”

He pressed his hips against her soft, warm body, the heat of her going through him like a shock of pleasure.

“Do you feel how hard I am for you, beauty? How badly I need to fuck you? To sink into your sweet little body?”

“Please, Roan,” she begged.

He forced himself to move his hips away from her, biting back a groan.

“Not yet. Because now it’s time for you to come for me.”

A sharp, panting breath gusted from her as her velvet pussy squeezed around his fingers. His cock jumped.

Have to be inside her!

No. Make her come. Do your job.

He pumped into her, the heel of his palm grinding her hard clit.

“Now,” he ordered.

Her entire body clenched, and she shook as she came, soaking his hand—it was like a small earthquake moved through her lean frame, followed by a sweet flood from between her parted thighs.

“Yes,” he murmured. “Yes, yes. Come for me.”

Ah, Jesus God, he was going to have to shove his aching, rock-hard cock into her. Had to!

© Eden Bradley 2014


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