#SSceneC2015 Semi’s : Cecilia London @authorclondon vs Tessa Bailey @mstessabailey

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cooltext129748819578231Cecilia London – Conscience

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 “Hold on to me.” Jack pushed her up against the wall, his thumb circling around her clit as he kept two fingers inside her. “You like that?” He groaned when she clenched his hair in her fists. “I’m taking that as a yes.”

She closed her eyes, leaning her head back against the wall. “How do you always know what to do to me?”

Jack kissed her collarbone. “I know you get off on the sound of my voice,” he whispered. “Everything else is dumb luck.”

Caroline gasped. How could he say that, knowing how she reacted to him? “This is much more than luck.”

“Are you saying I’m good at what I do?”

She gasped again as he quickened his movements. “So. Good.”

He wrapped his left arm around her waist, holding her up. “I have been waiting for this all damn day.”

Caroline buried her nose in his neck, whimpering quietly as he continued to stroke her.

“You’re close,” he said, after an unusually short amount of time. “I want to be inside you. For as long as possible. Do you want that, baby? Do you want me to fuck you right here against this wall?”

She arched against him, biting at his neck, clawing into his shoulders. He held her tighter, continuing to caress her gently as she came against his hand, calling out his name. He kept stroking her until her spasms subsided and she fell forward into his chest.

“Jerk,” she panted. “You know what it does to me when you talk to me like that.”

Jack wiped the perspiration from her brow. “Can you stand up?”

Caroline took a deep breath. “Not really. But that doesn’t mean I’m totally non-functioning.” She knelt down on the floor, running her hand along his thigh until she reached his zipper. She stroked his erection through the tailored material of his suit pants.

“I’ve been thinking about chocolate,” he said. “Can you tell?”

“The hell you have.” She unzipped his pants, making an executive decision to dispense with any blow job foreplay. He was already hard as a rock. No need to waste any time using her hands. Caroline took him in her mouth.

Jack tousled her hair. “You won’t need to do that for very long. Just until you can stand up straight again.” He groaned. “And I hope you can stand soon. Jesus.”

She looked up at him, then at his pocket, and snapped her fingers. He took the condom out and handed it to her. She drew back and tore the package open, squeezing his cock in her hand.

“Are you a mime now?” he asked.

She laughed. “How fortuitous you didn’t say that while you were in my mouth or you’d have a very unattractive bite mark on your favorite body part right now.” She rolled the condom onto his length. “Mimes don’t snap, Monty.”

He pulled her to her feet. “Good, because I expect you to make as much noise as you want. This part of the mansion is deserted for a reason.”

“We should try to maintain some propriety in here,” Caroline said. “Don’t you think?”

Jack pushed her against the wall, spread her legs apart with his knee, and thrust inside her. A slick, fluid motion without a hint of awkwardness or unease. Yes, the man knew what he was doing. He smiled when she cried out. “What the public doesn’t know won’t hurt them,” he said.

A valid statement. She wrapped her arms around him. “I love you, Jack.”

He stopped moving. “What was that?”

Caroline grinned. “I meant, oh Mr. Governor. Give it to me. Ooh baby. Harder.”

He laughed. “You little minx,” he said, thrusting inside her again.

She moaned as he plunged in and out of her. He started to breathe faster. She clung to his shoulders, panting with every move he made.

“I love the sound of your voice, sweetheart,” he said. “But sometimes your nonverbal communication is a hell of a lot better.”

Caroline leaned into his neck, her sweat mingling with his. “Faster, Jack,” she whispered. “Faster.”

He pushed into her so hard that she flew off the floor, her shoes coming off her feet. Jack held her steady against the wall, kicking her pumps aside so that she stood there in just her nylons. He moved inside her, his pace increasing. She could hear the fulfilling slap of his skin against hers, could feel the sweet bite of his zipper against her pussy as the warmth inside her began to build and he drove her to orgasm again. Caroline screamed his name as he exploded inside her. Or inside the condom, to be precise. How the hell was that sucker still intact? She collapsed around him, her knees weak.

He held her up and withdrew from her slowly. “I think the first lady needs to visit me in my office more often.”

cooltext129750505189949Off Base : Tessa Bailey
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“I don’t lay hands on women,” he said, voice like gravel.

Exulting in the privilege of being the one to correct his misconception, give him the extra push, Kenna flattened her palms on the table, bent forward and tilted her hips. As if he had no control over his actions, Beck dragged his hard cock up and down the valley of her bottom, making her moan. “This is for my pleasure, Beck.” She tossed her hair, meeting his tortured gaze over her shoulder. “Don’t you want to give me pleasure?”

“Yes. Constantly.”

“Then take yours and watch me find mine, too.”

She leaned down and pressed her cheek to the cool leather, her face turned so she could watch him in the mirror. His barrel chest shuddered once, twice, his right hand lifting and flexing in the air. Finally, as if the final barrier had crumbled, his huge hand landed on her backside with a satisfying slap. “Oh, God,” she breathed, the flesh between her legs tightening like a fist. Beck’s erection bulged against her backside, telling her without words how affected he’d been. Her vision cleared and she saw him in the mirror, watching her with a mixture of concern and arousal. Sweat had broken out on his forehead, the muscles in his arms straining beneath his skin. Fuck hot. “That made me feel so good, Beck.” She licked the saltiness from her lips. “Did you like it?”

“Too much.” His voice had dropped to such a deep pitch, it set off a dark, dangerous throb beneath her belly button. “I’m not sure about the things it made me feel…the things I want to do.”

Kenna started to remind him nothing they did was wrong, but his hand colliding with her still-damp backside had her gasping instead.

“I know what you’re going to say. That nothing between us is wrong,” he grated, smacking her buttocks with increased force. “What if I want it to feel a little wrong, darlin’. What then?”

Turned on to a level she’d never encountered, it became difficult to get air into her lungs. Was that her making the table shake? “It’ll only be wrong if you stop.”

In the space of two seconds, he’d fisted his erection, guided the thick head to her entrance and plunged every merciless inch inside her, roaring as he went. Kenna screamed into the table’s leather surface but was cut off when he started to drive himself home, again and again. The buildup had been so great, the anticipation so intense, an orgasm stripped her from the inside out. It seemed never ending, bolstered by Beck filling her to capacity with each thrust. The table rocked beneath her, its wooden legs scraping on the ground, but Beck grabbed it by the sides and held it still, kept it from moving forward. Pinned. She was pinned at the hips by his swollen arousal and the knowledge was indescribable.

Kenna thought the force of Beck entering her couldn’t get any greater, but she was wrong. He used his white-knuckled grip on the table to jerk her—and the table—back, to meet his drives. Scrape, scrape, scrape. She became part of the heavy piece of furniture, bent over its edge, existing to service him. Behind her, Beck growled, the sound mingling with the scrape of wood on tile. “You need this, don’t you, Kenna? Need my cock to be the only one that gets you from now on?” He moved faster. Faster. “That’s what I need.”

Her muffled reply got lost in the sound of wet flesh connecting. She had no idea what her response had been, anyway. Didn’t care. Could only concentrate on the pleasure teasing her loins, getting ready to go off like a camera flash. Almost there. Almost there.

Abruptly, Beck ceased his tireless drives, removing one hand from the table to reach between her legs. “You need me to touch you here, don’t you? I’m a fast learner, Kenna.” The callused pads of his fingers dragged over her clit, then circled, his hips delivering deliberate, slow thrusts. “I watched every move you made our first night. I know you like when I use my size against you. When I bounce you up and down like a little doll.” His fingers moved faster, rougher. “And now I know a good slap on your perked-up ass gets you the wettest of all, don’t I?”

To emphasize his point, he pulled out until only the tip of his arousal remained inside her, then slammed back inside, demanding an answer. “Yes!

“I know everything you need. Everything.” His chest aligned with her back, pressing her down into the leather table, his stubble rasping over her ear. “I’m your daddy now, Kenna.”

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