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cooltext129748819578231 Three’s Never A Crowd- Serena Akeroyd

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Before she could continue, Harden tutted. “Not complaining, just making a statement. Although, if petting is what you’re doing, I have body parts clamoring for your attention.”

She tilted her head to stare up at him with a grin, seeing the faint lines crinkling at his eyes as he looked down at her, a mischievously cocked brow aimed her way.

“Clamoring, eh?” Bella asked, tone serious. “I’ve obviously been lax in my duty.” Her hand slipped down over the taut line of his stomach, slid beneath the waistband of his shorts, and grasped his cock. She squeezed, hard, enough to make him groan and his shoulders to hunch a little more. The faint look of relief on his face had her sighing.

It wasn’t her fault they’d not had sex in close to a month!

She let her hand shape his shaft, an act she’d done often and never grew tired of. The tip of his dick was flatteringly wet, his pre-cum soaking her fingers as she began to tug back and forth until her hand made a clapping noise with the speed of her motion.

As a long, low groan spilled through the air, she was suddenly pushed back. Before she could complain, hands were on her shoulders, pushing her down to the ground. She knelt, willingly, staring up at him, eyes watering at the glare of the sun in the blindingly blue sky.
“Suck it,” he gritted out, voice so guttural it hit her low—right in the pussy.

She grabbed a hold of his shaft, pulling his boxers down to his knees, and slipped her mouth over the tip. Salty, musky…Harden. She wet his long dick with her tongue, prodding the tiny hole, slurping him up, every luscious, sloppy inch. Bobbing her head back and forth, she took as much of him as she could, letting her spittle slip from between her lips to drip down over to his balls. She pulled free, then lowered her head further down. Taking a globe between her lips, she sucked harder, prodding the taut skin with her tongue.

“Where do you want to come, baby?” she asked, panting as she released his balls, and slipped back up to his cock.

“Where can I come?” he retorted, blue eyes brighter than the azure sky overhead.

She made a slurping noise as she pulled his shaft from her mouth. “Anywhere,” she promised, knowing how that would turn him on.

After nearly six years together, she knew his kinks.

His groan hit her clit, making her toes curl with the pleasure of it.

“Your face,” he growled out, part plea, part command

She smiled up at him, having known instinctively what his choice would be. Bella knew how to strike a bargain, even if Harden didn’t know a deal was being struck.

Slowly retracting her mouth from his cock, she looked up at him, and watched as he grabbed a hold of his shaft and began to jack off. Fast, hard, and rough, his hips rocked as he began to growl out his pleasure. She braced herself for the fast spurt of his seed, and forced herself to stillness when it pelted her cheeks, mouth, nose, and brow.

He milked his cock as he snarled, long and low, ensuring every droplet was free from his balls and messily decorating her face.
His panting breaths were loud in the silence of the balcony, and he stared down at her, eyes glittering with a ferocity that was hard-wired to her pussy. She didn’t have to question what a gladiator at the Coliseum would have looked like post-victory, Bella knew from Harden’s masculine satisfaction. He’d conquered her. Many a time.

His hand snapped out, fingers trailing through the mess he’d made. Swirling some of the seed into her skin, rubbing it into the patch of flesh beneath her nose. He dipped the digits into her mouth, expecting her to lick them clean, and she obeyed, her cunt clenching down, needing to be filled in reaction to each suck.

Almost as though Evan had heard her pussy’s silent plea, she felt his heat at her back, and then his fingers slid along the contours of her cunt. She was embarrassingly wet, because while coming on her face was Harden’s kink, it turned her on something fierce too.
His hand slid back and forth, over and over until the squelching noises overtook the quiet terrace and she was panting, begging to be filled, her lungs burning with her desperation…

cooltext129750505189949 Irresistible Attractions – Cara Bristol 

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“If I continue to touch you, I won’t be able to resist fucking you.”

“Touch me,” she said.

She moaned in relief as he slid his fingers along her cleft, igniting little blazes there, too. He penetrated her sopping channel with two digits. Desire, red-hot and pulsing, arced when he flicked her clit. She rocked against his hand, while his previous growled warning rang in her ears. “If you come, I’ll spank you harder, and longer.”

Did that still apply?

“Do you need to come, little one?” No one had ever called her little one, not with as much junk in the trunk as she had, and the affectionate nickname warmed her from the inside out, except he laughed when he said it in a growly, sexy, taunting rumble like he guessed how tightly coiled she was, and she could kill him. Shoot off the bench and strangle him.

Yet the desire to please was greater than her sexual hunger or her homicidal tendencies. If he said don’t come, then she didn’t want to. Well, no, she did, because his prohibition increased the urge, but she wouldn’t because, because—with a shock, it occurred to her she might be a submissive. Was there a test for that?

You may be a submissive if…you find yourself bare-assed naked and spanked and begging for more.

You may be a submissive if…serving him fills you with pleasure you never expected.

Hannah screwed her eyes shut, and said, “Not if you don’t want me to, sir.”

“Really?” he said conversationally and manipulated her clit. Pleasure wound to a knot of pain.

Don’t come. La. La. La. La. La. Think of something else. Car needs a brake job. Final exams. Big cleaning job tomorrow. Not helping. Hannah twisted the straps on the spanking bench.

“You may come at any time,” he said.

Hannah didn’t so much as let go, as she snapped. Physically, she remained earthbound, but her consciousness catapulted into another mind space where she whirled in a vortex of bliss, soaring like she never had.

When her exhausted body relaxed, she felt Jordan moving behind her then he parted her folds with his thumbs and his breath wafted over her still pulsing flesh a second before his mouth covered her sex.

He licked her too-sensitive clit. If her hands hadn’t been twisted in the straps, she would have shot off the bench. She cried out and tried to wrench away. Oh. God. Oh. God. I can’t take it.

He sucked on the bud, and she emitted a small shriek. “Stop, stop. Too much. Too much.”

Crack! Crack! He smacked her tenderized ass. “Trust me,” he growled.

She couldn’t. He asked too much. Hannah squealed, fought him, but he had her immobilized, and then sharp discomfort coiled into hot pleasure, and she climaxed again.

Hannah panted, her bones like water. Jordan’s belt buckle jangled, a zipper hissed, a condom snapped. “I need to fuck you,” he bit out.

Even though her hunger had been sated, and she hoped he wouldn’t touch her clit again, a shaft of heat pierced her at his hoarse utterance. She wouldn’t, couldn’t come again, but the prospect of taking his cock, being his vessel, had her pussy clenching. Stirred a need in her womb.

His cock prodded her slit and then he pushed inside. Her moan and his growl merged into a harmony of satisfaction. He fucked like he spanked—hard and deliberate. Perspiration slickened the bench’s leather, and her body slid across the seat with every thrust.

The slap of his hips against her smarting ass ignited pleasurable, painful tingles. She felt possessed by him, owned, as he used her body to claim his pleasure.

And then he squeezed a hand under their moving bodies and captured her clit.

Hannah squealed. “No, Jordan, sir, please.” Sandwiched between the bench and his thrusting body, she couldn’t even squirm.

“It pleases me, that you come again,” he growled. His fingers moved furiously.

Her poor clit was on fire. “No, I can’t. “ Vacuum. Vacuum. Vacuum. She gritted her teeth.

He jerked his hand away, but her relief was short lived. He probed her back entrance with a finger lubed with her moisture and invaded her most private hole. A twinge of pain, but, oh, the pleasure.

Wicked, shameful lust ricocheted through her—she could hear it in her moan. His triumphant bark revealed he could, too. He finger fucked her ass while pounding into her. “Come for me, again,” he bit out.


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