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cooltext129748819578231Sound of Us – A.M. Arthur

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Jake flailed a hand in Cris’s general direction, grateful when Cris grabbed it. Squeezed. Jake tugged him closer. As much as he wanted Chet to fuck him until he came, Jake needed this. Needed them both. Chet’s strokes slowed. He broke their kiss to rise up and kiss Cris, whose erection bobbed deliciously close to Jake’s mouth. Jake licked the crown, then opened up when Cris pushed inside his mouth. His length pressed against Jake’s tongue, a wonderful pressure to concentrate on. To give Cris some pleasure, keep him part of this.

Cris and Chet were whispering; Jake didn’t care. Whatever they decided, he trusted them with his heart, his mind and his body.

Chet slid out of his ass, and Jake whined. Curled his legs around Chet’s waist.

“Trust us,” Chet said. “We’ll get you there, love, I promise.”

Jake nodded, even as his body rebelled against the loss. Cris nudged Jake toward the center of the bed, then onto his right side. He curled up behind Jake, using his knee to nudge Jake’s left leg forward. Jake had seen this position in pictures and porn—two men on their sides, the big spoon fucking the little spoon—but never tried it. It had always seemed too intimate for hookups, which tended to be fast and dirty.

He sighed when Cris slid home, his thicker cock stretching him more, waking up his nerves in a new way. Cris fucked him with long, fast strokes that ended too damned soon. Instead of pulling out, Cris held him around the waist, and then rolled both of them onto their backs, Jake’s back still flush to Cris’s chest. Chet helped Jake plant his feet on the bed on either side of Cris’s closed legs. The new position felt strange at first, almost uncomfortable, until Cris nudged him to sit up, his ass resting on Cris’s lower belly.

Seeing where Cris speared his body sent a flare of lust through Jake. And Chet staring at the same place? Guh. Chet, who pressed a lubed finger against Cris’s dick, then slid it up, toward Jake’s rim.

Oh fucking shit.

Jake’s breath caught when Chet nudged that single finger inside next to Cris’s cock. The pressure was crazy intense in the best way. Jake’s back and shoulders pebbled; his arms began trembling. Chet slowly fucked his finger inside Jake alongside Cris’s gentle hip rolls. Jake let out a long, breathy moan, unable to contain himself. Small noises dropped continuously from his mouth. He wanted to see Cris’s face, too, but barely had the muscle control to stay upright, much less turn his head.

Chet curled his free hand around the back of Jake’s neck. “If this ever hurts, you tell me. Promise?”

“Pr-pro-promise,” Jake said.

Two fingers nearly made Jake come off the bed, the stretch too much at first, until his body adjusted. The careful prep made him want to sob almost as much as he wanted to scream to the world that he had the best lovers on the planet. His and no one else’s.

“Pleeeeease.” Jake didn’t recognize his own voice anymore.

“Christ,” Cris said at his back.

Chet kissed Jake once more, then withdrew his fingers. Pressed his cock against Cris’s. Jake tried to watch, but the instant Chet pushed, Jake’s elbows gave out. He collapsed against Cris’s chest, grateful for the strong arms that wrapped around his waist. Held him tight while his world fell apart and everything he knew about sex changed.

cooltext129750505189949Rhythm & Blues – Shae Connor

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“You big, gorgeous, beautiful hunk of—” Pate cut himself off by claiming Ace’s mouth, his hands coming up automatically to dive into that amazing fall of hair. Ace opened for him immediately, a moan deep in his chest reverberating through Pate. His sounds and taste and feel filled Pate’s senses, blocking out the rest of the world until nothing mattered except this kiss and this moment.

Even that wasn’t enough. Pate wrenched himself out of their kiss, staring into Ace’s eyes, clear blue gone cloudy with lust. “I want…. I want….” He panted out the words, his mind in a jumble, until an image formed that made him smile.

He took a step back and grabbed for Ace’s hand. “C’mon.”

Ace didn’t argue, and he kept up as Pate nearly ran toward the back of the studio, where the original brick still stood bare. Pate kept going until he was a foot from the wall, and then he yanked Ace forward, pushing him face-first up against it. He covered Ace from behind and leaned forward to nuzzle behind his ear.

“I wanna fuck you,” he rasped. “Right here. Like this.”

Ace moaned again, the sound this time bouncing off the wall and around the empty space. Pate laughed roughly.

“Yeah. You like that idea, don’t you?” He reached for Ace’s wrists and held them over his head, against the wall. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been this toppy with anyone—maybe never. But Ace just groaned again and rubbed back against him, so it sure seemed to be working for him.

“Here’s what’s gonna happen.” Pate bit at Ace’s earlobe. “You’re gonna stay just like this, and I’m gonna get you ready for me. You make all the noise you want, but don’t say a word unless you need me to stop. I’m not going to go easy, but I won’t hurt you either. Got it?”

Ace nodded and tightened his hands into fists. Pate kissed the spot behind his ear again before he let go of Ace’s wrists and slid his hands around Ace’s waist. He untucked Ace’s shirt but left it on, as a layer of protection between Ace’s chest and the rough brick wall. He pulled Ace’s hips back far enough so he could unbutton and unzip his jeans.

“You want to know a secret?” Pate kept his voice low but firm while he worked. “I never used to carry condoms or lube around with me. Not until the day you walked into the studio, so fucking hot I couldn’t stand it. I started carrying them not long after that, because I knew eventually I would want to do exactly this.”

Ace shuddered and moaned in response, and Pate yanked Ace’s jeans and boxer-briefs down to his ankles. He slowed then, running his hands up the back of Ace’s legs, ruffling through the pale hair covering his skin. “You’re a work of art,” he murmured as he cupped Ace’s perfect ass in his palms. “I could stare at you all day and never get tired of it.”

He stood then and reached for his own pants. “But that’ll have to wait for another time.”

Within seconds, he had his own pants and underwear shoved out of the way and the promised lube and condom in his hand. He stuffed the condom into his shirt pocket and ripped open the lube, smearing some on his fingers and reaching for Ace’s hole. The first touch made Ace flinch, from surprise or the cool temperature, but he followed it up with a moan and a push back against Pate’s probing.

Once Pate had both fingers driving in deep and Ace shuddering and panting, he pulled out and grabbed for the condom to finish preparing himself. He paused for a long moment, just to sear the memory of the image in front of him into his brain. Then he reached for Ace’s hip with one hand and his own cock with the other. “Relax for me,” he murmured, slotting himself into place. “Let me have you.”

Ace groaned and pressed back, and Pate bit his lip when he popped inside. Another few long moments, another bit of pressure, and he slid all the way in. Tight, hot, God… he gave himself a moment to adjust to the reality of being inside Ace.

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