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cooltext129748819578231 Her Twisted Pleasures – Amelia James

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“Fuck me like I deserve it.”He reached for the doorknob and locked it.

I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his mouth down on mine, then bit his lip as I dragged him toward the shower, fumbling with his belt and managing to get his jeans unzipped.

He yanked my football jersey over my head and shoved my jeans to my ankles, stripping me in a matter of seconds. I turned, trying to bend over the tub to give him my naked ass, but he tripped me and guided me to the floor.

I landed facedown, my hot nipples smashed against the cold tile.

He dropped to his knees and trapped my thighs between his. “Fuck you like you deserve it, huh, slut? This fancy bathroom’s too good for you, so I’m gonna fuck you on the floor.” He slammed easily between my sweat-coated thighs. “And you’re gonna like it.”

He grabbed my wrists and twisted my arms behind my back, seizing a fistful of my hair to yank my head back—holding me immobile while he punished my pussy. I’d initiated this, but somehow he’d taken over. He fucked me on the cold, unforgiving bathroom tile as if I were some cheap whore spreading her legs for any man with a dollar.

I deserved it. I wanted it. And that’s why I needed him.

My shoulders ached and my scalp stung, but Alex pounded my greedy pussy without mercy. I tried to slam my ass back against him, but I couldn’t even lift my head to look in the mirror. Instead, I watched our reflection in the shower door. I saw my nipples brush the tile, my breasts bouncing every time he slammed into me. My hair flew wild around my face, and I gasped, my mouth falling open when he thrust deep.

His body, his powerful thighs, strained while he pumped. The muscles in his arms flexed and hardened like steel as he adjusted his grip on my wrists and hair. Sweat trickled down his tight abs, dripping onto my ass.

I watched his face. I’d never done that before.

His eyes squeezed closed and he gnawed his bottom lip, groaning as his cock drove into me. He looked almost sad when he pulled out, but pleasure and satisfaction returned to his face when he took me again. A snarling, victorious smile twisted his lips, and I caught him watching me, his gaze burning into mine. I wanted to hide my face, but his grip on me made that impossible, and he laughed.

A tight ache built in my pussy, squeezing his cock and refusing to let go. I needed release, but didn’t want it yet. He held me captive with his legs, tormenting me with his cock. “More… please. Don’t let go.”

“You’re mine, baby. Will can fuck you. I can fuck you. No one else.”

My heart fluttered and my clit tingled. My men could have me whenever and however they wanted me.

Alex pulled my hair tighter, lifting my head and forcing my eyes to meet his. “But I can fuck any woman I want.”

“Bastard!” I gathered my strength and slammed my ass into him, trying to knock him off, but he landed on his knees and sank deeper into my hot pussy, laughing while he fucked me harder.

Damn it. Why did he have to piss me off? Why did he have to hurt me? “I hate you.”

“No you don’t.”

“We’re done. Get off.”

“You first.”

What? How can I—?

Alex thrust into me hard, pulled out slow, and slammed back in again at a sharp angle.

Oh God, he’s going to make me come whether I want to or not. I wrestled my arms free and pushed my body up, but he fell on top of me, squashing my hot naked breasts on the cold floor. The shock sent sizzling chills down my spine, triggering the release I fought to contain. Explosive waves ripped me apart, and I slammed my fist against the hard tile. “No, no, no!”

cooltext129750505189949The Photograph – Chessela Helm

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The third picture was me standing almost in profile, wearing a lacy, black bra and panties, thigh high stockings, and high heels while putting lipstick on my open mouth.

“That is… that is obscene,” he said in a shaky voice.  “There is no possible way a red-blooded male can look at this and not think about sex.  Look at me, I’m hard.”

“Spread your legs and I’ll take care of that bad boy for you,” I said.

His jaw opened.  “Don’t you want to go on the bed?”

“No, you’re worth getting on my knees for.”

His cock quivered just thinking about that.  I licked the tip, slow and teasing, before I brought it into my mouth.  My lips widened, and I wished I’d worn lipstick to mark him with.  I took him deep, sucking that huge lollipop like I’d never tasted anything better in my life.  His breathing was erratic.  I bobbed up and down, teasing his balls with one hand, gripping his ass cheek with the other.  His hands were in my hair, but gently – so gently I marveled at his self-control.  He wasn’t fucking my mouth – my mouth was fucking his dick.  And the way he moaned, you’d think he’d never experienced that before.

I kept at it, my lips tickling his hair one moment, then my tongue circling his head in the next.  I knew he was getting close, and I knew he was going to have to return the favor after I finished.  I was too turned on to do anything other than orgasm after this.  As soon as I felt his dick pulsing, I pulled away and put my hands around its head.  His semen shot into my palms and got all over his penis.  First I took one hand and licked it clean, then the other, and lastly, his cock.

He hadn’t said a word, so I looked up and found he had a look on his face like he was so turned on, he couldn’t even handle it anymore.

“What’s the matter, baby?” I asked in a moll voice.  “Did I scare you when I did this?”

I licked my hand from palm to middle fingertip.

“No words,” he finally said.  “Just gone.”

I looked at his face with a mischievous smile.  I reached out and took his hand and licked it from palm to fingertip.  He closed his eyes like he was in pain.

“I’m dead,” he said.  “This is what dying of pleasure feels like.”

“Good.  Now it’s my turn.”

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