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Losing it – Christine D’Abo

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“You’re too…fucking good…at that.” Justin moaned loud. “You need to stop. I’m going to come.”Did he want to stop?


He closed his eyes and doubled his efforts, sucking and teasing in a steadily increasing pace. Justin’s body shook beneath him, his muscles doing a silent dance of resistance. Justin’s hand continued to thread through his hair, stroking him, encouraging him on. Justin’s stomach muscles tightened, his breathing became labored as he drew closer to the edge of release.

“Finn – ” Justin choked back a noise that could have been a sob. “Finn.”

There was something so deeply emotion in that single syllable, Finn’s chest tightened as he was overcome with unexpected emotion. He sucked harder, needed to feel Justin’s final surrender. Needing to know that it was done by his hands.

“I’m…ah. Finn…”

The first spurts of come splashed across his tongue, drawing a moan of his own. Finn swallowed every bit he could, for once not minding the bitter taste. He pumped Justin’s cock until there was nothing else coming. Only then, did he pull back to look fully on the panting, sweaty mess that used to be Justin.

It was a glorious sight.

Finn needed to stretch out, his legs protesting from the awkward angle the worn mattress had forced his body. As pins and needles marched through his lower half, he focused his attention on Justin and how handsome he looked, the glow of orgasm still fresh on his skin.

When he finally opened his brown eyes, Finn saw for the first time a warmth that hadn’t been there before. “You’re far too good at that.”

“It helps to have someone you…you like.” He cupped Justin’s face as he leaned in and kissed him softly.

Justin took advantage and rolled them so he was now the one on top. “You’re turn.”

Instead of moving down for a blowjob, Justin reached for the lube and squeezed a generous amount onto his fingers. It took a second for Finn’s brain to catch up as to what Justin was doing. The next thing he knew, Justin opened the condom packet and rolled it onto Finn’s cock. “Don’t move.”

He straddled Finn and ever so slowly lowered himself down onto Finn’s shaft. It was far harder than he’d realized it would be not to move, to let Justin work his body down inch by inch, until he was fully seated inside him. Only then, once he’d taken a moment to adjust, did Justin smile and began to fuck himself on Finn.

Finn was somewhat certain that he was breathing, partially because he hadn’t passed out from lack of oxygen, but mostly because he was staring up at the stunning site of Justin writhing above him. This couldn’t be real, this slice of heaven. This amazing, intelligent man giving his body to Finn.

Justin’s body squeezed around Finn’s shaft, making all other thoughts flee from his mind. Justin might not have the body size that he did, but he was clearly a man who was used to taking control of the situation. With his gaze locked into Finn’s, Justin ground down, clenching hard before slowly pulling back up. Finn placed his hands on Justin’s hips, but more as a way to keep himself grounded.

Leaning forward, Justin smiled down at him, just far enough way that Finn couldn’t kiss him. “You didn’t expect this, did you?”

Finn shook his head, not sure he any longer had control over his voice.

“You want me to talk dirty to you. Want to see if I can make you come with my voice as much as I know I can make you come with my body?”

Finn groaned, nodding.

Justin leaned down, his lips pressed against Finn’s ear. The angle was awkward, and his cock was dangerously close to slipping out. He swirled his tongue around the rim of his ear, before his hot words spilled over Finn.

“I saw you in the ring, your shirt was off and you were covered in sweat. I wanted to get in there and lick your skin. I wanted to know what you tasted like. I wanted to feel you pound into my body. My cock trapped between us. I wanted you to jerk me off while you fucked my ass, then lick the come from my skin.”

“Jesus.” Finn growled before using his momentum to flip them both around. “Fuck.”

He couldn’t hold back. Gone was the quite reservation that ruled his life and in its place, an explosion on uncontrolled need. He closed his eyes and fucked into Justin, reaching between them to grab hold of his cock. He jerked his shaft in time with his thrusts until his orgasm ripped through his body.

The sudden strength that had claimed him only moments ago, vanished, leaving Finn an exhausted, panting mess. He lifted his head and looked into Justin’s smirking face. “You suck.”

Then, the most magical thing in the world happened – Justin laughed.

Jax – Lane Hart

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Squaring her shoulders, Page seems to collect herself and her confidence when she walks towards me. She surprises the shit out of me when she actually jumps on me, wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. My reflexes are quick, so I grab her ass to hold her up at the same time our lips meet, hot and hungry.

Easily carrying her tall, lean weight, I make it inside her apartment and shut the door with my foot before clothes start flying. The fireman’s hat and jacket are first, then Page’s shirt and bra. The rest are all below the belt and will require us separating.

“Bed?” I ask against her lips.

“Anywhere,” she responds, sounding like she’s ready to throw down right where we’re standing.

“But I didn’t even get to use the line I had ready for when you opened the door,” I tell her when I lay her down on a bed I assume is in her room.

“Doesn’t matter,” she says, her hands trying to figure out how to get my fireman pants off.

“So you don’t want to hear about how I’ve got a long ladder to use to save your pussy,” I ask.

“No.” She laughs. “That’s horrible.”

“You’re so hot I need to cool you down with my hose?”

“Stop talking and get naked fireman,” she responds. “I’m in desperate need of your…hose, even if it has been in thousands of fire crotches.”

“Hey!” I scoff, but then her hand finds its way into my pants, fisting my hard shaft. I have those heavy pants off a second later, retrieving the condom in the pocket before tossing them along with her shorts and panties out of our way.

I flip Page over like a pancake to take her from behind. After tearing the condom wrapper with my teeth I start multitasking, rolling the condom down with one hand while the other estimates her readiness. Hot damn, she’s dripping wet, and she immediately starts squeezing the fuck out of my fingers. I barely touched her, and she came for me.

“Damn, princess. You miss me getting you off the last few weeks?” I ask, pulling her hips back and lining my cock up to slide inside her.

“Yes,” she moans.

“Then why didn’t you just ask for it?” I’m sheathed all the way inside her wet heat after one deep shove.

“Oh God, Jax!”

“Is this what you needed?” I ask, my hips pumping like they can’t go fast or hard enough.


“Then we’re lifting…the goddamn… no fucking…sanction,” I tell her, leaning down to bite her shoulder.

“Please,” she almost sobs that one word.

“Please, what?” I ask through clenched teeth. Sweat is already running down my face while I try to last. “You want me to fuck you…until your body shakes underneath mine?”

Yes, God yes!”

“You going to let me fuck you all night?” I ask, my hands tightening on her hips to pound into her harder with each word. “Every. God. Damn. Night?”

“Please, Jax!”

I press my chest flush against her back to reach around underneath her. My fingertips circle her trigger point and with one last deep shove her sexy body tenses and shakes, her moans music to my ears.

Ahhh,” I groan with the explosion of my own release. After she milks every last drop from me, I pull out and flop over onto the mattress beside her. Page continues to lay limply on her stomach, face buried in the pillow. “You still alive, princess?” I ask with a poke to her ribs.

“Mmm,” comes out softly when she squirms. Finally, she turns her head to the side to face me, hair in her eyes, a fuck-drunk smile stretched across her face.

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