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cooltext129748819578231Dangerously Bad – Eden Bradley

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He grinned, an animal hunger in his glittering gaze, in the loose softness of his mouth as he tore the packet with his sharp, white teeth and rolled it onto his heavy erection. “You can thank me later,” he growled, positioning his thick cock at the entrance to her body, making her sex clench. “After I fuck you senseless. Or maybe I’ll be the senseless one. Luckily, it doesn’t really matter, does it, lovely?”“Not at all. I mean, yes please. I mean…I don’t know, Duff, just do it.”

Reaching down between them, he pinched her pussy lips between hard, hurting fingers, but it only made her need spiral higher. He used the same fingers to spread her open, and pushed the swollen tip of his cock into her.

“Oh! God…”

He was so damn big—beautifully so. She wanted to take him in all at once, but she knew, even wet as she was, that it would take a moment for her body to open for a man of his size.

“Ah, that’s it, princess. So. Damn. Good. So tight. Fuck.” He pressed a little deeper. “I am gonna fuck you so good and hard,” he muttered, taking her face in one big hand and holding her tight. “I am gonna bury myself until my balls are pressed tight up against your lovely…hot…pussy.”

He was forcing her to look at him, and the intensity of his gaze on hers was almost shocking. Electric. She was shaking all over—with scorching pleasure at the first hint of him filling her, with the need to take as much of him in as she could. Shaking with sharp desire and a touch of fear at the restrained beast she saw behind his eyes. She wanted that animal to be let loose, unleashed on her body. She didn’t care if it hurt. She wanted it all. Wanted all of him.

In one punishing thrust he buried his cock to the hilt, driving the breath from her body. Driving pleasure deep. Then he bent to kiss her mouth, shifted to bite her shoulder, his teeth grinding into her skin. And she loved it all, the ownership of his actions. She refused to think about it—she wanted to be in the moment, in the pure pleasure of it as he slung his hips and began to fuck her.

It was a rough, relentless pounding, his teeth sinking deeper, his rigid flesh driving harder into her. And all she could do was hang onto his broad shoulders, her fingernails digging into his skin. He was hitting her g-spot, his pelvis crashing into hers, and the pressure built inside her until it was screaming to get out.

“Need to come…” she panted.

“No.” He buried a hand in the back of her hair and pulled. “No. Not yet.”

With his other hand he held her wrists above her head, bent and bit into the tender flesh on the underside of her arm. When she yelped, he growled, like a lion purring before devouring its prey. And she knew that was what she was at that moment. A part of her wanted to fight back—she loved that primal struggle—but she felt too taken over by him. Letting her hair go, he slid his hand under her buttocks, lifting her hips to meet his as his fingers dug in, pressing into the pressure points there.


“Does it hurt, lovely?” he ground out, his Scottish accent so heavy she could barely make out the words. His hips slammed into her as pleasure and pain melded in her system. “I want it to. Need it to. Tell me you need it, Layla. Tell me.”

“Yes.” It came out on a sob—a sob of reluctant yielding and overwhelming sensation and the exquisite need to come. “Yes, I need it. I need you not to be careful with me.”

“I won’t be, I can guarantee you that.”

He started to buck harder into her, one stabbing thrust after another, faster and faster. Pleasure was a hammer, then a tight coil, then a fiery heat, the steam needing to be released.

“Duff, God damn it! Let me come.”

“Too damn used to being the boss,” he muttered, his fingers digging deeper into the sore flesh of her ass.

“Fucking hell, Duff!”

“Oh yeah,” he ground out, his voice low and guttural . “Beg me, cuss me out. Let it out, princess. I love it.”

cooltext129750505189949Where I Belong – Jae Moran

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Buy Links : Amazon | $5.96/£4.49

Both men stripped their clothes off and tossing them onto the floor as they entered Harper’s hotel room. “Come here, Luka. Let me show you how much I missed you.”

Lucas already had his shirt off when Harper unbuttoned his jeans as they kissed. Pushing Harper onto the bed, Lucas pulled Harper’s shoes and socks off before stripping the charcoal dress pants and underwear right off his body. The solid masculine body he revealed was breathtakingly beautiful. Harper’s dark hair fell in his eyes and he smiled at Lucas like he was some amazing prize. Yanking his jeans and underwear off, Lucas powered his way onto the bed and on top of Harper, straddling his hips.

Teeth and tongues clashed as the deep kiss made both of their cocks weep heavily. Lucas couldn’t resist rocking and pressing their dicks together without interrupting the kiss. The need for oxygen soon overrode their lust and they moved apart slightly, mossy hazel locked on pale blue. Falling to the side and pulling Harper to face him, Lucas restarted the kiss only this time it was gentler and more loving but no less passionate.

Missed you so much.” Harper snuggled closer and kissed him again.

You have turned me into a sex maniac. I’ve jack off every morning in the shower to keep me from embarrassing myself at work. That’s on top of the phone sex with you.”

Same here and I’ve had all kinds of time alone in boring hotel rooms. I’ve even resorted to watching porn for the distraction. But I have to admit, I came across something I want to try.”

Okay. You plus porn equals how can I lose.”

It may turn out better for me than you but I think you’ll like it.”

What do I have to do?”

Scoot closer so we’re cock to cock.” Lucas moved his hips towards Harper and shifted into position. “Watch.” Harper aligned their cocks slit to slit and pressed the head of his cock even tighter to Lucas’s. Wrapping his hand around the collar of Lucas’s foreskin, he pulled it completely over the head of Lucas’s cock and beyond until it covered the head of his own cut cock. With his hand wrapped around the heads of their joined cocks, Harper moved the skin back and forth, twisting slightly. Panting and shaking, he kept jacking them both with his long fingers teasing the underside with each stroke.

Lucas stared at their cocks docked together and moaned. “So hot… How’s it feel to have a hood again?”

Amazing.” In awe, both men kept watching Harper slide Lucas’s foreskin over the head of his dick until they were so turned on that they needed more. Harper pulled away and positioned himself onto his elbows and knees, arching his back, lifting his ass wantonly. “Come on Luka, need you inside me now.”

He knew Lucas couldn’t resist the blatant invitation and he was right. In record time, Lucas found the lube and slicked up his dick and started on Harper’s ass.

Harper rocked back on the first brush across his pucker. “Don’t bother stretching me. Just fill me up. Now. Please.”

Oh God, Harper…” Pushing into Harper, Lucas whimpered. “So tight. So good.”

Savoring the burn, Harper groaned and winced as Lucas moved forward. The pain passed and all he could feel was the zing of Lucas’s big dick stroking his prostate. Harper grunted every time he felt Lucas balls slap against him as he pushed his hips back taking Lucas deeper than he thought possible. Suddenly, Lucas pulled out and flipped Harper onto his back, grabbed his legs and folded Harper in half before filling his ass once again. “Need to see your face. Unnggh. Missed you so much. Oh God. Come with me.”

Harper frantically pulled on his dick trying to catch up with Lucas. Remembering the feel of Lucas’s hood slipping over the head of his cock sent him right to the precipice. When there was nowhere else for them to go, they catapulted right over the edge into the oblivion. Coming back to earth, Lucas dropped to his side and drew Harper’s seemingly boneless body against his chest before kissing the top of Harper’s head. After a few minutes recovery, Lucas went in search of a wet cloth and cleaned them up. That finished, Harper egged Lucas back under the covers so they could nestle together for some much-deserved sleep. They both had a long, long day.

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