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cooltext129748819578231Life on Pause – Erin McLellan

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With the flat of his tongue, Rusty licked from Niles’s hole to his balls, getting it wet and slick. He kept his mouth right there on Niles’s taint, licking and blowing Niles’s mind. After pressing the dildo in about halfway, when Niles was beginning to feel full and nervous, Rusty angled the toy so it tapped his prostate.

Guh. Damn.

“Do you know how hot you are?” Rusty whispered, his lips still pressed against Niles intimately. “I love the noises you make. Love the way you move against me.”

And only then did Niles notice that he’d been helplessly squirming against Rusty’s face and making silly unconscious whimpers in his throat. Rusty sucked hard on the inside of Niles’s thigh.

“Yes, suck,” Niles murmured, too lost in the small bite of pain and the wonderful throbbing in his ass to care how stupid he sounded.

But Rusty must have misunderstood because he hitched himself higher to reach Niles dick, which was already dripping. Niles shook his head a little desperately and pushed Rusty back down toward his nuts and taint and hole. He wouldn’t last a second if Rusty blew him.

“Oh,” Rusty gasped, obviously realizing what Niles meant. “Can I mark you?”

“Yes,” Niles moaned. Then, “Yes!” as Rusty sucked brutally hard on the join of his thigh and groin. And then again on his perineum.

Rusty plunged the rest of the dildo into him, and Niles could have come just from those lips on him and the weight and press of the toy in his ass. But he didn’t want to. He wanted it all. Wanted to show Rusty exactly what he liked.

What his body was capable of.

Niles gripped his own hair and whined as Rusty slowly, so slowly, pulled the dildo out, pausing each time Niles’s body was stretched wide, making him feel really feel it. As soon as Niles was empty, he begged, scared of the bare, aching feeling and his frightening need to come.

Rusty kissed his hole again, and Niles pulled at his own hair so hard that pain lanced down into his temples.

“Please, Rusty. Please. God. Oh, my mother trucker. Don’t stop!”

Rusty slicked up the prostate massager and held it to Niles’s ass. Niles flexed his hole against it, and Rusty groaned into his thigh before slipping it all the way inside and turning the vibrator on.

Niles immediately tightened his pelvic muscles, like it said to do in the instructions, because he was nothing if not a rule follower, and the tip of the massager rubbed over his prostate. He cried out breathlessly, and his body undulated like a wave. Nothing could compare to that feeling, like lightning hurtling through his limbs.

“Jesus Christ, Niles. Your ass,” Rusty moaned and licked around the base of the toy. Niles slapped one hand down onto Rusty’s shoulder as Rusty sucked the tight skin of his taint again. He shuddered against Rusty’s mouth, the vibration against his prostate making him delirious.

Niles’s dick got even harder, until it was dark purple and shiny at the tip, and he kept up with the Kegels—his favorite form of exercise. His orgasm built inside him, heat flushing his skin and his vision turning swimmy.

But he needed . . . oh, God, he needed something to hold on to, something to ground himself before he ripped apart.

“Rusty,” he breathed, his whole body shaking.


“Could you, uh, up here? Come . . . kiss me,” Niles stuttered out as he tugged on Rusty’s hair. Rusty sucked his balls one last time, which about sent Niles over, then he crawled up the bed and lay down next to Niles.

Niles planted his feet on the bed and quaked. He was so close.

So scared.

Rusty plastered himself to Niles’s side, pinching his nipple with one hand and cupping the back of Niles’s neck with the other. He kissed Niles desperately, sweetly—he tasted a little like ice cream and a lot like lube—and pressed his cock against Niles’s hip. It was wet and hot and silky smooth.

All the muscles in Niles’s body contracted, and he gasped. Rusty pulled away, watching his face, and then lights popped in Niles’s vision and his body rushed cold and hot.

Niles’s arms snapped around Rusty’s neck of their own volition, needing to cling to Rusty, to cling and never let go, and he came hard, his body pulsing and a broken cry falling from his lips.

cooltext129750505189949Broken Bits – Kel O’Connor

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When he breached her opening, her eyes flew down to where they were joining.  A bead of sweat rolled down the tattoo on his abs to disappear into the dark hair at his groin.  The burn from the stretch was more painful that it should have been.  It was all in her memory, though.

Don’t! Her mind reprimanded.  Concentrate on Mick.  That’s the past.  She watched in fascination as he was able to seat himself with just a couple of shallow thrusts.  Was she truly that wet?  The stinging sensation faded as he gave her time to get used to his girth.  Kit relaxed a bit more.  He was right- it did feel familiar, safe.

Mick held himself away from her, leaning over her with arms extended.  When he looked at her, his eyes were blazing, intense.

“Okay?” He choked out the one word through gritted teeth.

Kit saw him, so determined, all for her.  Her channel pulsed and she had no idea if it came from her, him, or a combination.  All she knew was that nothing had ever been so right.  He was correct- she knew his body.  As long as she stayed focused on Mick, she could do this.  Perhaps even like it.

“Better than okay,” She smiled and managed to swivel her hips a bit.

As soon as he heard her, he let out an immense exhale and let his head sag.  After a moment, he looked back at her, the side of his mouth kicked up in a rueful grin. This close, she could see how the ends of his lips curled up, like a secret smile just for her.

“Oh, angel,” He groaned. “The way your body cradles mine…it has always floored me.”

Kit blinked back tears. It was a thought she’d often had.  That their bodies seemed made for each other.  But right now, his obvious pleasure was helpful, making her see herself as stronger, more desirable, less defective.

When he carefully plunged in and out a few times, something within Kit started to shift.  Having him inside her started to feel enjoyable.  The slow drag of his thrusts was making her hips buck in frustration. For the first time in months, she felt like her old self.  The daring woman who would leap first and then check for the net.

Knowing that he was still being careful, Kit smiled and whispered, “More.”

Mick dazzled her with a grin of his own and started to move faster and harder.  Ugly memories wanted to pull her attention away from his beautiful face so Kit concentrated harder.  Those bad times had no place here.  She anchored her hands around his forearms, the only part of him she could easily reach.

“That’s it,” He crooned, as if he knew her demons wanted in. “Look at me, beautiful brave girl.  Can you tell how inflamed you have made me?”

She could, the signs were obvious.  Sweat dripped down on her from his face.  His arms were starting to tremble from exertion.  His entire body was taut and he was incredibly, deliciously hard inside her. She moaned and clenched around him, causing him to hiss in reaction.  He was so ready to come, she could tell.  But he was holding off for her.  Kit opened her mouth to let him there was no need to wait.  She had gotten everything she had wanted and more.  But Mick moved before she could begin.

He leaned down for one quick, frantic lick into her mouth.  He groaned as he raised his head.

“There were times I would wake up with the taste of you on my tongue,” He whispered, continuing his measured plunges.

Kit could not look away from the truth and the heat in his eyes.

“And I would be so hard,” He continued, drawing out the last two words for emphasis.

While she managed to contain her whimper, she still shivered at his words and his dark voice.  Her hips twisted as she pictured the scene in her mind.  Mick, naked and ready, in their bed.

“I would use my hand,” The deep tone of his voice ensnared her. “And fantasize it was your hand…your mouth.”

There was no way Kit could hold back her moans now. She imagined him kicking away the covers, touching himself.  The image was beyond hot, especially when he admitted he was thinking of her as he got off.  She knew what he looked like when he came.  How his lips would form to growl out her old name.  In her head, she could see him unload all over the tattoo on his abdomen.

Her breath stuttered when he moved one hand down and stroked her clit.  Fuck, that felt good, she admitted as her body quaked.  The sounds coming from her mouth were incoherent, needy.

Because she knew he wasn’t lying, not making up a story.  She knew him well enough.  Oh hell, that meant that he really had jacked off fantasizing about her.  Perhaps more than once.  So he had missed her, at least in a sexual way.

Between that realization and the emotion in his eyes, imaginary flames licked at her as if she were on fire.  Heat rolled through her, centering on the spots between her legs where his cock and magic fingers were at work.

The sudden orgasm crashed into her, surprising and forceful.  It was like an actual break, she could almost hear the snap.


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