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Life on Pause – Erin McLellan

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With the flat of his tongue, Rusty licked from Niles’s hole to his balls, getting it wet and slick. He kept his mouth right there on Niles’s taint, licking and blowing Niles’s mind. After pressing the dildo in about halfway, when Niles was beginning to feel full and nervous, Rusty angled the toy so it tapped his prostate.

Guh. Damn.

“Do you know how hot you are?” Rusty whispered, his lips still pressed against Niles intimately. “I love the noises you make. Love the way you move against me.”

And only then did Niles notice that he’d been helplessly squirming against Rusty’s face and making silly unconscious whimpers in his throat. Rusty sucked hard on the inside of Niles’s thigh.

“Yes, suck,” Niles murmured, too lost in the small bite of pain and the wonderful throbbing in his ass to care how stupid he sounded.

But Rusty must have misunderstood because he hitched himself higher to reach Niles dick, which was already dripping. Niles shook his head a little desperately and pushed Rusty back down toward his nuts and taint and hole. He wouldn’t last a second if Rusty blew him.

“Oh,” Rusty gasped, obviously realizing what Niles meant. “Can I mark you?”

“Yes,” Niles moaned. Then, “Yes!” as Rusty sucked brutally hard on the join of his thigh and groin. And then again on his perineum.

Rusty plunged the rest of the dildo into him, and Niles could have come just from those lips on him and the weight and press of the toy in his ass. But he didn’t want to. He wanted it all. Wanted to show Rusty exactly what he liked.

What his body was capable of.

Niles gripped his own hair and whined as Rusty slowly, so slowly, pulled the dildo out, pausing each time Niles’s body was stretched wide, making him feel really feel it. As soon as Niles was empty, he begged, scared of the bare, aching feeling and his frightening need to come.

Rusty kissed his hole again, and Niles pulled at his own hair so hard that pain lanced down into his temples.

“Please, Rusty. Please. God. Oh, my mother trucker. Don’t stop!”

Rusty slicked up the prostate massager and held it to Niles’s ass. Niles flexed his hole against it, and Rusty groaned into his thigh before slipping it all the way inside and turning the vibrator on.

Niles immediately tightened his pelvic muscles, like it said to do in the instructions, because he was nothing if not a rule follower, and the tip of the massager rubbed over his prostate. He cried out breathlessly, and his body undulated like a wave. Nothing could compare to that feeling, like lightning hurtling through his limbs.

“Jesus Christ, Niles. Your ass,” Rusty moaned and licked around the base of the toy. Niles slapped one hand down onto Rusty’s shoulder as Rusty sucked the tight skin of his taint again. He shuddered against Rusty’s mouth, the vibration against his prostate making him delirious.

Niles’s dick got even harder, until it was dark purple and shiny at the tip, and he kept up with the Kegels—his favorite form of exercise. His orgasm built inside him, heat flushing his skin and his vision turning swimmy.

But he needed . . . oh, God, he needed something to hold on to, something to ground himself before he ripped apart.

“Rusty,” he breathed, his whole body shaking.


“Could you, uh, up here? Come . . . kiss me,” Niles stuttered out as he tugged on Rusty’s hair. Rusty sucked his balls one last time, which about sent Niles over, then he crawled up the bed and lay down next to Niles.

Niles planted his feet on the bed and quaked. He was so close.

So scared.

Rusty plastered himself to Niles’s side, pinching his nipple with one hand and cupping the back of Niles’s neck with the other. He kissed Niles desperately, sweetly—he tasted a little like ice cream and a lot like lube—and pressed his cock against Niles’s hip. It was wet and hot and silky smooth.

All the muscles in Niles’s body contracted, and he gasped. Rusty pulled away, watching his face, and then lights popped in Niles’s vision and his body rushed cold and hot.

Niles’s arms snapped around Rusty’s neck of their own volition, needing to cling to Rusty, to cling and never let go, and he came hard, his body pulsing and a broken cry falling from his lips.

Accepted – Hudson Lin

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The tip of Tyler’s tongue slipped out from between the full lips and wetted them as if inviting Cam in for a taste. Tyler’s eyes were heavy lidded, and the hand on his shoulder tightened in a squeeze. Cam felt himself drifting closer, compelled by something too complicated for him to comprehend. 

The first brush of lips against lips was the crack that broke the dam and suddenly ten years of suppressed desire came gushing out. He kissed Tyler like a man carried by the crest of a wave, propelled forward by a force that could not be tamed. Cam’s fingers found their way into Tyler’s thick silky hair, and he pressed up against the toned hardness of Tyler’s body. They stumbled in Cam’s eagerness until Tyler was pushed up against the wall, his arms pulling Cam closer.  

God, he tasted good: whiskey and smoke, and the spices from that night’s biriyani dinner. Cam slipped his tongue inside Tyler’s mouth, desperate to taste every square inch. He groaned when Tyler’s tongue fought back, wrestling against his until his own mouth was invaded. Cam didn’t mind, he sucked on Tyler’s tongue until the other man bucked against him. 

Tyler’s bulge brushed against his thigh and he shifted until they were properly aligned. And then one of Tyler’s hands drifted down to grasp at Cam’s ass, squeezing hard and pulling him close as they ground against each other. Deep shudders tore through Cam at the sensation—he couldn’t stop shaking.

He pulled himself away from Tyler’s delicious mouth, struggling for some semblance of control, only to have Tyler kiss and lick at his neck, nibbling at his earlobe. Cam let his head fall back as the wave of desire carried him forward. 

Tyler pulled Cam back into a tonsil deep kiss and the hand that had been clutching at his ass drifted around to the front. When the heel of Tyler’s hand pressed against his throbbing dick, Cam let out a cry and jerked at the unfamiliar contact. He clung to Tyler, fingers digging into the sloping muscles of Tyler’s arms; he didn’t care if he was leaving marks. 

Then, with a deftness that escaped Cam’s befuddled mind, Tyler unbuttoned and unzipped Cam’s pants and pulled his boxers low enough for Cam’s hard, leaking cock to spring out. Cam almost died when Tyler wrapped his long, hot fingers around his dick. He couldn’t remember the last time he had felt the touch of another man, the tight grasp of a hand that wasn’t his own. 

He was shaking uncontrollably now, moaning into Tyler’s mouth as their tongues continued to duel. It didn’t take long, one tug and then two. A twist of Tyler’s hand across the head of Cam’s cock, and a swipe of his thumb against the leaking slit. And then Cam was coming, his body convulsing in spasms as he unloaded all over Tyler’s hand. 

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