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Accepted – Hudson Lin

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The tip of Tyler’s tongue slipped out from between the full lips and wetted them as if inviting Cam in for a taste. Tyler’s eyes were heavy lidded, and the hand on his shoulder tightened in a squeeze. Cam felt himself drifting closer, compelled by something too complicated for him to comprehend. 

The first brush of lips against lips was the crack that broke the dam and suddenly ten years of suppressed desire came gushing out. He kissed Tyler like a man carried by the crest of a wave, propelled forward by a force that could not be tamed. Cam’s fingers found their way into Tyler’s thick silky hair, and he pressed up against the toned hardness of Tyler’s body. They stumbled in Cam’s eagerness until Tyler was pushed up against the wall, his arms pulling Cam closer.  

God, he tasted good: whiskey and smoke, and the spices from that night’s biriyani dinner. Cam slipped his tongue inside Tyler’s mouth, desperate to taste every square inch. He groaned when Tyler’s tongue fought back, wrestling against his until his own mouth was invaded. Cam didn’t mind, he sucked on Tyler’s tongue until the other man bucked against him. 

Tyler’s bulge brushed against his thigh and he shifted until they were properly aligned. And then one of Tyler’s hands drifted down to grasp at Cam’s ass, squeezing hard and pulling him close as they ground against each other. Deep shudders tore through Cam at the sensation—he couldn’t stop shaking.

He pulled himself away from Tyler’s delicious mouth, struggling for some semblance of control, only to have Tyler kiss and lick at his neck, nibbling at his earlobe. Cam let his head fall back as the wave of desire carried him forward. 

Tyler pulled Cam back into a tonsil deep kiss and the hand that had been clutching at his ass drifted around to the front. When the heel of Tyler’s hand pressed against his throbbing dick, Cam let out a cry and jerked at the unfamiliar contact. He clung to Tyler, fingers digging into the sloping muscles of Tyler’s arms; he didn’t care if he was leaving marks. 

Then, with a deftness that escaped Cam’s befuddled mind, Tyler unbuttoned and unzipped Cam’s pants and pulled his boxers low enough for Cam’s hard, leaking cock to spring out. Cam almost died when Tyler wrapped his long, hot fingers around his dick. He couldn’t remember the last time he had felt the touch of another man, the tight grasp of a hand that wasn’t his own. 

He was shaking uncontrollably now, moaning into Tyler’s mouth as their tongues continued to duel. It didn’t take long, one tug and then two. A twist of Tyler’s hand across the head of Cam’s cock, and a swipe of his thumb against the leaking slit. And then Cam was coming, his body convulsing in spasms as he unloaded all over Tyler’s hand. 

Submission, Secrets and the Soldier – Kryssie Fortune

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Possibilities, scenarios, and desires cascaded through Kathryn’s brain like dominoes. Luke’s suggestion that they tick off another item on her sensual to-do list started a slow-burning fire inside her. Warmth flowed through her, building, burning, until it turned into an inferno. Her nipples tingled, and her pussy ached as new desires consumed her.

How Luke made her horny by accepting her refusal was beyond her. She followed him into the kitchen. “Which one?”

He looked over his shoulder. “Huh? Which what? Oh, the things on your fantasy list. I’d never push you to do anything you didn’t want, so like I said, it doesn’t matter.”

Kathryn moved in close. “Tell me what you had planned.”

His slow smile spread over his face. “First, I’d need you naked, your beautiful nipples bare and your cunt wet with desire.”

She should run away and never look back, but his words sent her into sensual overdrive. The intensity in his gaze made her breath catch in her throat. Her cunt was already wet for him, and she craved his hands on her body or his tongue teasing her clit. Lost in a world of desire, she unfastened the top button of her blouse and ran her tongue over her lips. “And then?”

His gaze fastened on her hand as she opened the next button. He coughed to clear his throat, then told her, “Next, I’d run my hands over your curves before rubbing my fingers over your clit. Not that I’d let you come yet.”

She undid the third button. “I’d want to come for you.”

He smiled and undid the next button. “Not yet. Not until I’ve tossed you over my shoulder and carried you into the bedroom.”

Panting slightly, she undid the remaining buttons and slid the blouse from her shoulders. As it pooled on the floor, she unhooked her bra and let it fall atop her blouse. “I’d be so turned on by that. So wet and willing. Would you let me come then?”

His gray-eyed gaze heated with desire. “You’re a very impatient girl. No. You can’t come until I’ve spread-eagled you over the bed and tied you in place. I bought some silk ties especially for us to use. They’d be soft and strong against your wrists and ankles as you writhed for my touch. I’d drive you crazy with desire, always letting you come close to orgasm but backing off rather than taking you over the edge.”

She closed her eyes and unfastened her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. “I’d beg you to let me come.”

Kathryn stood with her breasts bared, her eyes glazed with desire, so turned on by Luke’s words, her breath came in quick, eager pants.

He mesmerized her with his gaze. “You’d have to wait until I’d clamped your nipples and gone down on you. I’d suck your clit and feast on your intimate juices.”

Lost in the pictures their words conjured up, she slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. “Would you let me come then? I’d be desperate and needy, on fire for you. I’d want your cock in my mouth or my pussy. I’d let you come.”

As if propelled by an invisible force, he threw her over his shoulder, marched to his bedroom, and tossed her onto the bed. Before she could squeal, he had her tied in place, legs spread to give him easy access to her cunt.

She tested her bonds, but they held her motionless and at his mercy. Luke leaned in and sucked one nipple between his lips, teasing it with his teeth and tongue. Once it stood erect and proud, he fastened a clothespin on it. He repeated everything with her other nipple, again clamping it in a clothespin. “Say mercy if things get too much.”

She nodded and licked her lips, but he resisted her unspoken demand for a kiss and nibbled his way down her belly. A gentle tug at her pubic hair made her squeak and rotate her hips. His fingers rimmed her rear entrance while he lapped at her pussy.

Her eyes opened wide when he slipped his little finger in her ass. “I’ve never… Oh, God, don’t stop.”

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