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cooltext129748819578231Forbidden Promises – Katee Robert

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She lifted her chin as he pulled her to the edge of the counter and pushed a finger into her. Wet and wanting, just like I like her. Sloan gasped. “Do I have to tie you down in order to actually get to finish you like that?”

“It’ll never happen.” He wasn’t the type of man who could be tied down. Not like that. Not in any way. Jude skimmed off her shirt, needing to see all that creamy skin laid out for his pleasure.

He notched his cock in her entrance and spread her thighs wide. “I’m not going to be gentle, sunshine.” He didn’t know if he had it in him with the tangled mess of emotions riding him.

She braced her hands on the edge of the counter, which arched her back and put her breasts almost within reach of his mouth. “I can take it.”

“I know.” He shoved into her and dropped his head to kiss where he shoulder met her neck, pursuing the peace he only seemed to be able to find between her thighs.

Sloan gave up on clinging to the counter after the third stroke. Jude was too strong, too driven by something she had no name for. So she clung to him instead, riding out the storm she could feel growing inside him. It had started with the look in his dark eyes, one she’d recognized from seeing it in the mirror often enough in the last few years.


And he’d come to her, to what she could give him, to escape it.

He hitched her higher, sliding his hands under her bottom so she no longer had contact with the counter. Jude used his hold to slide her up and down his length, his mouth against her ear and his words filling her even as his body did. “I can’t get enough of you. The little cries you make, the way your pussy tightens around my cock like you never want me to leave, your taste. I crave you.” He turned, and her back hit the wall. “I could spend hours fucking you, switching between my cock, my fingers, my tongue.”

“Do it.” She wasn’t sure she’d survive it, but only he seemed to be able to ease the emptiness she’d had inside since Devlin’s death. Sloan hadn’t been actively living for a very long time, but when she was with Jude, she didn’t feel like she was just existing.

She felt alive.

His grin was almost feral. “You think you can take it?”

“I can take anything you give me, Jude.”

He cursed, shoving all the way into her, until he bumped against her cervix. She cried out, so close to coming, she felt more animal than woman. He knew. He always seemed to know. Jude kept her pinned there, pumping just slightly enough that he hit that spot over and over again. “I love how you say my name when my cock is buried inside you. I like it even better when you’re coming.”

He ground against her, and that friction was all it took. She orgasmed, her fingernails digging into his shoulders, her body becoming more and less at the same time. Distantly, she could have swore she heard him say, “It makes me want to keep you.”

But that couldn’t possibly have been right.

Jude slammed into her, again and again, riding out her orgasm. He was close—she could tell by the tight expression on his face—but she also knew he wouldn’t come yet if he had any say in the matter. A few days into this and she already knew that he liked to make her orgasm several times before he finished.

Not tonight.

She twisted a little, sliding her hand around her leg to cup his balls. His eyes went wide and then narrowed. “Sunshine—”

She squeezed, letting her nails prick him, just a little, and that was all it took. He cursed and drove into her harder, until it felt like the entire house shook with the force of his strokes. Sloan squeezed him once more for good measure, pushing him over that edge.

Jude buried his face in her neck, her name on his lips as he came, his strokes becoming inconsistent and almost spasming.

He lowered them to the ground, still inside her, and lifted his head. “That was a shady little trick.”

“Mmmm.” She’d discovered that part of him was sensitive last night, completely by accident, though she’d half convinced herself it was a fluke. It wasn’t, and she fully intended to torture him with the knowledge the same way he seemed to find pleasure torturing her by inexplicably knowing her body almost better than she did.

“I’m going to punish you for that.” He kissed her lightly. “And you’re going to love every single fucking second of it.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

cooltext129750505189949 Right me Right – Michele De Winton

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When he’d pushed his hand through her wet hair and pulled her head back, the challenge in his eyes shot through Lucy and settled in a fist around her heart. Here was hotness on a plate, just when she needed the distraction. And he wasn’t from Hell’s. You were just bemoaning the lack of action in your pants only a couple of hours ago. This wasn’t something to overthink. This was something to feel. She just had to work out how to not give up control during the process. Because if she was going to survive the next few weeks she needed to stay strong, and falling into the arms of someone like Jake ran the risk of her stumbling.

But like the handshake, the kiss had ricocheted through her system. Everything else ceased to matter. Her hand on his chest was the only defense she had. She was going to be in control here. She had to be. “Truth or Dare?” she asked.

His jaw clenched, the muscle working in his jaw. Hot damn that was sexy.

“No man is ever going to answer that with Truth. Surely you know that.”

“I was counting on it.” She wound a length of her wet hair around her finger with one hand. He let her, but she could feel the strength of his focus on her, it crawled over her skin and laid sticky fingers up to her chin. He was invested in this just as much as she was now.

“Take me under the moon.”


“Under the moon. Outside. Take me.”


“Right now.”

Why you like it: Jake and Lucy have only just met. There is an unwritten rule in romance that you keep your characters waiting, and aching, for each other till the pay off moment, but in this series I intentionally started out each book with the main characters falling into bed with each other.  I enjoy the tension that puts in the rest of the story where they have to decide whether the very real connection they already know they have can carry them through the rest of what the plot throws at them. And in this series it throws a lot at them! Biker rivalry, kidnapping, fires, it’s all there. I hope you enjoy!

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