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cooltext129748819578231Dissent and Desire – Kelly Maher 

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He reached down and I took his hand as I scrambled off the recliner. He led the way down the hall to where his bedroom was. Like the living room, the furnishings were sparse, but this felt a little more lived in with clothes hanging out of a hamper and the blankets on the bed mussed. Most of one wall was windows and I wondered if he ever put on shows for his neighbors across the way.

Rafe pulled the covers and top sheet from the bed. As I had earlier, I took command and pushed him from behind, directing him to sit down. Once he was seated, I kicked his legs open and sank to my knees in front of him.

I didn’t bother with preliminaries. Relaxing my throat muscles, I didn’t stop until my nose hit the hardness of his abs. He fell back on the bed, giving me even more access to him. I rested my hands on his inner thighs and fucked him with my mouth. Fluttering my tongue, I sucked on him. Salty drops of pre-come hit my tastebuds. I scraped my fingers along the gorgeous delineation of muscle on his hairy thighs.

Sighing even as I continued my ministrations, I gave myself over to the feeling of the moment. He was mine to do with as I wished. I controlled him. Moving my one hand between his legs, I cupped his balls and massaged them. He tried to pull out of me, but I only followed him with my mouth. He was going to give everything to me. Every last drop.

“I’m going to come.” His words were tight, as if torn from him.

My only response was to suck even harder.

He shouted and I looked up his body through my eyelashes. His head was thrown back, and I could see the outline of every single muscle between cock and throat.

As I hummed, he began spurting into my mouth. I continued sucking until he was wrung out. His cock twitched as I let it slip from my lips. What I hadn’t been able to swallow stuck to him, and I licked him clean. He let out shuddering breaths, unable to do more. Before letting him go completely, I sank my teeth into his inner thigh, near where it met the base of his cock, and marked him as mine. Another bead of come spurted out.

Satisfaction filled me like it never had before. I had Asshole Research Assistant at my complete mercy thanks to the magical wonders of my pussy and mouth.

I licked the last of my tribute from him.

cooltext129750505189949Accepted – Hudson Lin

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The tip of Tyler’s tongue slipped out from between the full lips and wetted them as if inviting Cam in for a taste. Tyler’s eyes were heavy lidded, and the hand on his shoulder tightened in a squeeze. Cam felt himself drifting closer, compelled by something too complicated for him to comprehend. 

The first brush of lips against lips was the crack that broke the dam and suddenly ten years of suppressed desire came gushing out. He kissed Tyler like a man carried by the crest of a wave, propelled forward by a force that could not be tamed. Cam’s fingers found their way into Tyler’s thick silky hair, and he pressed up against the toned hardness of Tyler’s body. They stumbled in Cam’s eagerness until Tyler was pushed up against the wall, his arms pulling Cam closer.  

God, he tasted good: whiskey and smoke, and the spices from that night’s biriyani dinner. Cam slipped his tongue inside Tyler’s mouth, desperate to taste every square inch. He groaned when Tyler’s tongue fought back, wrestling against his until his own mouth was invaded. Cam didn’t mind, he sucked on Tyler’s tongue until the other man bucked against him. 

Tyler’s bulge brushed against his thigh and he shifted until they were properly aligned. And then one of Tyler’s hands drifted down to grasp at Cam’s ass, squeezing hard and pulling him close as they ground against each other. Deep shudders tore through Cam at the sensation—he couldn’t stop shaking.

He pulled himself away from Tyler’s delicious mouth, struggling for some semblance of control, only to have Tyler kiss and lick at his neck, nibbling at his earlobe. Cam let his head fall back as the wave of desire carried him forward. 

Tyler pulled Cam back into a tonsil deep kiss and the hand that had been clutching at his ass drifted around to the front. When the heel of Tyler’s hand pressed against his throbbing dick, Cam let out a cry and jerked at the unfamiliar contact. He clung to Tyler, fingers digging into the sloping muscles of Tyler’s arms; he didn’t care if he was leaving marks. 

Then, with a deftness that escaped Cam’s befuddled mind, Tyler unbuttoned and unzipped Cam’s pants and pulled his boxers low enough for Cam’s hard, leaking cock to spring out. Cam almost died when Tyler wrapped his long, hot fingers around his dick. He couldn’t remember the last time he had felt the touch of another man, the tight grasp of a hand that wasn’t his own. 

He was shaking uncontrollably now, moaning into Tyler’s mouth as their tongues continued to duel. It didn’t take long, one tug and then two. A twist of Tyler’s hand across the head of Cam’s cock, and a swipe of his thumb against the leaking slit. And then Cam was coming, his body convulsing in spasms as he unloaded all over Tyler’s hand. 

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