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Slap Shot – Kelly Jamieson

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“I might need a little foreplay.” She shoots me a teasing look as she lies down on the bed.

“Oh, yeah. Right.” I move closer and lean down to kiss her. “Dancing. Kissing.”“The keys to my vag,” she says on a sigh. “Along with nipple-sucking and hair-pulling.”

“Jesus. Don’t hold back, spice girl. Tell me what you want.”

She bursts out laughing. “I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want.”

I grin. I love it that she got my joke.

Then she bites her bottom lip. “Does me telling you what I like bother you?”

“Fuck no! I love it.”

“Okay, good. Some men have a problem with a woman who’s too . . . forthright.”

I nuzzle her jaw, her ear, her neck, breathing in the delicious scent of her skin. “How else are you going to get what you want if you don’t ask for it?”

“I’m so glad you see it that way.” Her eyes have drifted closed, her lips parted.

I’m goddamn glad that she told me what she likes. Takes the guesswork out of it for me.

I kiss the pulse that’s beating at her throat, gently suck on her skin there, then kiss my way down over her chest. “Freckles here, too.” I lick them.

“I know. I hate my freckles.”

“They’re beautiful.”

I move over her now, between her legs. She parts her thighs and I sink into their cradle, a perfect fit. I slowly ease the silk slip up over her hips and waist, then she does an impressive crunch to sit up and pull it off over her head. She rolls back down and I press my face between her breasts, then kiss the inner curve of each one. I lick a slow circle around a nipple, which is already tightened. She does a quick inhale and I move to tease the other breast with more licking, finally sliding my tongue over her nipple.

She likes having these beauties sucked. And that’s perfect because damn, I could feast on them forever. I close my teeth so gently over one soft curve and she gasps.

“Getting wet, baby?” I slip a hand between us and investigate. “Oh, yeah. You are.” She’s slippery and swollen. Fuck, that’s hot.

She moves Venus to her pussy and attaches it somehow while I get rid of my pants.

Her gaze goes to my hand on my engorged dick, and her tongue slides over her bottom lip. “You’re . . . wow.”

I glance down. Yeah, I have a big dick. Again, not bragging. I’m glad she likes it.

She smiles, arms reaching for me. “Fuck me, Max.”

I grab a condom from the table beside the bed. After rolling it on, I rub the head of my dick up and down her slit. She’s watching with heavy-lidded eyes and widens her thighs even more as I push inside.

I lift her thighs up and back, my own legs spread wide as I slowly slide in and out, and her hands land on my knees and hold on to them as my strokes get harder, deeper, faster, jolting her. “Oh, yeah,” she breathes. “Fuck me like that.”

I’m not sure about this toy between us, but it’s small, so I stretch out over her to find her mouth again. After a hard kiss, I press my face into the side of her neck and roll my hips against her, balls deep inside her. I can barely feel the toy, other than the vibrating, which is nice. Apparently, she feels it more than I do, because she’s crying out and pressing up into my thrusts. Her hands are all over me, gripping my biceps, roaming over my shoulders and back.

“Oh, yeah!” Her head rolls on the pillow. I kiss her neck and her ear, and then I’m pounding into her, trying to give her what she wants and holy fuck, when she comes her nails dig into my shoulders and I swear her hips are a foot off the bed, holding herself tight against me as her pussy ripples around my dick and she shudders through her orgasm.

Pressure builds in my balls, tension climbs up my spine, and then fire explodes low in my belly, searing through my hips, and out my cock. Holding my dick deep inside her, I press her into the mattress, my nose buried in the side of her neck. I’m making a bunch of guttural noises as I empty myself. She’s petting my back now, kissing my shoulder, and when my cock finishes shooting, I can feel her pussy giving it tiny involuntary squeezes.

Jax – Lane Hart

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Squaring her shoulders, Page seems to collect herself and her confidence when she walks towards me. She surprises the shit out of me when she actually jumps on me, wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. My reflexes are quick, so I grab her ass to hold her up at the same time our lips meet, hot and hungry.

Easily carrying her tall, lean weight, I make it inside her apartment and shut the door with my foot before clothes start flying. The fireman’s hat and jacket are first, then Page’s shirt and bra. The rest are all below the belt and will require us separating.

“Bed?” I ask against her lips.

“Anywhere,” she responds, sounding like she’s ready to throw down right where we’re standing.

“But I didn’t even get to use the line I had ready for when you opened the door,” I tell her when I lay her down on a bed I assume is in her room.

“Doesn’t matter,” she says, her hands trying to figure out how to get my fireman pants off.

“So you don’t want to hear about how I’ve got a long ladder to use to save your pussy,” I ask.

“No.” She laughs. “That’s horrible.”

“You’re so hot I need to cool you down with my hose?”

“Stop talking and get naked fireman,” she responds. “I’m in desperate need of your…hose, even if it has been in thousands of fire crotches.”

“Hey!” I scoff, but then her hand finds its way into my pants, fisting my hard shaft. I have those heavy pants off a second later, retrieving the condom in the pocket before tossing them along with her shorts and panties out of our way.

I flip Page over like a pancake to take her from behind. After tearing the condom wrapper with my teeth I start multitasking, rolling the condom down with one hand while the other estimates her readiness. Hot damn, she’s dripping wet, and she immediately starts squeezing the fuck out of my fingers. I barely touched her, and she came for me.

“Damn, princess. You miss me getting you off the last few weeks?” I ask, pulling her hips back and lining my cock up to slide inside her.

“Yes,” she moans.

“Then why didn’t you just ask for it?” I’m sheathed all the way inside her wet heat after one deep shove.

“Oh God, Jax!”

“Is this what you needed?” I ask, my hips pumping like they can’t go fast or hard enough.


“Then we’re lifting…the goddamn… no fucking…sanction,” I tell her, leaning down to bite her shoulder.

“Please,” she almost sobs that one word.

“Please, what?” I ask through clenched teeth. Sweat is already running down my face while I try to last. “You want me to fuck you…until your body shakes underneath mine?”

Yes, God yes!”

“You going to let me fuck you all night?” I ask, my hands tightening on her hips to pound into her harder with each word. “Every. God. Damn. Night?”

“Please, Jax!”

I press my chest flush against her back to reach around underneath her. My fingertips circle her trigger point and with one last deep shove her sexy body tenses and shakes, her moans music to my ears.

Ahhh,” I groan with the explosion of my own release. After she milks every last drop from me, I pull out and flop over onto the mattress beside her. Page continues to lay limply on her stomach, face buried in the pillow. “You still alive, princess?” I ask with a poke to her ribs.

“Mmm,” comes out softly when she squirms. Finally, she turns her head to the side to face me, hair in her eyes, a fuck-drunk smile stretched across her face.

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