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Paige in Progress – Brighton Walsh

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I lift up, hovering over her again. “Get your purple toy, Paige.” I lower myself and nip at her bottom lip. “I want to watch you fuck yourself with it.”

She stares at me for a minute, her eyes flitting between mine, her lips parted. A flush works its way up her neck to her cheeks, and I don’t have to be a mind reader to know she’s thinking about me watching her use it. And she likes it. “Oh God, I’ll come before I even turn it on.”

“Good.” I push off the bed and stand off to the side. “And then you’ll come again when it’s inside you. And then you’ll come again when I pull it out and put my cock in there instead. You wanted sex tonight? You’re gonna get it. Now grab the toy.”

For a moment, she doesn’t move, and I almost think she’s going to deny me, but then she scrambles over to her side table and pulls out the battery-operated cock she thought was a good substitute for me. We might only be together for the short time I’m here, but I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure everything she uses after I’m gone will pale in comparison to the real deal.

When she’s got it, she lies back on the bed, her head on the pillows and her legs bent and spread, feet propped on the mattress. “I’ve never done this before,” she whispers, tentatively running the head of the vibrator through her slit, looking more vulnerable than I’ve seen her.

I grip my cock hard, because the thought that we’re doing something she’s never done before makes me want to come like I’m buried deep inside her. Makes me want to shoot all over her stomach and breasts, mark her even more. My voice is gruff when I say, “Good, me neither.”

That seems to relax her, and she spreads herself open with one hand, all that perfect pinkness peeking out at me, and guides the vibrator over her clit, then lower, before repeating it all over again.

“You’ve got the prettiest pussy, you know that? All pink and swollen and fucking delicious. I’d have you for every meal if I could.”

Moaning, she bites her lip, shuddering as she watches me while tormenting herself with the head of the vibe. And that’s exactly what she’s doing—tormenting. I can see it in her eyes. In the way her body shakes as she barely touches herself.

I grip my cock hard, fisting it in a punishing hold, just enough to keep me on the edge, but not enough to push me over. “You gonna turn it on?”

She shakes her head, her eyes fluttering closed before she opens them and drops her gaze to the fist I’ve got wrapped around my dick. “Not yet.”

Watching her get herself off is better than watching porn. Jesus. Seeing her tease her clit, how she brings herself almost to the point of coming, her entire body taut, then pulls back, removing the vibrator from her pussy completely until she’s relaxed once again. And then she does it all over again.

Finally—finally—she slips the vibrator inside her, and I watch with rapt attention as the curved, purple head disappears into her pussy, her lips spreading wide around it. Paige moans and closes her eyes, pressing a couple buttons, and then a whirring starts up and her entire body jolts.

“Oh fuck,” she breathes as she pumps it in and out.

“That’s not as thick as I am, is it? Not as long either. Does that satisfy you anymore?”

“No. Not since I’ve had you.” That’s the most honest she’s ever been, revealing something she’d probably have kept to herself if she wasn’t already half lost to pleasure.

“You wish that was me inside you instead, Paige?”

She whimpers out a breathy, “Yes,” and I have to force myself to stand there. To not give her what we both want and let her get herself off this way first. I grip my shaft, pumping slowly as I watch her. I want nothing more than to match the fast pace she’s set on herself, but if I do, I’ll come in about three-point-seven seconds, and I’m not coming again until I’m buried deep inside her.

Paige continues to fuck herself hard, one of her hands going up to trace her nipple before she tugs it between thumb and forefinger. Her eyes are closed, her near constant moans telling me she’s close. And, Jesus, I need her to be. I want to be inside her right fucking now. Want to show her how much better it is with me than it is any other way she can get it.

She opens her eyes and stares right at me, cock in hand, watching her get herself off, and then she does. She keeps her eyes connected with mine as she moans, body arching off the mattress, and I can’t wait another second.

I fumble with a condom and roll it down my shaft as I climb on the bed. Kneeling between her spread legs, I brush her hand away before pulling the vibrator out of her. She’s still shuddering from her orgasm as I hook her legs over my elbows, opening her wide for me, and drive home. Paige moans deep, reaching up to grip my face and bring our mouths together. She slips her tongue between my lips, sliding it against my own, as she lifts her ass off the bed to meet my unforgiving thrusts.

Pulling back to breathe, she slides her hands down my neck and over my shoulders. “God, Adam, shit…”

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” I sit back on my knees and grip the backs of her thighs, holding her down while I pound into her harder. “My cock. Not just to come, but to come from my cock.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she chants, her head restless on the pillow, eyelids fluttering closed as she clenches at the sheets, at my thighs, at anything she can to get purchase.

“Keep your eyes open, Paige. Watch me fuck you. See who’s about to make you come.”

She does as I say, her eyelids fluttering open.

“Who do you want to fuck you? Tell me.”

“You, Adam. God, it’s you…”

I thrust into her faster and faster, circling her clit until she’s coming around me, pulling my orgasm from me and taking me with her. Her answer makes me crazy…wild…even if I know the honesty behind it is only temporary. As soon as the afterglow wears off, her walls will be back up again, keeping herself safe from anything more that could happen between us.

The only way this is safe for Paige is the one way it’s not safe for me. Even still, I’m in. In this with her, for as long as I can get her. For as long as she’ll let me be.

Saving Him – Angela Snyder

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As soon as I open the door of the library, her soft, melodic voice carries across the library as I enter.  Wearing earbuds from her newly acquired iPod shuffle clipped to her shirt, Adeline dances through the library, completely oblivious that I’m watching her.

I allow the door to close quietly behind me, and I sit down on a nearby leather chair to enjoy the show.

She’s wearing yoga pants, and there’s a slim gap visible between her luscious thighs as she moves.  The dark material is pulled tightly against her plush, little ass, and I hold back the groan threatening to release from my throat.

I watch as she puts books away, softly singing and gyrating her hips in a seductive dance that makes my cock twitch in my pants.  My hand moves down to my hard length pressing painfully against my zipper.  I stroke myself through the material a few times, biting back another groan.

“Fuck,” I hiss through gritted teeth.

Slowly, I stand and stalk towards her like an animal on the prowl, unbuttoning and stripping out of my dark suit jacket and my long-sleeve, white button-up shirt on the way.  Her back is still to me, her melodious voice drawing me in.  She’s oblivious that I’m coming for her, oblivious to the things I want to do to her right now, and that thought makes me rock fucking hard.

I feel like at any moment I could spontaneously combust; I want her so badly.  Fuck, this girl is gonna be the death of me. She calls to me like one of the Sirens from Greek mythology, and I would gladly crash into a thousand jagged rocks for just a single touch from her.

Adeline turns to grab a book, and that’s when she spots me out of the corner of her eye.  She jumps and a half-hearted scream partially escapes her lips before she realizes it’s just me.

The recognition and dissipation of fear in her eyes does something to me then.  She trusts me.  But over and above that, she sees me as her protector…perhaps maybe even something more.

I gently pull the earbuds from her ears and unclip the iPod from her tight, little shirt, which is emphasizing the rise and fall of her luscious tits as erratic pants escape her full lips.

“Lucien,” she says in a breathy whisper.  “You scared me.  I didn’t even know you were…”

Her voice trails off as my fingertips graze the soft material of her shirt.  Without speaking a word, my hand travels down her flat stomach and finds her mound through the thin material of her pants.  I can feel the heat coming from her core, and it turns me the fuck on.

She releases a shuddering breath as I stroke her through the fabric.  I just had her last night, but I’m quickly learning that I’ll never get my fill of her.  And by the way her moans are bouncing off the library walls, I don’t think Adeline has gotten quite enough of me yet either.

My lips find hers, swallowing a moan as I plunge my tongue into her mouth and tangle my free hand in her hair, holding her tightly in place and possessing her in every way possible.  I can feel her pussy growing wet, soaking the material and my fingertips.

“Fuck, Adeline,” I growl against her mouth.  I pull back to stare into her eyes.  “Don’t you see what you’re doing to me?”

Adeline gives me a worried and confused look for a moment, but her expression soon turns to surprise when I reach down and grip the crotch of her pants.  With one quick tear, I split the seams, growling like a fucking animal.

She makes me feel reckless.  She makes me feel crazy sometimes.  But most of all, she makes me feel.

I stare down at the hole I created and realize she’s not wearing anything under the yoga pants.  “No panties,” I hiss, my eyes meeting hers.  “Such a bad girl,” I tell her with a smirk.  She sinks her perfect, white teeth into her plump lower lip, making my dick jump at the sight.

“I need to be inside of you.  Now,” I growl.  Not wanting to wait another second without feeling her tight pussy grasping my hard cock, I quickly unzip my pants, pull them down over my hips and slip out my aching cock.  “This is going to be quick…and hard,” I warn her.

“That’s exactly what I want,” is her response, and it’s music to my fucking ears.

My hands grip her ass, and I haul her petite body up in my arms with ease.  She wraps her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck.  Without hesitating, I line up my cock and force her down on my length, impaling her.

Adeline’s cries echo in the vast room, and it’s like a fucking symphony with notes only I can hear.  I force myself to still and allow her a moment to adjust, because I’m already too far gone to think about anything else but fucking her in this moment.

I move us up against one of the bookshelves, and pull out slowly, thrusting shallowly into her tight, little pussy and allowing her wetness to coat the length of my cock.

She feels so damn good, and I feel like I’m not going to last more than a few seconds.  That’s when I realize why it feels so different this time — I’m in her bare for the first time.  I was so consumed with lust that I didn’t even think about putting a condom on.

Adeline must be able to sense my apprehension, because she asks, “Lucien, what’s wrong?”

I pull back to look in her eyes, those emerald orbs that I could stare into forever.  “Nothing,” I whisper to her.  Nothing at all.

I watch her beautiful face morph into pure ecstasy as I begin to thrust in and out of her, her soft, wet cunt gripping me so tightly.  Her sexy moans fill my ears, and it drives me mad with the overpowering desire to take her, to fucking make her mine.

Slapping my right hand against the wall of books behind her, I rut into her over and over, wringing out every cry and groan and orgasm that I can get out of her sexy, lithe body.

On her third orgasm, she’s trembling against me, her grip on me loosening as she struggles to keep up her strength.  But I’m not done with her yet.

Holding her trembling body against me, I step out of my pants, which had pooled around my ankles, and move us to a leather sofa where I gently lay her down.  With her legs in the air and her ankles at my ears, I fuck her slow and deep.  At this angle, I’m able to reach every inch of her, and I fucking love it.

Adeline shakes her head back and forth, moaning nonsensical things as another orgasm racks her body, making her legs quiver in my grip.

“More,” I demand from her as my hips piston against her.  The sounds of my balls slapping against her wet pussy and our ragged breaths are the only noises filling up the quiet library now.

I’m fucking her like an animal, our lovemaking like some kind of fucked-up ritual bringing us closer than ever before.

I pick up my pace, and I can sense when Adeline is going to have another orgasm by the way she tenses and her tight, little cunt starts gripping me harder and harder.

“Lucien!” she cries out as the pleasure hits her.  Hard.

“Fuck yeah,” I growl at the sound of my name flying past her lips over and over again.

I stare down at our joined union, my thick cock filling her tight, wet pussy.  And that’s what sends me over the edge.  In that moment I know I should pull out, but I can’t seem to force my cock to listen to me.

With a groan that sounds like a fucking roar, I grip the back of the leather sofa with my right hand as the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had erupts through me, my seed filling her to the brim as I pump in and out of her one…two…three more times.

Panting and completely out of breath, I collapse into Adeline’s arms, keeping most of my weight off of her with my trembling forearms.  Our bodies are sticky and covered in a sheen of sweat as we lay there together, our thundering heartbeats racing against one another.

Adeline’s hands run their way over my back, skating over my scars gently and then through my damp hair as she whispers sweet nothings in my ear.

I stare down at this mythical, beautiful creature with hooded emerald eyes and a sly smile of satisfaction on her lovely face.

And it’s right in that exact moment that I fall so fucking hard for Adeline that it physically hurts.

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