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cooltext129748819578231Destined to Crave – Setta Jay

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Destined to Crave Excerpt:

Twice the need was flooding into Lucy’s mind and body. Rykr’s and her own. It made her dizzy to know how hard his cock was, the things he wanted to do to her. He was made up of her darkest fantasies.

“Yes.” His sapphire eyes bored into hers. “Yours.”

Winds started to whip through the room like a tornado, and she wasn’t sure if it was his power or hers. She didn’t care that it might be destroying the place.

Her fingers caressed his tattooed shoulders and massive black wings. He reveled in having her hands on him, and that only made her more excited. She licked and nipped his skin, noting every sensitive spot.

She was gasping and begging, her voice hoarse from calling his name. At that moment, everything felt like one large climax. She was warm and filled, with his fingers sliding in and out of her ass as his cock ruthlessly powered inside her.

Lucy’s soul surged to meet Rykr’s as sensation after sensation rocked her. Her animal reared up in her mind, demanding more. The scent of their need filled her lungs until all she could do was hold on to him as they fed the mating frenzy.

“I want your ass, Lucy. I’ll pin you and fuck it after you come for me.”

She cried out as she came hard, shaking and clenching as he roared his own release.

His strength and speed left her dizzy when he lifted her and spun her around, her back to his massive chest as he caressed her breasts, plumping them, pinching her nipples. When he leaned down and bit her shoulder, she bucked and fought for more.

It was a compulsion to force his dominance. When he notched his cock against her ass, she nearly lost her mind. His thick forearm held her chest firmly against him. She couldn’t move as she panted. She could only take it as he entered her slowly, stretching her with a bite of pained pleasure until the special cream worked its magic, leaving only raw, blinding pleasure in its wake.

He leaned in and nipped her ear before growling. “Your pussy. Your ass. It’s all for me. If you need the exhibition, I’ll give it to you. But no one ever sees what’s mine.” She flushed and gasped as his warm breath and demanding tone ignited every nerve in her body. She knew exactly what he meant. Her kind tended toward displays of dominance. Hippeus were possessive as hell, which meant it was a “look at what you’ll never touch” thing as those of her race claimed their mates.

Her lips parted, yet speaking proved impossible.

“I know what you need. Imagine it now, Lucy. Imagine me taking your ass in front of others. I’d lift your skirt and force my cock deep as you gasped and begged, but no one would see these.” His hand cupped one breast after the other while his forearm braced her shoulders back against his unyielding chest. Those fingers plucked the tight buds before sliding down her stomach to her pussy before adding, “Or this.”

“Yours.” That one word was all she was capable of.

“Fight me. Know that I’m strong enough to force you to take it.”

She panted for breath as she attempted to push her hips back and down. She couldn’t move. That was the point. That was what she needed, and he knew it. His fingers circled her clit and then pushed inside her aching pussy until she cried out.

“Good girl.” He slammed in deep, forcing that huge cock into her ass, making her come hard on his hand. When he slid in and out, she only seemed to climax longer until her words were completely incoherent and her juices slicked her thighs and his.

Their combined pleasure in her mind was too much. She felt her vision darken the second he filled her with hot come.


cooltext129750505189949Jax – Lane Hart

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Squaring her shoulders, Page seems to collect herself and her confidence when she walks towards me. She surprises the shit out of me when she actually jumps on me, wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. My reflexes are quick, so I grab her ass to hold her up at the same time our lips meet, hot and hungry.

Easily carrying her tall, lean weight, I make it inside her apartment and shut the door with my foot before clothes start flying. The fireman’s hat and jacket are first, then Page’s shirt and bra. The rest are all below the belt and will require us separating.

“Bed?” I ask against her lips.

“Anywhere,” she responds, sounding like she’s ready to throw down right where we’re standing.

“But I didn’t even get to use the line I had ready for when you opened the door,” I tell her when I lay her down on a bed I assume is in her room.

“Doesn’t matter,” she says, her hands trying to figure out how to get my fireman pants off.

“So you don’t want to hear about how I’ve got a long ladder to use to save your pussy,” I ask.

“No.” She laughs. “That’s horrible.”

“You’re so hot I need to cool you down with my hose?”

“Stop talking and get naked fireman,” she responds. “I’m in desperate need of your…hose, even if it has been in thousands of fire crotches.”

“Hey!” I scoff, but then her hand finds its way into my pants, fisting my hard shaft. I have those heavy pants off a second later, retrieving the condom in the pocket before tossing them along with her shorts and panties out of our way.

I flip Page over like a pancake to take her from behind. After tearing the condom wrapper with my teeth I start multitasking, rolling the condom down with one hand while the other estimates her readiness. Hot damn, she’s dripping wet, and she immediately starts squeezing the fuck out of my fingers. I barely touched her, and she came for me.

“Damn, princess. You miss me getting you off the last few weeks?” I ask, pulling her hips back and lining my cock up to slide inside her.

“Yes,” she moans.

“Then why didn’t you just ask for it?” I’m sheathed all the way inside her wet heat after one deep shove.

“Oh God, Jax!”

“Is this what you needed?” I ask, my hips pumping like they can’t go fast or hard enough.


“Then we’re lifting…the goddamn… no fucking…sanction,” I tell her, leaning down to bite her shoulder.

“Please,” she almost sobs that one word.

“Please, what?” I ask through clenched teeth. Sweat is already running down my face while I try to last. “You want me to fuck you…until your body shakes underneath mine?”

Yes, God yes!”

“You going to let me fuck you all night?” I ask, my hands tightening on her hips to pound into her harder with each word. “Every. God. Damn. Night?”

“Please, Jax!”

I press my chest flush against her back to reach around underneath her. My fingertips circle her trigger point and with one last deep shove her sexy body tenses and shakes, her moans music to my ears.

Ahhh,” I groan with the explosion of my own release. After she milks every last drop from me, I pull out and flop over onto the mattress beside her. Page continues to lay limply on her stomach, face buried in the pillow. “You still alive, princess?” I ask with a poke to her ribs.

“Mmm,” comes out softly when she squirms. Finally, she turns her head to the side to face me, hair in her eyes, a fuck-drunk smile stretched across her face.

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