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Record of Wrongs : Sharon Kay

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“You don’t wanna get undressed by the water?” Rosie’s voice husked, driving his lust as she hooked her thumbs under the straps at her hips.

“We’re not gonna make it to the water, babe.” He yanked his T-shirt over his head as she shimmed out of that thong.

God, she was beautiful. Did she even know how much? He vowed to savor her later. For now, his lust was wildly out of control. She pushed too far. And if this was her idea of teasing, taunting, pushing—she could do it every damn night. He’d be on board.

He threaded one hand to her nape and pushed her back to the warm steel of his truck. With a firm grip on her hair, he kissed her.

He devoured her mouth. Her body was hot against his and her hands roamed his shoulders, his back, like she couldn’t get enough. He dragged his free hand up her hip on a slow path to her nipple. He’d observed enough about her already to remember how sensitive she was there.

She shivered, though the night was still fucking humid. He stopped at the lower curve of her breast.

“Cruz,” she whispered.

“Yeah?” He didn’t move his hand. Instead he sucked at the spot where her shoulder met her neck.

“I…touch me,” she murmured like she could barely get the words out. “Please.”

He raised his hand slowly, skimming his palm over her tip.

She gasped. “God, yes.”

He repeated it on the other side. She was panting now. He pulled back to just look at her, so out of control. He’d take a mental snapshot and remember this for a long time. His sexy country girl, about to lose her mind. About to let him fuck her up against his truck in the middle of the damn woods.

Abruptly he dropped his hand to the vee of her thighs. A moan tore from her throat. He slid his fingers lower, finding the slick evidence of her readiness for him. “So fucking wet,” he murmured, stroking her body back and forth. “You’re ready for me.”

“Yes,” she said, though he hadn’t asked a question.

He grabbed his wallet from his back pocket and pulled out a condom. Holding it in his teeth, he made quick work of his belt and zipper.

She stared at his erection pushing against his boxer briefs. She flicked her eyes to his, then dragged her hands down his sides. She gripped the top edge of his underwear in her slender fingers, and tugged down. Inch by sensual inch. She gazed at him as if she were opening a present. The top of his shaft was exposed and she traced a finger along where it met his groin.

“One day Cruz, this won’t be my finger.” A stroke, light as air but heavy with promise. A rumble built in his throat. She was playing with fire. “It’ll be my mouth.”

His vision hazed and he freed his aching cock. Who would have ever thought sweet Rosie would be the queen of dirty talk? He couldn’t even wrap his head around all the nuances of her. He fell in deeper every time they came together.

He tore open the condom and rolled it on. Setting his hands on her hips, he lifted her up and leveraged her against the truck. She clutched his shoulders and wrapped her legs around his hips.

His cock bumped her heated flesh, making them both groan. “Rosie,” he growled, and positioned himself at her entrance. With aching slowness he slid her down.

She closed her eyes and blew out a breath. “Feels so good, baby.”

And why did her calling him baby feel so damn right? Hell.

He pushed up until he was balls deep in her sweetness. Nothing had felt this good, this wild before. He needed more, needed her, all of her, like he needed to breathe. He withdrew almost all the way and then sank deep again with a hard thrust.

Her body slammed against his truck. But she held his shoulders and scratched along his neck, tracing a path into his hair.
He plunged out and in again. Her breasts bounced, and he knew she’d get hotter if he played with them. With one hand under her ass, he brought the other up to tug one taut tip. Her lips parted on a soft sigh.

He couldn’t stop his rhythm if he wanted to. Her pussy milked him, every part of her squeezing him in a sultry heat. And her face—god, what had she said about not having a poker face? A myriad of expressions crossed her face: lust, surprise, need, delight.
Glancing down to their connection, he was fascinated by how her body took all of him. She maintained her hold on his shoulders and worked her hips, her face a mix of concentration and sex glow.

He dropped his hand to her mound, inching lower. She gasped, but her jaw dropped. “God, Cruz,” she moaned.

His fingers slinked lower, getting slick between her legs. He stroked her clit as he thrust inside her. Tiny sweet moans fell from her lips and she moved with him, rocking, pushing down on him. “I’m close,” she whispered around thrusts.

“Me too, babe. Hang on.” He gripped her ass tightly and unleashed the reins of his lust, pumping as hard and fast as he could. Every stroke only intensified the sensation, bringing him closer to orgasm. And at the same time the knowledge lurked that this was different. She was different.

She gasped and her body quivered as she came, legs trembling and hips grinding. Clutching his neck, she leaned in to bite his shoulder.

Fuck. No one had ever bitten his shoulder.

cooltext129750505189949Rebel Run- Jaymi Hanako

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“You’re wet for me, princess.”

She had no answer for that. It didn’t matter. Even if she’d known what to say, her throat was so tight from need, no words could have possibly been formed.

Ty worked a trail of soft kisses against the side of her knee to the inside of her thigh. “And you’re about to get wetter.”

He spread her pussy lips with his fingers, holding her open as he slid his tongue against her slick and aching flesh. She raked her fingers through his hair, scoring her nails along his scalp, as she lifted into his mouth. He lapped at her slowly, the deep rumbling noises he made indicating how much he enjoyed her taste.

Then he thrust his tongue into her and Malkyn screamed. The sound echoed around the ship, seemingly amplified as it bounced off the metal walls. Ripples of pleasure turned into tremors as the climax slammed into her.

As the contractions slowly faded, she melted into him. Her knees gave way and she slid down the wall. He caught her easily, his powerful arms wrapping tight around her body. “I’ve got you, Mal. I won’t let you fall.”

Too late.

But of course, she wouldn’t say those words aloud, even if she’d had the breath to speak. Instead, she waited. Wondering what he would do or say next.

He kept one arm wrapped around her waist, while he returned his other hand to her slit. One of his fingers took the place of his tongue, sliding deeper into her. He added a second.

Then a third.

Slowly stretching her. Getting her used to the feel of being filled again after so long. Her pussy contracted, trying to hold him prisoner, then releasing, in a steadily quickening rhythm. He matched that pace, sliding his fingers in and out. Again and again.

It wasn’t enough. Not nearly enough.

She clamped her fingers around his wrist, squeezing hard until he stopped. “Ty. I need you to take me. Now.”

“Orders again, princess?”

When had she ordered him to do anything? Then she saw the spark of humor in his eyes and smirked in return. “It was just a suggestion.”

“I’ll take that under consideration.” He nipped at the side of her throat and she wiggled against him. “Patience, Your Highness.”

“I can’t. I’ve waited more than eight cycles for this.”

“So have I.” Then his eyes widened. “Mal, you haven’t—”

“No,” she whispered. “I didn’t want anyone else.”

He crashed his mouth against hers. It was a lightning strike of a kiss. Sizzling. Devastating. And over nearly as soon as it began. “Me neither. I’ve missed you.”

She slid her hand between them, cupping his throbbing erection through his trousers. Then the meaning of his words hit her. “You mean you haven’t found anyone to do this with?”

“Why would I even try? You’re the only one I wanted.” He thrust into her touch, groaning. “And I didn’t say I missed this. I missed you. There’s a difference.”

The words soothed the ragged edges around her emotions, but she was still on edge. Something fluttering and new bloomed in her heart, all too similar to what she had felt before. She retreated into a purely erotic response. Trying to limit her concentration to the physical sensations and nothing else. Tried. And failed. “I know.” She punctuated her words with a quick squeeze. “I know.”

He let her caress him through the thick cloth for a few moments longer, then pushed her hand away. He reached down and yanked open his fly to free his erection. “I need to feel your hand on me directly. Skin to skin.”

She needed that too. He was hot and pulsing. Exquisitely soft skin over a rock-hard core. There was a bead of liquid forming at the tip as she began sliding her hand up and down his length.

Malkyn cupped her other hand on his ass. Feeling the muscles moving under the well-formed flesh as she pulled him closer. He lifted her again and without a word, she wrapped her legs around his waist. She reached down guided his cock against her entrance, and they both groaned when the plump tip slid against her wet flesh. He placed his hand over hers and together they moved. Rubbing again and again, getting him fully covered in her juices.

She shifted forward and he slipped partly inside her. Malkyn instinctively tensed at the invasion. It had been so long, her body had forgotten how this could feel, and her desire warred with a lingering uncertainty.

Ty kissed her mouth. Softly. Gently. “When you’re ready, princess.”

“Stop calling me that.”

One dark eyebrow arched high and he grinned. “Oh, I thought that’s what you would want. Since you claim you don’t like that other name.”

She snorted. “Don’t tease me, Ty. You know me better than that.”

He laughed roughly. “Yeah. I do.” He pushed in a little deeper and her breath caught. “Take me in, Mal.”

She arched into him as he began to thrust forward again. “Oh, yes.”

Forget tomorrow. Forget all doubts. At the moment, there was just lust and need and the reality of being with the only man in the universe she had ever wanted.

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