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cooltext129748819578231Summer Stock – Vanessa North

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“If you’re up for it, I know how to take your mind off the wait.” Trey palmed himself through his jeans. “Come here.”

Those fey hazel eyes of Ryan’s widened, and his Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat as he swallowed. “There?”

Trey nodded, and Ryan stood up and crossed the room. Even though it was warm in the house, goose bumps were scattered across Ryan’s naked chest. As soon as he was in arm’s reach, Trey gripped him around the waist and pulled him close so he could trace them with his tongue.

“Oh my god,” Ryan murmured, his head falling back.

Would Trey ever get enough of how Ryan felt under his hands? He ran them up over Ryan’s nipples, trying to memorize the gasps and the shivers of Ryan’s response. Touching Ryan might as well be catching lightning in a mason jar—no matter how electric it was, it couldn’t last forever. Every laughter-filled kiss was one kiss closer to the end of summer, and Ryan’s return to LA. Trey shuddered and his hands tightened on Ryan’s hips. To hide the sudden melancholy sweeping through him, he leaned forward and tugged the button of Ryan’s shorts open with his teeth.

Ryan’s hand came to rest on Trey’s head as he eased the zipper open and tugged Ryan’s briefs and shorts down to expose his cock. Trey took his time worshipping Ryan’s dick, rubbing his lips along the length and tugging gently on the sack. As much as he wanted to take Ryan deep and hear him groan, he held off. He licked lightly at the head, then drew back and blew on the tender skin.

“Oh—fuck that’s—you’re a goddamn tease.” Ryan groaned.

“Mmmmm.” Trey hummed and gave Ryan’s balls another tug. “What do you want, Ryan? You want me to fuck you?”

“I want your mouth on my dick.”

Trey smiled up at him wickedly, then gave him another slow swipe of his tongue. “Seems like you’ve already got that.”

Ryan jerked at his hair. “Please?”

And Trey couldn’t resist that request. He took as much of Ryan into his mouth as he could, pulling back only when his eyes watered and he gagged. Ryan’s hips moved forward, as if chasing Trey’s mouth.

“I can’t—” Ryan grasped Trey’s hair with both hands, like he was trying to gain control of his own body through holding onto Trey. But that wasn’t what Trey wanted. He wanted Ryan out of control like the summer storm he was. He pulled off Ryan’s dick and looked him right in the eye.

“Don’t hold back.”

Before Ryan could say anything more, Trey took him deep again. Was he trying to prove something to Ryan? To himself? Did it matter when Ryan was groaning like that, and burying his hands in Trey’s hair? Trey let go of Ryan’s hips and let Ryan take over the pace, let him push deeper and drive in harder.

Letting someone else take control like this, use him like this—this was a measure of trust he hadn’t given anyone in a long time, and it was decadent and thrilling and terrifying all at once.

He gagged again, and tears sprang into his eyes, but then Ryan bit out a whispered “I’m gonna—”

Trey grabbed Ryan’s hips and swallowed around him, letting him know this wasn’t just okay, this was what he wanted—

“Oh, I love—love—ahh—” Ryan babbled and came, and Trey did his best to swallow it all.

Ryan collapsed down next to him on the couch, kissing his shoulder, then his chest, then straddling his lap and kissing him hard, like he didn’t care that he’d just fucked Trey’s face and come in his mouth.

Like he didn’t realize he’d almost said “I love you.”

Trey kissed him back, clumsy and shaking. Somehow the blowjob intended to distract Ryan had turned Trey inside out instead.

Then Ryan was on his knees, pulling at Trey’s cutoff sweatpants and holy shit his hands felt good, and his mouth, desperate, eager, and hot—

“Fuck!” Trey’s already-on-edge body rushed past the clouds-rolling-in stage and right onto storm surge. “Ry, I’m gonna come.”

Ryan’s eyes met his, and he somehow managed to flash a grin—or the idea of one—around Trey’s cock and that was all it took for the overwhelming pleasure to course through his body. Ryan’s hands and mouth gentled, and he rose up over Trey to kiss him again, long and sweet. When he moved away, he stared Trey in the eye and smiled.

cooltext129750505189949 Malediction – J.D Lexx

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“Don’t move,” I ordered as I retrieved the rope and wrapped it around the obelisk tombstone, fastening her hands in a rough knot. I could not address her by name if I wanted to; she’d given me none to call her by. Such was the single rule that governed our night together—absolutely no names. I knew her only by the red of her hair, the sway of her hips, and the scent of sex that beckoned me like a moth to the desolate flame of this graveyard.

With her upper body securely bound, I couldn’t help myself. I gripped her dress at both shoulders and ripped the fabric down her body, sinking my teeth into each exposed nipple. Her nails clawed helplessly at the granite above, which only encouraged my bite deeper until she unleashed her first primal scream of the night.

Premature in my victory, I stepped back to allow my prey a single, unhindered breath. As her lungs filled with a second, however, I tugged her lower half to the second stone landing, shaking loose the oxygen on impact and exposing her arched body entirely to my mercy. At that point, I didn’t care who might stumble across us. In this one impossible moment, I had her right where she wanted me, vividly alive among the dead. And I would take my fill.

Dropping to my knees on the wet grass before her, I flashed a mischievous smile and spread her legs wider to the sultry midnight air. And wider still. She writhed as my tongue hit the warm flesh of her inner thigh, growing more feral with every inch while I traced a lazy trail to within breathing distance of her dripping heat.

Oh good, I thought, so I’m not the only one suffering.

All the same, I had no intention of making it that easy. Oh sure, I teased with the promise of a finishing strike, blowing gently across the dampness to ensure her absolute attention. But as I pulled my lips away and rested my tongue just inside her other knee, I could feel her resistance melting away, rolling down her skin in tangible droplets of need. Indeed, the more ruthlessly I tormented her, the more I became the one deserving of punishment.

She stopped moaning just long enough to stare me down with a growl both sensual and animal. This time, I took the hint, burying my face hungrily between her legs, exploring every delicate fold until that growl grew into a scream more primal and orgasmic than anything I’ve heard since. I can’t quite explain it, but something in her release opened the gates to another place, somewhere lost beyond civility, somewhere governed by instinct and conquest. I rose to my feet and straddled her torso, again unzipping myself to fall heavily across her lips. This time, she took me in voraciously, swallowing so completely that my fingers grew clumsy while I fumbled to untie the rope.

As her restraints hit the ground, she spun to face the marble, bracing on her knees with both arms wrapped tight around the monolith. Now all but blind to my intentions, she arched her spine seductively, hiking her waist for the taking as I settled in behind her. Kneeling mere inches from Heaven, I knew that I stood only a single thrust away from absolute possession. Yet I wanted to savor the moment all the same. I felt I’d earned that indulgence, a truth reinforced with a glance around our macabre surroundings.

Spreading her gently, I eased inside, her body shivering from the tease of invasion. What I would have given for a solid week spent in that very first moment of penetration. But she hadn’t brought me there to bask or to savor. Besides, this evening had been born of anger, not love, and I would hate to underperform.

Ripping the reins once more from my grip, she brought us back to Earth with a vicious drive of her hips, impaling herself back onto every last inch with enough force to knock the wind out of us both.

I sank my fingers into her waist and lunged forward, reclaiming control with the force of my thrust. But she would not go quietly. The harder she drove herself back onto me, the more energetically I met her halfway, pushing us well past the bruising point. As the world blurred beyond the flames, one desire grew crystal clear—the need to bury as much of myself as possible inside her willing body.

Again, her moans graduated into screams and the screams into something more as small bursts of ravens launched in fear from the trees and deep into the night. The grip and squeeze of her every seismic climax transcended intoxication, blinding me to everything but my own craving. My body tensed like never before as I swelled irreversibly inside her. Encouraged by her single, continuous orgasm, it became torture to hold back any longer.

As if she could sense my fracturing control, she loosened her embrace of the monument and began clawing wildly at its façade. Screaming, groaning, pounding with open palms against an unrelenting stonework, she clenched like a vise onto every inch of me and demanded I give what she’d come for. Under the weight of one last brutal push, the obelisk began to topple, slipping past the point of no return while taking the two of us with it. In an eruption of kinetic energy that would not be contained, the steps flooded with the flow of our simultaneous release as the crashing stone echoed out beyond the rusted cemetery gates.

I must have collapsed across the granite for several minutes before regaining the composure to care—breathless and half-dressed in full view of the dead. When I came to, she sat quietly in the moonlight, petting the shattered marble with mock sympathy while we continued to drip, intermingled, down her luminous thighs.

“How do we get home?” I asked, helpless to recreate the twists and turns that led us there.

“Sweetheart…” Angel or demon—I wouldn’t venture to guess which—my anonymous beauty turned and smiled, finally revealing the name at the base of the desecrated tombstone. “I am home.”

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