Studenstein – Daisy Harris

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Shani works to liberate fellow slave stein’s from their lifer captives. When her bosses receive information that a Love-bot is being made to work in a bondage club, it’s the public stunt they have been looking for. The company that makes the steins hasn’t slowed down their production and Royce is one their highest earners. Liberating him will damage them.  Freeing him from such a public place isn’t without it’s difficulties, but once they free the reluctant bot, they realise they have bigger problems. Royce is programmed to need sexual release. If he doesn’t have it, then his nervous system starts to play up, leaving him in agony. Unable to see him in pain, and stuck in the middle of nowhere by the operatives trying to get Royce back, Shani has to go some unusual methods to help him out. Being a former sex bot herself, Shani has issues with intimacy with a man. For Royce, she pulls up her big girl panties and utilises some of her more unusual tricks she learnt (i.e. she uses a rather large strap-on on him….). Being stuck on the road with a hot man who you have to sexually service and who has vibrating protruding parts (mind out of the gutter people…I’m talking fingers and tongue, so nearly as good!) is a little bit too tempting even for a woman who doesn’t usually have any attraction to the opposite sex. But, with all the trust issues that she harbours towards men, can she ever truly let him in?

Not true to visual but not far from the atmosphere
of the scene..
OK, I’m going to be straight with you here. This book may not be for everyone BUT if you can get past the whole strap-on scenes, this is an entertaining read. Personally, I actually thought they were rather hot. Shani had a whole host of baggage going on. An ex-love-bot with quite a lot of men issues, her initial response to Royce was pity. She serviced him because she felt sorry for him, but she kept doing it because she started to have feelings for him (although she maintained it was because she felt sorry for him!). I liked that she didn’t wallow in her issues; I didn’t get a lot of “woe is me”, just a lot of “that’s the way it is”. Royce was more aware than they initially thought. Usually trapped  ‘bots don’t have a lot of free will, but because of the whole nerve collar thingy they decided he wouldn’t run. They were right, he was pretty damn happy pimping himself out in that club! He didn’t want to run but once he started getting feelings for Shani, the idea of freedom seemed appealing. He really was a cutey and I enjoyed the way he tried to coax her. I really enjoyed the dynamic between the two of them; Daisy Harris certainly writes compatible couples. There was a lot of humour in this one and also a lot of medical references that I had to look up. I enjoy a book that challenges me a little and you usually don’t get that from erotica!

The sex is hot, the chemisty is sizzling and the world building is pretty damn fun. I think you could read this a stand-alone but, as I loved the first one, I recommend you start there! I liked the Dom/Domme themes that run throughout the book…I especially liked the last scene! Can I see more of them please……..

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