Supernatural – Anthology Review (Larissa Ione, Alexander Ivy, Jacqueline Frank and GA Aiken)

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In this tantalising collection, four New York Times bestselling authors invite you into the alluring worlds they’ve created in the Demonica, Guardians of Eternity, Nightwalkers & Dragon Kin series. Each mesmerising page will leave you craving more…..

‘Vampire Fight Club’ – Larissa Ione

When a wave of violence forces shapeshifter Vladlena to go undercover, her first stop is a haven of vice – with a dangerously sexy vamp in charge. Both Nathan & Vladlena are hiding something, but they can’t conceal the lust that simmers between them…

‘Darkness Eternal’ – Alexandra Ivy

After being held captive by one vampire for dour centuries, Kata had no intention of taking another one into the underworld with her. Yet even in the pits of hell, there’s no ignoring the intoxicating desire awakened by his touch…

‘Kane’ – Jacquelyn Frank

Kane knows Corrine was meant to be his… Just as he knows that truly possessing the lovely human is forbidden. But on the night of the Samhain moon, the beast is stronger than reason & Kane’s hunger is more powerful than any punishment…

‘Dragon on Top’ – G.A. Aiken

Escorting the highborn Brampton through deadly Sand Dragon territory will try Ghleanna’s patience…. & her resolve. For Bram is determined to enhance the journey with a seduction no female could resist….
Short story anthologies are always a source of much trepidation for me. As I’ve said before, I’m not a real fan of them, preferring something with a bit more to get my teeth into. However, the chance to delve back into the world of Larissa Ione’s Demonica series & catch up with the goings on at UG was hard to resist.
I hate to say I told you so, but this anthology proved my point. It was a real mixed bag with some highs & lows.  I was most looking forward to ‘Vampire Fight Club’ and this was definitely the best of the bunch & provided a much needed UG fix until Immortal Rider comes our later this year.  The good thing about short stories like this are that you get to to know the supporting cast a little better, & yeah the smokin sex scenes come around that much faster! 🙂

Having read some of Jacquelyn Frank’s Nightwalkers series before & quite liking them I had hopes for Kane’s story. Unfortunately it didn’t really live up to my expectations & while the sex scenes were pretty hot the rest of it left me a little cold & not really caring about the characters one little bit….

I didn’t really know what to expect from ‘Darkness Eternal’ having never read any Alexandra Ivy before & I have to say based on this I’m unlikely to try anything else by her. The characters, the plot, well the whole thing just felt like it was missing something & after taking an instant dislike to Uriel for reasons I can’t exactly explain, it was a real struggle to finish this one.

The real surprise of the bunch was ‘Dragon on Top’. I’ve never read anything from this author before but I have to say I loved this one & will be investigating others on the series! I loved the heroine Ghleanna & her relationship with her family was very well written & (hopefully) intended to be as funny as I found it! That & the burgeoning relationship between the warrior Ghleanna & the bookish Bram really made this book for me!

Not a complete waste of time, pretty much a 50/50 split for me, so I reckon it’s worth a punt

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