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Both danger and sex are inescapable in the Amber Zone.

Jaci Harmon was born a Sapphire, but after she’s summoned to receive her final designation, the testing reveals she carries a gene slated for eradication. Within a day, she’s sterilized and dumped in the Amber Zone, where the damaged are corralled away from the rest of New Atlanta. Scared and alone, Jaci would rather die than face her future as an Amber.

Born in the Amber Zone, Xander Dimos is a product of a lifetime spent under the oppression of the Repopulation Laws. Decades of suffering have taught the Ambers to make the zone a place where touch, sex, and unconditional acceptance ease the pain of their fate. Jaci has a lot to learn about her new home, and it’s Xander’s responsibility to guide her through the differences and the dangers safely.

With the simmering undercurrents of sexual chemistry growing between them, and in the midst of discovering the Gov’s true motives, Jaci and Xander must overcome his secret and accept their love as undeniable…even if the time allotted to share it is short.

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains explicit sex scenes and/or situations (including BDSM, light bondage, anal play, sex toys, and f/f/m and m/f/m menage) and adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.


I have reviewed this one for the blog tour, but I did have the option of not reviewing it on this day if I didn’t like it. I wasn’t paid for it.
I love dystopian fiction and this was a fresh look at a very old problem.  America is split into a class based society, with the most favourable genes making up the upper classes and those with the least favourable making up the bottom.  Our heroine, Jaci, is found to have a genetic marker that puts her into this bottom Amber class, immediately separating her from her family and forcing her to undergo sterilisation to stop her faulty genes being passed onto any children. My heart broke for her and the upheaval that she went through at the results of that test; she had been planning a future and it was all whipped away in a heart-beat. She finds herself in a society which is completely unfamiliar to what she is used to, a free-love society that all work together like a commune to protect all of their people.  She proved how strong she was in countless situations at the start of her time in the amber zone.  She was literally forced to accept people in her apartment at all times to “ease her transition”, was forced into accepting Xander as a house-mate as this was the “norm” and had to deal with never having a second to herself.  She handled it with a dignity that I could never have shown, proving herself to be an incredibly strong lady and cementing her place in my heart.
Xander rode a very fine line between alpha and domineering.  There were points in the book when he slipped from the line, one way or the other, and, although I did like his character, I struggled with his choices. His protective attitude towards Jaci was swoon-worthy but his decision making on her part really riled me.  Her introduction to BDSM at his hand was because he decided she needed it and that did not sit well with me at all. However, most of his actions were because of a need to protect himself and his bachelor status, but he frustrated the heck out of me with it. I knew there was a reason that he made himself so emotionally unavailable and my heart broke for him as I watched him struggle with his feelings as he did what he felt was best.  He was obviously a very good man but he made some ridiculous choices because of his situation. Life was hard for the people in Amber but he wasn’t willing to accept the one thing that he wanted that could make him a little less unhappy.  Watching a character self-destruct is never fun to read and it certainly put my emotions through the ringer. 
There is a hell of a lot of sex in this book and I really didn’t expect it. In the first scene we meet Jaci getting her news and in the next we see a threesome being given to one of the secondary characters as a birthday present! In this world, sex happens freely and often. Orgies are common place and anyone can join in. It certainly gave me a few hot flushes.

The setting of this book is awesome and I can’t wait to read the next one in the series.  Although the layers weren’t as complex as I expected, I can’t wait to see how it develops as the series progresses.  This is a very sexy, very emotional read and I will be following the series with interest.  

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Sylvia lives the life of a run-of-the-mill wife, mother, and professional in Midwest Suburbia, USA. She reads voraciously and loves to lose herself and fall head over heels for the alpha males in her favorite novels.

When she gets the chance to shed the prim and proper persona of average wife and mother, her secret identity, Sylvia Ryan, emerges. This alter ego strives to write original ideas in extraordinary settings for her readers to remember long after the book has been read. Her dream is to transform her racy thoughts and naughty nature into tangible works of erotic fantasy for others’ secret identities to enjoy.

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