A Nix Erotic Romace Review : Talk to Me – Cassandra Carr (4 Stars)

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Talk to Me by Cassandra Carr
on 22nd May 2011
Genres: Erotic Romance
Pages: 234
Format: eBook

Radio producer Jamie MacMahon is in over her head with ex-hockey player-turned host Drew Milan. She’s attracted to the man who earned the nickname “the Beast” during his playing days from the moment they meet, but he’s her boss and she loves her new job. She’s made plenty of mistakes with men and loathes the thought of being yet another plaything for Drew, a man who sleeps with women but doesn’t date them.

Drew doesn’t want to lose a great producer and knows Jamie deserves a real relationship, but can’t stay away from the sizzling chemistry they create every time they’re together. Jamie’s insecurities and the very real prospect of having to leave a great job if this thing doesn’t work out clash hard with Drew’s fears about opening his heart and the possibility of losing his first competent producer. Nothing's going to get resolved if one of them won't say it: "Come on, baby, talk to me."

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: D/s elements, fetish, spanking, strong language ("dirty" talk).

The chance of producing a radio show for Hockey legend Drew Milan is a fantastic opportunity for radio producer Jamie. Determined to make a good impression, she tries to act all professional around the sports hero who earned the nickname “The Beast” during his hockey career. However, within an hour of meeting him, she realises the combination of the man’s voice and sexuality makes her insides melt. Drew is the ultimate playboy.

Afraid of being hurt, he has vowed never to get involved with another woman again outside of the bedroom. He can only offer Jamie sex, and she is too good a producer to lose for the sake of a quickie, so he decides to steer clear. With both of them determined to ignore the growing sexual tension for the sake of the show, both of them are left aching for sexual release. After a particularly intense recording session, Jamie finds she needs to take matters into her own hands before she explodes. Unfortunately, this is where Drew finds her: with her hands down her trousers, masturbating to the sound of his voice. Drew is only human and the sight of the woman he has been lusting after for weeks getting off on the sound of his voice, tips him over the edge. But no one warned Drew that once you let the genie out of the bottle, it’s almost impossible to put it back in. Can he stick to his no-strings sex rule with his lovely but sweet producer? Moreover, will she let him, whilst still managing to work for him?

Drew is the typical ex-sports star; he keeps in shape, women throw themselves at him and he gains media attention wherever he goes. He has functioned for years by keeping women at arm’s length, using them only for sexual release and then discarding them. When he meets Jamie, his entire reality is thrown off balance and it was fabulous to see the mighty man-whore fall. I loved his slightly smarmy playboy attitude because it made me giggle, but most of all I loved that he took such attention over Jamie’s sexual pleasure.

The main attraction for her was his voice, so he talks dirty to her for most of their time together (this was very very very hot!). He is determined to make it as good for her as it is for him, probably thinking that this will lead to less awkwardness when they part. However, this all backfires, as Jamie isn’t like his other bedroom playmates. She’s smart, funny and attractive, which are qualities that he isn’t used to finding in one package. More importantly, they work together so, once they know they have explosive chemistry in the bedroom department, their time together on the show is just slow, torturous foreplay.

For the most part, I liked Jamie. She was fun, smart and really didn’t what to do with her attraction for Drew. Unfortunately, her character is also the reason this book got four stars rather than five because at one point, she goes all single white female on him, and it set my teeth on edge. Although I understood the reaction, I felt the way she dealt with any misunderstandings she had with Drew (and there were many) was incredibly immature, and I lost a tiny bit of respect for her. Together, they scorched up the sheets, but as individual characters, Drew definitely outshines Jamie.

This is definitely an erotic romance. There is lots and lots of sex, and it all was incredibly steamy. There is limo sex, office sex, sex with food, bath sex…you get the picture right?:D This is a story that starts with sexual attraction, and the feelings grow from there. If you like erotic romance, this is a good read for you to try. I have read other reviews that say that the ending seems rushed and I agree. It didn’t lessen my opinion of the book; it just tied everything up in a nice neat bow.

This is a very hot read about a man and a woman who let lust over rule common sense and have a very steamy affair and I enjoyed it…a lot! 😀


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