The Naughty November Event Begins…

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Hi there and welcome to the Naughty November event!
This November, we will be celebrating all things naughty as authors share with us their steamiest scenes for you to vote on. The premise is simple; vote the steaminess of the scene on a scale from 1-10 and be entered for their giveaway (if they have one) and the overall prize of a $20 GC for an online book shop of your choice. At the end of the month, the votes will be counted and the author with the highest average score shall be named the King or Queen of the event. 

The premise is simple, the reasoning is too….we love steamy books!! We love to share our rec’s but sometimes we miss something that you’ll love. So, who do we have in store for you? Well, lets look at the line up …..
  • 1st: Opening Post
  • 2nd : Beth Yarnall
  • 3rd: Rosalie Stanton
  • 4th : Karla Doyle
  • 5th : Annabeth Albert
  • 6th : Kenny Wright
  • 7th : Sharla Lovelace
  • 8th : Joely Sue Burkhart
  • 9th : Sami Lee
  • 10th : Kelli Maine
  • 11th : Mari Carr
  • 12th : Melissa Cutler
  • 13th : Lexxie Couper
  • 14th : Cari Quinn
  • 15th : Leslie Dickens
  • 16th : Mandy M. Roth
  • 17th : Charlotte Steele
  • 18th : Scarlett Sanderson
  • 19th : Christina Thacher
  • 20th : Sorcha Mowbary
  • 21st :  Tina Christopher
  • 22nd : Eliza Gayle
  • 23rd : Cassidy Hunter
  • 24th : Sascha Illyvich
  • 25th : Samantha Kane
  • 26th : Katie Porter
  • 27th : Dani Worth
  • 28th : Smutkateers day …. Eve Berlin/ RG Alexander/Robin Rotham
  • 29th : Cassandra Carr
  • 30th : Closing Post and credits

We hope you enjoy the event….we always do :)

6 responses to “The Naughty November Event Begins…

  1. Hello Nix,

    Thank you for bringing your Blog Fans this Great Naughty Event again, I found so many Incredible Authors when you featured their steamiest scenes in the last event. Again you are knocking our panties off LOL 😉 with this Talented Group of Authors you have gathered for Us.

    I Love your Blog, thank you for all the time & hard work you put into this Great Site

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