The Sex Scene Championship ; Part two starts soon….

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Hola Ladies and Gents!

So, the first round of voting is nearly over and you have sent your winners through to the next round… unfortunately, the voting is about to get even tougher!

We have gone from 64 authors to 32 but now we must reduce that number again to just 16. The second set of voting rounds start at midnight and there is just 48 hours to cast your vote. Which authors will you send through this time? Which authors will take that next step towards becoming the Queen of the Sex Scene? Remember, you have to register your vote onto the rafflecopter form for it to count!

The details are…

26th August AM – Samantha Ann King Vs Cris Anson
26th August PM – Leela Lou Dahlin Vs Regina Kammer
27th August AM – Jack L Pyke Vs Jade Lee writing as Kathy Lyons
27th August PM – Tessa Bailey Vs Ambrielle Kirk
28th August AM – Laura Kaye Vs Scarlet Day
28th August PM – Amber Belldene Vs Lexxie Couper
29th August AM – Holley Trent Vs Kelly Jamieson
29th August PM – Danni Price Vs Lucy Felthouse
30th August AM – Shari Slade and Amber Lin Vs Amanda Usen
30th August PM – Kacey Hammell Vs Vivian Arend
31st August AM – Sidney Bristol Vs Diane Albert
31st August PM – Lynda Aicher Vs Nico Jaye
1st September AM – Eden Bradley Vs Amber A. Bardan
1st September PM – Lane Hart Vs Shelly Bell
2nd September AM – Winner of Round 29 Vs Winner of Round 30
2nd September PM – Winner of Round 31 Vs Anais Morgan


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