The Sex Scene Event is Nigh …. The Master-Plan and a Warning for Email Followers!

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So, the Sex Scene Championship starts in 4 days and I.Can’t.Wait. If you want to look at the lineup it’s here and there are some AMAZINGLY good book related prizes for you all.

This is my favourite of all the events and it seems to be the most popular. I get to see the work of new to me authors (yes, I don’t know all of their work either) and I get to host some of my all-time favourites. I also love that this event isn’t about genre; I schedule rounds completely randomly and there is sci-fi vs MM, historical vs contemporary and all kinds of mixes. We judge the scene and not the book and so I find I get emails/comments/tweets telling me that people are trying genres that are new to them due to the event and I love that. Yes, some people see this as a popularity contest, and I think there is an element of that in some rounds as fans vote for their favourite authors and not the scene, but more often than not they read the scene anyway and maybe, just maybe, they try that book. This site is about introducing readers to books and this event is a massively fun way of doing that!

So, on to the Master-Plan. There are 96 authors and the rounds are knock-out (I may change this next year). I’ve split the authors into separate competitions and the winners of each will meet each other in the final round.  This means that, for the first 13/14 days, there will be 4 rounds posted a day! I won’t be putting up an overall schedule for the first set of rounds (honestly, it’s too complicated and I have no idea how to structure that into a post) but I will later on in the comp. I will also be tweeting out the rounds with the hashtag #SSceneC2015 so you can follow the hashtag.

The rounds will be posted at (In GM time) 00:00, 03:00, 12:00 and 15:00. Yes, there will be multiple emails and I want to apologise if this is annoying or spammy to anyone. So I appear less times in your email box, here are some ways to change the frequency of your email…

Changing the Frequency of your subscription emails

1. Click on the “manage your subscriptions” on the bottom of one of my emails.

2. There should be an option to “digest” the posts into a daily or weekly subscription (on either the landing page or on the setting page).

If there is NOT (and I don’t have that option as I’m not a user) then I suggest following by some other means like I choose to with other blogs (I can’t have 30 emails a day from blogs…it’s just too much!). I like Bloglovin’ (the heart icon on the “Follow Me” widget on the sidebar) and Networked Blogs if you have FB (The circle on the same widget). Both of these have options to digest the posts into daily or weekly and I use them both!

I hope this is this is helpful and you’ll do some of these things rather than let me spam you (I’m so sorry!)

Let the Sex Scene Championship begin 🙂

2 responses to “The Sex Scene Event is Nigh …. The Master-Plan and a Warning for Email Followers!

    • Nix

      Hey Melissa! Once the scenes start going up, you’ll be able to vote through Rafflecopter (not ideal I know but it is the best way for fair voting and anonymity). Hope this helps 🙂

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