The Sex Scene Rounds Are announced (Yes, I know it’s a month away…..)

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It has been described as the March madness of sex scene events and it is nearly here….the Sex Scene Championship 2014 is here in 6 weeks time!

There will be the usual prizes, the usual plethora of reader related gifts but this time we are bigger…. much, much bigger.

So, I am about to release the first round dates. This time round, there will be two rounds released per day. This is because there are 64 authors involved. All of the first time round votes are open for 48 hours. After this time, you will be unable to vote and the winner will be calculated and they will progress to the next round.

The Rounds are as follows

August 10th –
1) Samantha Ann King Vs Jocelyn Dex /
2) Sarah M.Anderson Vs Cris Anson
August 11th –
3) Gina Gordon Vs Leela Lou Dahlin /
4) Dakota Trace Vs Regina Kammer
August 12th –
5) Mina Kelly Vs Jack L.Pyke /
6) Jade Lee writing as Kathy Lyons Vs Beth Matthews
August 13th – 
7) Tessa Bailey Vs Sarah Jaye /
8) Ayla Ruse Vs Ambrielle Kirk
August 14th – 
9)  Laura Kaye Vs Anne Kane  / 
10)  Scarlet Day Vs Renee Luke
August 15th- 
11)  Amber Belldene Vs Katriena Knights  / 
12) Lexxie Couper Vs J.Hali Steele
August 16th –
13)  Holley Trent Vs Jeffe Kennedy /
14) Kelly Jamieson Vs Jess Dee
August 17th –
15) Danni Price Vs Misa Buckley
16) Lisa Fox Vs Lucy Felthouse
August 18th –
17) Amanda  Ulsen Vs Blaine D’Arden /
18) Jenna Bayley Burke Vs Joely Sue Burkhart
August 19th –
19) Kacey Hammell Vs Gail Bridges /
20) Crane Hana Vs Vivian Arend
August 20th –
21) Sidney Bristol Vs Sami Lee /
22) Tonya Burrows Vs Jen McLaughlin
August 21st –
23) Sessha Batto Vs Lynda Aicher /
24) Nico Jaye Vs Alyssa Cole
August 22nd –
25) Eden Bradley Vs Lynne Barron /
26) Suz DeMello Vs Amber Bardan
August 23rd –
27) Lane Hart Vs Draven St James/
28) Hanna Martine Vs Shelly Bell
August 24th –
29) Kimber Vale Vs Vanessa North/
30) Tracey Alvarez Vs Samanthe Beck
August 25th –
31) Cari Silverwood Vs Nicolette Day
32) Anais Morgan Vs Cristal Rider

The Prizes Include……

EBooks (not full list … there are 50!) 

  • Shooting Stars Book One and Two – Kimber Vale
  • Melting Int You – Tracey Alveraz
  • Blood Vine – Amber Belldene
  • Blood Drive – Lane Hart
  • For Her Protection – Amber Belldene
  • The Billionaire Submissive – Joely Sue Burkhart
  • Squirm- Cari Silverwood
  • 2 Backlist eBooks – Jess Dee
  • Recipe satisfaction PDF – Gina Gordon

Gift Cards

  • 2 x $10 Girt Cards
  • $20 All Romance Card

Print Books

  • Print Rule of Three – Kelly Jamieson
  • 2 INT print books from Book Deposotory up to the value of $10

Other Prizes

  • Necklace from Crane Hana
  • 12 rose pens from Leela Lou Dahlin
Play along!! 

I’m uploading the file to help you look at the brackets if you want to play along …. I will be updating it as we go!



Who are you looking forward to seeing?

6 responses to “The Sex Scene Rounds Are announced (Yes, I know it’s a month away…..)

  1. Oooh, looks like a good line up! I admit I don’t know *all* the authors, but I see a few that I will definitely be voting for! 😀


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