Tips for Readers : How to maximise your book budget using price trackers

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In the spirit of changing things up on the blog, I am doing another monthly post – this one for readers.

Books are a luxury for the majority of people. Even if reading is your only hobby, keeping up with the release pace of authors, or keeping up to date with the latest hot release to join in the social media chatter about it, can be incredibly costly. This month, I will be talking about using Price trackers to maximise your book budget if. like me, you have one.

Not only do I have a monthly book budget, I have a maximum amount I will spend on eBooks (with the exception of some favourites). If I don’t mind about reading a book on release day, I will often use a price tracker to maximise my book buying for a particular month.

Books drop in price for a variety of reasons including length of time released (books often drop in price after release week), price matching with the current format (eBooks will price match the physical release so, if they have a hardback, they tend to start off very expensive) or a publisher flash sale.

Today, I’m going to focus on how I use eReader IQ – I’m picking this one as it is the one I use and works best for me.

First of all, I recommend creating an account with a password. This isn’t about keeping things private but ensuring your list stays as yours. Please ensure you have it set to the right country (top right corner there will be a flag).

Tracking Particular Books

I do this for books that I consider too expensive or am not in a rush to read.

I also often do this with pre-orders as sometimes they go on promotion before they are released.

Using this does not neccessrily mean I will only buy a book if it drop in price; I just buy it faster if it goes on sale.

So, how do I track a book?

  1. First, search for the book.

2. Then, select the book that you want. It will come with the current price.

3. If you scroll down, you see this box :

4. In the box, you can set what price you want on here and when it reaches that price or lower, it will send you an email.

Q) What happens if you want to monitor the price rather than wait for it to hit the magical price point?

Simple. When you track a book, it goes on to the watchlist.

And this is what that Price Drop Watch-list looks like….

You can access this at anypoint and check. I have just bought a Nalini Singh book as it has dropped from the Hardback price (toooo expensive) to the paperback price (totally acceptable).

So, how do I track an author ?

I use this tool mainly when I find a new author who has a huge backlist or I simply cannot keep up with an author.

So how do you do it?

  1. First you have to click on watchlist again.

2. But this time, click on Author Watch List.

3. You have to search for the author on this page here

4. Then do search for the author and press track.

You will get an email when the price of any of the authors books drop in price. Yes, you may get emails for books you own – I have an alert on for Shelly Laurenston and it’s been emailing me all week!

I hope this helps – book budgets shouldn’t mean you can’t read recent releases.

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