Top Picks 19th April 2020 : New Romance book releases from Alisha Ria, Hailey Edwards, KF Breene & Vivian Arend

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New Romance Releases

Top Picks is a weekly meme that we do here at Scorching Book Reviews. In this post, I highlight the Romance books that I want to read that are released this week.

They are all books on my TR pile and only books we are interested in spending money on. I do not ask people to recommend books or highlight releases for author promo.

I feel I have to point out that books in a series are only going to be featured on here if I have started the series. I can’t recommend a series at book 14 when I haven’t read the others. I don’t read NA. I also don’t recommend books from authors who have engaged in awful behaviour or have bigotted views – I chose not to give them my money so you won’t find them on here.

Girl Gone Viral: the perfect feel-good romantic comedy for 2020 (Modern Love) by [Alisha Rai]

Status on the TR Pile – Pre-ordered as I really enjoyed the first in the series.

OMG! Wouldn’t it be adorable if he’s her soulmate???
I don’t see any wedding rings . . .
Breaking: #CafeBae and #CuteCafeGirl went to the bathroom AT THE SAME TIME!!!

One minute, Katrina King’s enjoying an innocent conversation with a hot guy at a coffee shop; the next, a stranger has live-tweeted the entire episode with a romantic meet-cute spin and #CafeBae is the new hashtag-du-jour. The problem? Katrina craves a low-profile life, and going viral threatens the peaceful world she’s painstakingly built. Besides, #CafeBae isn’t the man she’s hungry for . . .

With the internet on the hunt for #CuteCafeGirl, Jas Singh – bodyguard, friend and possessor of the most beautiful eyebrows Katrina’s ever seen – comes to the rescue and whisks her away to his family’s home. Alone in a remote setting with the object of her affections? It’s a recipe for romance. But after a long dating dry spell, Katrina isn’t sure she can trust her instincts when it comes to love – even if Jas’s every look says he wants to be more than just her bodyguard . . .

End Game (The Foundling Series) by [Hailey Edwards]

Status on the TR List : I have re-read the series this week in preparation for this to be released. I have pre-ordered. This series is so gripping – CW for slavery, medical abuse, violence.

Welcome to the ferocious world of The Foundling, set in an bayou town where men are men – except when they are also dragons, kitties with wings, alligators, and . . . well, Miller.

This is the unmissable climax to Hailey Edwards’s epic The Foundling series, featuring the fiercest heroine in this world or any other: Luce Boudreau.

Orphan. Daughter. Cop. Villain . . . Savior?

This has all happened before. For millennia, our world has been the only remaining stone in the proverbial shoe of the universe’s most powerful forces. Their continued failure to conquer Earth has led to this: their last chance for success, and for Luce and her coterie, their only chance to save mankind, their own lives, and the world.

As the last war begins, Luce and her mate Cole face danger on every front, from the angels and their all-powerful leader, from the demon inside Luce who will take any chance to break free from her pesky humanity, to the secrets her so-called allies seem to be keeping. Worst of all, they’ve got to keep finding new babysitters for one small, extremely loyal, far-too-fearless and very determined baby dragon.

At least Luce and Cole are in it together . . . or that’s what Cole thinks. For Luce is keeping a secret. She might be able to save the world, but she won’t be able to save herself. As the end of days draws near, Luce must do everything she can to hide the truth, for the sake of those she loves . . .

Sin & Lightning (Demigods of San Francisco Book 5) by [K.F. Breene]

Status on the TR List : Another nook I have pre-orderd … I love this series.

The fifth installment in the Amazon Charts and Top 5 Kindle Store Bestselling Demigods of San Francisco series!

One thing has become incredibly clear to Alexis and Kieran, if they hope to last in the arena of Demigods, they’ll need a more robust defense team.

They must take two incredibly dangerous journeys, seeking the prized talents other Demigods would kill for. Except, there is a reason other Demigods don’t have these magical workers–they are as ruthless as they are dangerous, and the last thing they want is to be on a Demigod’s team.

If that isn’t enough, Alexis has received an invitation from Demigod Lydia, the only Hades Demigod who hasn’t openly declared war. She’s talking like they could be allies, but those of Hades cannot be trusted. A trap is just as likely as a handshake. Still, it’s a chance they must take.

Any one of these trips could be their last, but to back down would be the most dangerous of all.

The Cowgirl's Secret Love (The Colemans of Heart Falls Book 2) by [Vivian Arend]

Status on the TR List : I actually haven’t read book one I think but I have my eye on it now after seeing this one. I am a fan of Vivian Arend’s book.

Welcome to Heart Falls—a place for family, friends, and a second chance to fall in love.

A stand alone novel in a new trilogy by New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend.

Wealthy rancher Finn Marlette’s move to Heart Falls to fix what went wrong between him and Karen Coleman just got complicated. Suddenly he’s got five months to get his new dude ranch up and running, or lose the place to a hated rival.

New agenda: Show up on Karen’s porch, tell her they belong together, and offer her a job.

After a lifetime of following the rules and other’s dreams, Karen’s determined to find her own path. The last thing she needs is to get involved with Finn again—it was only a secret fling, and she still fell hard.

But the summer job he offers is tempting—it’s a chance to work with men who truly appreciate her ranching skills. Finn’s determined to tempt her into remembering all the delicious sexual appreciation between them as well.

Wild horses can’t keep them apart, but sabotage and too many secrets might…

The Wedding War by [Liz Talley]

Status on the TR List : Haven’t heard of this author but the blurb looks fun. On the list.

Save the date for this funny and poignant novel of family, friendship, letting go, and moving on by the award-winning author of Room to Breathe.

Once upon a time, Melanie Layton and Tennyson O’Rourke were inseparable—but their friends-4ever promises were shattered when an explosive secret was revealed at Mel’s wedding, a secret that destroyed her family. The two haven’t spoken for the past twenty-some-odd years, and they’d be happy if they never crossed paths again.

But now Mel’s daughter and Teeny’s son have fallen in love—and announced their engagement.

Which means the two women must tolerate one another and play nice long enough to plan their children’s dream wedding. From the beginning, they clash. Melanie imagines a classy, elegant event, in keeping with tradition. Teeny’s vision is a bit more extravagant, and thanks to her habit of marrying well, she’s got the cash to plan the flashiest wedding of the season.

Complicating matters are the men in their lives: Tennyson is falling for the wrong guy, and Melanie is trying to hold on to a flailing marriage. Amid the flurry of cake tastings, dress fittings, seating charts, and bridal showers, Mel and Teeny confront their past mistakes—with twenty years of pent-up drama.

When the day of the wedding finally arrives, their friendship might just be something old and something new.

Bright & Beautiful (A Reverend Alma Lee Mystery Book 2) by [Amber Belldene]

Status on the TR List : I really enjoy Amber Belldene’s work – I had no idea about this series but I will be picking it up.

Meet the Rev. Alma Lee, the most entertaining clergy sleuth in glittery, gay, and glorious San Francisco. Her passion for justice is matched only by her compassion for the downtrodden. Don’t let her flightiness fool you—her knowledge of the city and keen understanding of people mean murderers don’t stand a chance. Dumped by her would-be soulmate Rabbi Naomi Cohen and dogged by a pushy organizational coach, she is itching for a distraction.

“Alma, there’s been a murder at the cathedral…”

When the brilliant and beautiful poet laureate of California turns up dead on the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral, Alma thrills to receive a license to meddle. The bishop appoints her as his police liaison and introduces her to the victim’s family. The Goughs are a big name in San Francisco with strong ties to the church Alma serves.

As Alma tracks the culprit through San Francisco’s organized crime scene, posh private schools, and the British aristocracy’s Instagram accounts, Naomi, Damien—the charming Dean of the Cathedral, and Alma’s ex-boyfriend Cesar Garza all scramble to be her Dr. Watson. But ultimately, Alma must trust her own instincts to find the killer.

Can she solve the case before more lives are lost at Grace Cathedral?

Wasteland Treasure (The Deviant Future Book 2) by [Eve Langlais]

Status on the TR list :I have NOT read the first in this series but I really need to. Eve Langlais is a favourite author of mine.

In a Deviant Future, the world has been reshaped. Humanity has been changed. Yet despite it all, one thing does survive—love. A dystopian, action and adventure romance for ADULTS from New York Times, bestselling author, Eve Langlais.

New Earth isn’t a kind or gentle place, so Gunner isn’t entirely surprised when a freak windstorm leaves him blinded in a strange place. At least he’s not alone.

Sofia might have been banished but she enjoys the freedom of living by her own wits and rules. When a handsome stranger shows up needing help, she agrees if he’ll give her the one thing she’s always wanted.

A child.

Before Gunner can make good on his end of the bargain, a calamity sends them fleeing right into danger. The monsters aren’t what defeats them, though. They end up captured, unwilling guests in a strange new city with a self-proclaimed king.

Since a dungeon isn’t Gunner’s idea of a forever home, he’s breaking free, and when he does, he’s bringing Sofia with him.

If they survive, will Sofia get the child she wants? Or will they both crave something more?

Big Ben (See No Evil Trilogy Book 1) by [Nana Malone]

Status on the TR List : I hadn’t even seen this book until today but I do like Nana Malone! On the list.

It began with betrayal.
And ended in murder.

She was never supposed to cross my path.
She was never supposed to know about the Currency of Secrets or the Oaths of Blood.

But like a thief in the night, she stole my soul even if she wasn’t mine to possess.

As a member of the Elite, I live by simple tenets. A gentleman above all. Private matters stay private. Secrets whispered are never revealed. Enemies and friends are of the same coin. And power is king.

My so-called brothers killed my friend. I intend to make them pay.  And before it’s over, I’ll bend all the rules of morality, decency and legality. I will borrow and steal to set the scales right. But begging–begging, you can forget about.

My name is Ben Covington and I know my sins. 

*This is only the beginning of the story of how a woman I met in a closet turned me into a thief. It takes time for the perfect heist. Join me and the London Lords in the continuation of the story in The Benefactor!


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