Top Picks Romance Pre-release post 15th July 2018 : HEA’s from Talia Hibbert, Kelly Jamieson, JR Ward & more.

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New Romance Releases

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Top Picks is a weekly meme that we do here at Scorching Book Reviews. In this post, I highlight the Romance books that I want to read that are released this week. They are books on my TR pile and only books we are interested in spending money on.

This week’s Top Picks are…

Sweet on the Greek: An Interracial Romance (Just for Him Book 3) by [Hibbert, Talia]

Status on TR list: Currently, this author is auto-buy so I pre-ordered ….. of course!

The only thing he can’t do is lose.

For millionaire footballer Nikolas Christou, one look is all it takes: the minute he sees Aria Granger, he’s a goner. Playboy Nik knows lust—intimately—but his need for Aria goes far beyond that. Of course, the plus-sized beauty isn’t interested in romance… but Nik isn’t interested in giving up.

Aria Granger has sworn off relationships for her own good. After all, her ex nearly murdered her best friend, so clearly her taste is questionable. When charming, gorgeous Nik bounds into her life, Aria can’t decide if he’s as innocent as he seems… or if her bullsh*t-ometer is broken.

The super-sweet sports star claims he needs a fake girlfriend to protect him from ‘misunderstandings’. And Aria, with her tattoos, piercings and dangerous scowl, fits the bill. But there’s no way a guy as handsome as Nik can be that bad at handling relationships.

Can he?

Sweet on the Greek is red-hot, interracial romance featuring insta-lust and a guaranteed HEA – with NO cliffhanger and NO cheating. It stars a curvy, Black British heroine and a Greek, bisexual hero.

Playing Hurt: An Aces Hockey Novel by [Jamieson, Kelly]

Status on TR list: I love Kelly Jamieson – on the list!

He’s playing hurt. She’s laying low. And they’re both flirting with disaster.
“Kelly Jamieson is my go-to author for hockey romance.”—Jami Davenport
Chase: The last thing I’d ever want to do is let my team down. After overcoming my bad-boy reputation, I was dominating on the ice. But things aren’t going so well this season, and even my parents think I’m partying again. Now I’m really worried about my career. The only bright spot in my life is the Twitter flirtation I’ve struck up with pop princess Jordyn Banks. Turns out she’s a huge hockey fan—and she’s willing to wager a date on her favorite team. . . .

Jordyn: Even though I’m an L.A. fan now, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Aces, since I grew up in Chicago. Then I lose a bet to Chase Hartman, and suddenly I’m up close and personal with a pro athlete who’s anything but soft. Not only is Chase the hottest guy I’ve ever met, he’s secretly super sweet. As if I had time for a relationship . . . yeah, right. But when I suddenly have nothing but time on my hands, he’s the only one who understands. Now, with both of our careers at stake, Chase is tempting me to put my heart on the line too.

The Singular Mr. Sinclair (The House of Lovell) by [Marlowe, Mia]

Status on TR list: I love the cover of this book – I really struggle with historical but this one sounds just up my alley. Up on the list.

Lord and Lady Chatham were blessed with five sons and only one daughter. But when it comes to Caroline, one is more than enough . . .

Caroline is about to embark on her third Season and her parents fear she’ll be permanently on the shelf if she fails to make a match this time. Unfortunately for them, that is precisely what Caroline wants! Curious and adventuresome, Caroline longs for a life of travel, excitement, and perhaps even a touch of danger . . .

If only she can remain unmarried until she turns twenty-one, Caroline will inherit her grandmother’s bequest and gain her freedom. It’s not a staggering amount, but it’s enough to fund her dreams without a husband’s permission. She has her future all planned out—until Lawrence Sinclair appears on the scene . . .

Intense, intriguing, and handsome, the man reminds Caroline of a caged lion. In fact, the more she knows of him, the more questions she has. And when she learns how dangerous he really is, he may just become her new fascination—the one she can’t resist . . .

“Mia Marlowe is the mistress of saucy historical romances.”
—Books Monthly

Status on TR list: Oooh, this looks great! On the list.

Love is a risk worth taking in this sizzling romance about secrets and second chances…

Scarlett Devereaux’s life on the Gulf Coast went from riches to rags so scandalously fast that she barely had time to kiss her Jimmy Choos goodbye. Now, with a new alias (Lily Barns), a new budget (tighter than a pair of Spanx), and a new job on the vacation island of Angel Fire Falls, she’s daring to reinvent herself.

Single dad Trace Remington is devoted first and foremost to raising his young son, who has Asperger’s. With flying his floatplane and salvaging his family’s island resort too, he has time for little else. His brothers think he needs a break from his all-work-no-play lifestyle, so they goad him into action. In response to their dare, Trace asks a sexy tourist for her number, only to discover afterward that she’s the resort’s brilliant new hospitality manager.

The sparks of flirtation soon ignite into a flame too hot to ignore. But Lily and Trace both have pasts that threaten to tear them apart. Now, they’ll need to admit their secrets to each other…or risk ending their relationship before it really begins.

The Wedding From Hell: Part 1: The Rehearsal Dinner by [Ward, J. R.]

Status on TR list: I have pre-ordered this mainly as it’s free …. I loved those first few JR Ward books and I’m just hoping that I can get that feeling back!

A brand new ebook-only story from bestselling author J. R. Ward

Are you ready for The Wedding From Hell?

Dear Reader,

It’s a classic recipe for disaster: Take one bridesmaid who thinks pink is the root of all evil. Mix with a best man who’s hotter than a four-alarm fire. Add in their explosive sexual attraction, a nightmare bridezilla, two catfights, and an emergency call, and you have the wedding from hell! Come get to know Anne and Danny, the hero and heroine of Consumed, and see their relationship go from friends with innuendo to holy-$&*#-did-that-just-happen?! Is this the start of something good for them? Or just an erotic one-night stand that rocks them both but is never to be repeated? Only their hearts know the answer to that, much as their minds might disagree.

Happy Reading,
J.R. Ward

3 responses to “Top Picks Romance Pre-release post 15th July 2018 : HEA’s from Talia Hibbert, Kelly Jamieson, JR Ward & more.

  1. Nicki

    Again, I’m unable to “like” anything and still have no explanation for the difficulties with WordPress.

    I am curious about The Wedding From Hell: where is it available to order from? I can’t find it on Amazon, it’s not listed on Goodreads, it’s not even mentioned on Ward’s website. Where can I find this freebie (which is utterly UNHEARD OF coming from Ms. Ward)?

    • Nicki

      The links are NOW on Amazon, the first part available as of the 17th., and it’s a 3-part preview for Consumed. You won’t find it under Ward’s Amazon author page though. You have to search for the title, or scroll through the offerings when you look up the author’s name on Amazon. Strange, but true.

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