Top Romance Picks week of 8th Jan 2023 – New books from Lauren Kung Jessen, Amy Lea, Kianna Alexander & Karla Doyle

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Welcome to Top Picks. This is a weekly post which features books out this week which have caught my eye.

I have decided to split the list into three; On my List, On my Radar and Caught My eye. The first is those I have every intention of reading. On my Radar feautures books that I have marked on a wishlist, possibly as I am awaiting a price drop or am not up to that book in the series. The last are more one’s I know next to nothing about but have caught my eye for some reason. All books are one’s which I would potentially read.

As always, I do my due diligence on all books I put on here. I don’t recommend books from authors who I know have engaged in awful behaviour or have bigotted views – I chose not to give them my money so you won’t find them on here. If I make a mistake and feature an author who has engaged in bad behaviour, tell me in the comments and the book will be removed.

I don’t read NA. I do not read reverse harem. I also do not read Pandemic romance. I also do not read mafia romance. I also do not read age play romance. Those books will not feature here.

Due to issues with prices, I will no longer be posting RRP’s of these books – the prices I post seem to be accurate for a day so I feel it is completely pointless.


This looks fabulous and all the reviews seem to be positive. On the list (maybe when it drops in price slightly)

This sweet, enemies-to-lovers debut rom-com filled with Chinese astrology will undoubtedly prove to be a perfect match with readers of Helen Hoang, Jasmine Guillory, and Helena Hunting.

Always a matchmaker, never a match…
Olivia Huang Christenson is excited-slash-terrified to be taking over her grandmother’s matchmaking business. But when she learns that a new dating app has made her Pó Po’s traditional Chinese zodiac approach all about “animal attraction,” her emotions skew more toward furious-slash-outraged. Especially when L.A.’s most-eligible bachelor Bennett O’Brien is behind the app that could destroy her family’s legacy . . .

            Liv knows better than to fall for any guy, let alone an infuriatingly handsome one who believes that traditions are meant to be broken. As the two businesses go head to head, Bennett and Liv make a deal: they’ll find a match for each other—and whoever falls in love loses. But Liv is dealing with someone who’s already adept at stealing business ideas . . . so what’s stopping him from stealing her heart too?

I will be honest, I haven’t read the first in the series and it sits on my kindle but this is on the list.

Tara Chen has had her heart broken ten times, by ten different men. Nevertheless, she is still determined to find her perfect match. The only problem? Tara is a romance novel obsessive, and her standards are sky high.

Modern dating apps have killed the meet-cute, so Tara decides to revisit her exes – all ten of them – in the hope of finding her very own trope-worthy second-chance romance. And every heroine needs a sidekick, so she enlists her new flatmate, firefighter Trevor.

Trevor Metcalfe is the first to rush into a burning building but the last to rush into a relationship. Love just isn’t his thing. But, the more time they spend together, the more Trevor appreciates Tara’s authentic, dramatic self.

Can they break the habits of a lifetime and give their spark a chance?

I really enjoy Kianna Alexander – this one looks fabulous. On the list.

Eve Franklin has been expecting to take over her family’s software company since her adolescence. She’s sharp, independent, and dedicated to the Franklin legacy. Now that her father’s health is failing, she’s poised to step into the CEO position she’s been preparing for…until her expectations are dashed. Her father doesn’t think she’s ready despite all her preparations—and even worse, he has an outsider in mind to take the job.

Handsome, rich, and talented, Darius Winstead is living his best life. The tech wizard’s main invention has retired him at the young age of thirty six, and his time is his own. A good portion of that time goes to his gig as bass player in the Charlotte, NC based jazz quartet, the Queen City Gents. But when he’s called back into the tech game by his former mentor, he can’t turn the offer down.

The cocky tech developer and the headstrong junior exec immediately bump heads. But the attraction brewing between them is just as intense as the tension. Can the bass man win the heart of this sophisticated lady, without Franklin Technologies’ business hitting a sour note?

LUSH LIFE was originally published as This Tender Melody by Harlequin Kimani in fall 2015.Readers of this re-released version will enjoy a bonus epilogue, catching up with the lead couple, as well as exclusive access to tons of digital goodies including games, downloadable content, behind the scenes videos, and more!

I enjoy Karla Doyle and also Cowboys – this one is on the list.

When a bullheaded cattle rancher butts heads with the sassy new veterinarian, the weather in Pecan Falls, Texas isn’t the only thing that’s scorching hot…


When my secret relationship with a veterinary colleague becomes the biggest mistake of my life, I jump at the opportunity for a fresh start, even though it’s sixteen hundred miles from the only home I’ve ever known. I expect a bit of culture shock when I trade my Canadian roots for the chance to turn over a new leaf in Texas. I think I’m prepared—until I meet a hotter-than-Texas-in-July cowboy on my first day of the job.

Beckett Stone thinks I should drop everything to cater to his ranch’s needs. Since he’s one of the clinic’s biggest accounts, he’s not wrong. I have to be professional, but the infuriating, grumpy cowboy is a Texas-sized test of my nice Canadian manners.

After our initial butting of heads, I get to see the big heart beneath his gruff exterior. Then Beckett becomes a test of my one and only rule—do not mix business with pleasure. Failing this test could ruin everything, or be the best mistake of my life…a short and steamy instalove romance with a guaranteed Happily Ever After

I like this series – unsure if you have to read it in order or not. On the list for sure.

From USA Today bestselling author Stacey Kennedy comes the next spellbinding and suspenseful romance in the Undead Ever After series.

Willa von Stein thought she was magicless, but after a powerful spell broke a decades-long curse, her once very safe, very quiet life was shattered. Now she’s not only a witch, but also a vampire princess. Yes, seriously. But adjusting to her new set of fangs and impressive magic isn’t exactly easy when her vampire uncle is out to destroy her and her newfound family. In order to survive, she’ll need to master her new powers – and fast.

But Willa isn’t alone. Killian Constantine, vampire Warden of Charleston, may rule over the city, but Willa rules his heart. He’ll do anything to protect her. But between vampire riots, blood magic sorcery, and supernatural unrest, protecting both Willa and his city is becoming harder and harder to do.

In every shadow, Willa and Killian find enemies new and old. Despite every precaution, Willa becomes a pawn in a ruthless war. In order to protect everyone she loves, she’ll need to use mysterious, ancient magic. But if she fails, there will be deadly consequences….

I have enjoyed Amy Lane’s work before – this one caught my eye.

Can two quiet con men who lost their childhoods find their places as a part of a family—and with each other?

Ever since he watched his father die, Etienne Couvier has kept to himself. Under the tutelage of his adoptive family, the Salingers, Tienne grows into a gifted forger and artist. But no matter how hard they try to draw him into their midst—and despite the singular pull their friend Stirling Christopher has on his emotions—he resists.
When computer tech Stirling lost his foster parents, he found shelter and love with the Salingers. Stirling knows firsthand what Tienne has been through, so when an attacker shatters Tienne’s self-imposed isolation, Stirling urges him into the Salinger crew. Maybe they can finally explore the quiet attraction between them.
Then the Salingers announce their next project: an inquest into the mysterious deaths of Stirling’s adoptive parents. They descend on the Caribbean for answers, with Stirling and Tienne the quiet centers of the human justice-seeking hurricane. As they stretch out of their comfort zones, they learn that being family means someone always has your back. Hand in hand, they’ll solve the mystery. They might even be able to live with the consequences—as long as they do it together.

Amy Lane’s Long Con series follows a crew of civic-minded thieves on their quests for justice, adventure, and love. Fans of Leverage, heist movies, and romantic suspense will love The Tech.

I have so many Beth Moran books on my kindle that I need to read – I hear so many good things.

Marion Miller needs a fresh start.

Her childhood in Northern Ireland wasn’t easy, with a father who passed away when she was young and a mother who got lost in grief. Now grown-up and with family relations as tense as ever, Marion heads to England, to find out the truth about her father’s mysterious past – and hopefully an extended family who will love her as much as he did.

Scarlett Obermann runs a holiday park in Sherwood Forest with her daughter Grace, but what’s she’s best at is making people feel like they belong. With her merry band of waifs and strays, Scarlett welcomes Marion with open arms, and it isn’t long before Marion finally understands what it means to find a home. 

As she tries to uncover her father’s story, Marion slowly blossoms, even daring to indulge in her crush on Reuben, the son of the Lord of the Manor, but she hasn’t quite out-run her past. And as Scarlett faces her own tragedy, it’s Marion’s turn to take care of everyone. 

Because you can’t choose your family, but you can make your friends the family you choose. 

Top Ten Bestselling author Beth Moran writes novels with heart. Uplifting and heart-warming, it’s impossible not to fall in love with a Beth Moran story. Perfect for all fans of Jill Mansell, Julie Houston, and Jenny Colgan.

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