Tropical Sin – Lexxie Couper

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Journalist extraordinaire McKenzie Wood is excited to be dragging along her best friend to the opening of the plush new Bandicoot Cove Resort. Relaxing with your best mate is always fun, and it’s even better when he happens to be a six foot something hottie like Aidan Rogers. Aidan has been in love with Mac ever since she kicked a soccer ball at his groin in school; everyone else knows, but she seems to be clueless! However, with the gorgeous location and the decadence of the hotel, she soon starts noticing that her friend has turned into a very good-looking man. Before she can really start to pick apart her change of feelings for the hunky fireman, she notices notorious rock star Nick Blackthorne is also guest at the resort. The man is sin in jeans and happens to be currently at the centre of media wide speculation about his apparent sex addiction. The journalist in her just won’t allow her to let him go without a chance of an interview. Nick Blackthorne is recovering from a personal tragedy at the relaxing new resort and the last thing he needs is a pushy journalist invading his space. The music has been absent for a while, but the creative juices start to flow when he sees the gorgeous strawberry blonde with her fabulous looking companion. If he can get notes from just watching them stand in a room together, what will come if he sees them at their most intimate? Will the three of them end up making sweet music together? (I couldn’t resist…I’m sorry :D) And when everyone’s cards are on the table, will it be everything that Aiden hoped it could be?
Ah,I’m conflicted about this book! Mac was a fab; I really did like her devil may care attitude and fun spirit! Her complete oblivion to the feelings of Aidan was understandable really; who wants to believe something like that and risk screwing up the relationship with your best friend? Aidan is amazing. I mean like swing-tastic amazing. He’s caring, sexy and a FREAKING FIREMAN (see above J) He can’t help his feelings, but he’s happy to sit in the shadows and love Mac from afar, rather than risk destroying what they have. It takes a shove from the interfering Kylie, and a scare at work, to encourage him to finally spill the beans. He is the perfect man and I would have lost a little bit of good cheer towards her if she turned him down. He encourages her good attributes and tries to stop her self-destructive tendencies. I like the way he looks out for her, he physically stops her from annoying Nick, because he knows that Kylie will never forgive her.  I think it was because I loved his character that I have a slight issue with this book. His love for her is so pure that I just couldn’t bear to see Nick involved in their fledgling relationship.
Nick Blackthorne is quite a man…I’m so happy to hear he gets his own book! He is the ultimate tortured rock star. He hears the music when he sees the way that Aidan looks at Mac and he can’t bear the thought of it going away again, so he tries his luck and asks for a threesome. My issue is that their first few times being sexual should have been alone; Nick shouldn’t have been there for round two. Yes, I could choose to look at him as either a sex toy or as the catalyst that leads to them realising their feelings towards each other, and he is both of those things, but I think I just felt a little cheated for Aidan (which is odd, as he certainly doesn’t complain!). I think it’s a testament to how well these characters are written that I could feel so peeved on an imaginary mans behalf J I also felt a little broken after I heard Nick’s story…I wasn’t sure I wanted him to be just a plot device to get these two together as he deserved so much more. I think it’s guaranteed I’m buying his story! I don’t mind that I didn’t agree with the characters decisions; I enjoyed the story all the more for the conflicted emotions 😀
The sex scenes, oh wow the sex scenes J   They are hot…I fell in love with Aiden a little more with just how generous and appreciative a lover he was. I think Nick Blackthorne made Lexxie Couper’s job easier as the man certainly liked to vocalise all that was going on in graphic detail…*fans*. There is a scene with a glass dildo that will forever spring to mind when I think of this book 😀 At no point did I not enjoy the sex scenes; it was clear that all participants wanted to be there. But, when morning comes, will everyone be as happy as they were in the heat of the moment?
A very sexy little tale that drew me in and made me care. With broken musicians and sexy fireman, it was bound to be a winner in my eyes, but that didn’t make me want to slap them any less when they jumped at a chance that could have cost them everything. 

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