Tuesday Talk : Why I try new authors

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Today, I want to talk about why I try new to me authors.

Every week, there are so many new books out and pretty much every week I buy new books. I don’t only buy books from authors that I love (although that is a high percentage of my new purchases) so what else do I look at before I buy a book? It kinda goes in this order..


This is mainly reviews of people I trust. They don’t even have to have the same taste in books as me because I just know how their taste correlates to mine. Twitter and GR are the places I go to look for reviews of books that have caught my eye.



I know the old saying is “never judge a book by a cover”, but I do. For me, the cover is an advert for the book so if there is no effort in the cover (bad spelling, dodgy photoshopping etc…) I don’t assume there is any effort in the book and I won’t read it. I look for the pretty ones….





Money is precious for all of us so the price is something we all look at. I don’t only buy 99P books but I won’t be charged a ridiculous amount for books either. If it’s over £9, I probably won’t be buying it. If it’s £5 for 100 pages, I won’t be buying that either. I want value for money in my books – let’s be honest, there are other books I can spend my money on.



A well-written blurb can have me hitting the one-click button.  A badly written/formatted blurb will stop me buying. Everything on the cover is an advert for the book and the authors writing style; I can tell a lot from a blurb.


What makes you One-Click?


2 responses to “Tuesday Talk : Why I try new authors

  1. Amy R

    I signed up for KU and the audio romance package so I can try new authors at low financial outlay. I also use my library if possible to try out new to me authors.

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