Unlacing the Innocent Miss – Margaret McPhee (4 Stars)

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Unlacing the Innocent Miss by Margaret McPhee
Published by Harlequin on 2010-11-01
Genres: Historical
Pages: 288
Format: eBook

Hardened thief-taker "Wolf" Wolversley has clawed his way out of the gutter to get where he is. No stranger to society's underbelly, he's met Rosalind Meadowfield's seemingly sweet type before.Accused of a crime she didn't commit, fearful Rosalind begs Wolf not to turn her in. But Rosalind's fear soon turns to desire as the bitterness in Wolf's eyes turns to passion.... His touch is gentle for so fierce a man. Rosalind should be mortified by her wantonness. Instead, it's as if something else has taken over her body....

Normally I don’t deal well with historical romances. The manhood and womanhood references annoy me too much and the heaving boosoms and restricted corsets make me cringe. However, this book completely blew me away!

Rosalind is a woman with secrets. Fearing they will be revealed when her employer falsely accuses her of stealing some jewels from his mother, she runs away from her current life, in the dead of the night, to try to start afresh elsewhere. Wolf is a “thief-taker” which, in simple terms, means that he is an old school bounty hunter employed by Rosalinds employer to track her down. He is a man with a difficult past who hates everything that she is but cant help but be drawn to her. She is a woman who finds love at a very inopportune time with the very man she needs to escape from.

I loved this book but I started reading it with preconceptions about a genre I obviously haven’t given a fair shot to. The language was consistant and realistic to the time-period of the setting and I have to say that it is very well written. McPhee creates realistic and relatable characters who you actively root for. Wolf is pretty dreamy; give me a hero with grey eyes and Im hooked no matter what he does! He starts the tale as a hard man with mission, but quickly melts as his feelings for Rosalind start to blossom. The scenes where he tries to distance himself from her, as he believes his status is so much lower to hers, are very emotional. With all his selfless (if not stupid) actions he carved himself a place in my heart. Rosalind was a strong willed woman who just wanted to escape the tarnish of her family name and be treated fairly. They were a couple I wanted to succeed.

The sex scenes were obviously infrequent (it is set in the 1800’s!) but they are fabulously steamy without ever being overly graphic. They are an expression of love within this context, not simply pleasure, so it was only right that they weren’t smutty! The ending was unexpected yet perfect as all the puzzle pieces fell into place.

A fabulous romp!

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